Features adjustment plastic doors

Plastic doors quickly broke into the domestic market. They attracted buyers with their appearance, relatively affordable cost and a huge amount of functionality. But, as with any mechanism, one or other failures may occur at the plastic door.

The most common problems

Due to the fact that the number of owners of plastic doors is steadily growing, respectively, there is a statistics of calls to the repair department. Thus, the following picture of the main problems emerges:

  • Most often, customers complain that the door sagged. Especially often such cases are found in those rooms where the door is open for most of the day.The lower part of the door leaf begins to shork threshold or floor, there are difficulties with closing. Products of small sizes are less prone to such misfortune. Especially you need to be attentive to those people who have installed alarm sensors. When the door is sagging, there is a high probability that it will be impossible to arm the object.
  • The second most popular defect is creak. The door creaks at the moment when it opens. This especially hurts the ear if the family has small children who can be woken up by any noise.
  • At the door, mounted in the balcony block, can seal off. In this regard, a situation arises, especially in winter, when cold air freely penetrates into the living room.
  • Cheap castle at entrance groups in the frost and can jam at all. In this case, get inside will turn out only after the arrival of specialists. A similar situation may also occur if the handle opening mechanism becomes unusable.
  • Less likely to occur problems with the door closer, a blocker and several people note that a backlash occurs with the tilt-and-turn opening system Backlash is a free move, thanks to which you can hear the door chatter.

The greater the product of mechanisms, the higher the chance that something will fail. Is no exception and the door of metal.

All problems are resolved in a few minutes with a small number of tools that are in almost every family.

Required tools

First of all, you should make sure that the warranty period is really over. In recent years, some companies have issued a guarantee on accessories a few years long. Everything else can be annually call a specialist for preventive maintenance, if this item is in the contract. If preventive maintenance is carried out regularly, then all problems are eliminated in a timely manner.

But if the warranty period has already come to an end, and there is no desire to contact an outside specialist, then cross-head screwdrivers (or a screwdriver) and hex keys should be prepared. In some cases, pliers and ordinary lube oil will be needed.


The main thing in a plastic door is not a profile, but its metal “filling”.

Before turning to the ways of solving these or other problems, it is necessary to consider what accessories are present in the door of the PVC profile. What kind of detail will have to deal with. It may be:

  • Closer. It is a device designed for the smooth running of a door. In some rooms, thanks to him, the plastic door fits snugly to the door jamb, therefore, the heat is kept indoors.
  • A pen. Depending on the design, it can be with or without a built-in lock.
  • Castle. Most often found in the entrance doors of both street and office type. Its main purpose is known to everyone - it is the locking of the door.
  • Hinges The well-known fact that their main task is to fix the door leaf in the box. But also with their help, the door opens and closes. In contrast to the hinges in the iron doors, the hinges in the plastic door are directly equipped with a regulating mechanism.
  • Axles and other remaining mechanism. All this is located around the perimeter of the door leaf. The counterpart is located on the frame. Directly pins are designed to adjust the force of contact - clamping. The longest metal part of the door leaf functions with a handle. When opening or closing the handle, all additional parts are responsible for fixing or for the position of the plastic door.
  • Separately, I would like to note the seal. Over time, the glue on which it is attached may come off, which means it will need to be replaced. The compactor prevents the entry of noise and cold into the room. Most often made of rubber or silicone. Does not crack in the cold, is not afraid of high temperatures and ultraviolet.

The most visible components were named, but there are a lot of other small steel parts, all together they are responsible for the coordinated work of the plastic door.

How to adjust: instruction

Ideally, any man should have knowledge of door adjustment. And it does not matter which door we are talking about - the entrance door, the interior one, or the balcony one. And even more so the principle of its work is not important, whether the opening system is normal or tilt-and-turn.

In some cases, a slate helps from squeaking from a simple pencil or a small piece of graphite is enclosed under the hinges. Rescues such a method, if the noise itself emit a loop.

But most often the problem is inside the door leaf. To eliminate it, it will be necessary to lubricate the hinges with engine oil, the easiest thing to do is to carry out this operation with the doors fully open.It probably does not make sense to describe in detail the procedure for applying engine oil. Any person either greased them sometime, or saw others do it. Even if there is no experience in this matter, everything is clear on an intuitive level.

Of course, the installers of metal products do not go to the object with machine or any other oil. In a professional environment, a WD-40 canister is used for these purposes, referred to in the male environment as a “w-pad”. Any car owner is familiar with it.

In all other cases, you cannot do without tools, but any adult will be able to do this work independently.

Do not postpone the repair of metal doors for the winter. Not only that during the winter period, some parts can break down at all from mechanical forces, but even at low temperatures you can freeze your fingers, especially when it comes to the street door. And when it comes to repairing a balcony door, the result may be the same.

Adjustment of plastic doors begins with a hex key. The hex key is inserted into the hole located either on the hinges of the product, either in the upper or in the central part of the door. In some constructions it can be reached after preliminary removal of the plastic cover from the canopies.Adjustment can be both horizontal and vertical.

In the lower and upper loops there are two regulating holes. The most inaccessible is the hole located in the corner of the lower loops. If the hinges fit snugly to the door jamb, then you have to sweat a lot to get to it.

It makes sense to perform actions with lower loops when the door starts to hit the threshold. When the hex key is rotated to one of the sides, either the lift or, conversely, the lowering of the door occurs. By the way, these recommendations are also suitable in cases where a seal has dents.

In cases where the door is already slack, horizontal adjustment will do. Most often this occurs under the action of the metal's own gravity. Only this time all the work must be carried out in the upper part of the canvas.

You must first unscrew the screws in the upper hinges, and remove the decorative plastic, if it is provided for by the construction. Then you can find the metal component with a screw, responsible for the possibility of adjusting the door to the left or right.When turning the hexagon clockwise or counterclockwise, the movement of the product occurs. You can align it to the millimeter.

If you have difficulty aligning skew, you should relax the horizontal screws and adjust them. In this case, it will be easier to align the door height, and the elapsed time will not exceed ten minutes.

Many people remember from the school curriculum that at high temperatures plastic expands. By the way, it definitely affects the plastic doors. In particular, experts recommend loosening the clamp in the summer, and in the winter not forgetting to strengthen it. This contributes to problem solving with the advent of drafts.

Using a hex key, tighten or, conversely, loosen a special mechanism - a pin. When you need to loosen - you should turn the notch on yourself, otherwise - the opposite.

If the design of the plastic door does not provide for the possibility of adjusting the axle with a hexagon, then you can adjust the clamp using pliers or a wrench. With a parallel pin arrangement, the clamp will be weak.But if the perpendicular position is set, the action of the clamp will be strong.

To ensure that the door is well closed, it is enough to set up the mechanism. Judging by the above, you can only tighten the hinges with a hex key and a few minutes of free time.

Breakage of the latch, handle or lock is most often not eliminated. It's easier to buy a new mechanism and make a replacement. More information about this is provided in a special section.

On how to adjust the plastic door with your own hands, you can learn from this video.

DIY installation scheme

The presence of a screwdriver or a cross-head screwdriver is sufficient to replace the lock. If it is necessary to repair a balcony plastic door, then in such constructions the lock is most often embedded in the handle, it turns out that replacing the handle will result in the operability of the lock.

The pen is replaced in several steps:

  • Move back the decorative plastic. Under it are hidden screws that attach the handle to the door leaf.
  • Using a screwdriver or a screwdriver, unscrew the screws and remove the handle.
  • We install a new mechanism, purchased in advance in the hardware store.
  • It remains only to tighten the screws and return the decorative plastic to its original position.

Replacing the lock

Otherwise there is a replacement of the lock in the entrance plastic door. The thing is that the lock and the handle in such products work separately from each other. But here it will be enough to have a screwdriver.

First of all, you need to figure out what type of lock is installed. To date, two options are widely used - with and without latch. Most often, the lock with a latch is ordered in cases where there is a need to lock the door in the closed position.

There are two types of locks - single locking and multi locking. Single locks, unlike multi locks, have only one locking point. As a result, the door leaf is not tight to the surface. Multilobs have much more reliable protection, since they are “pierced” into the door frame on three sides.

By the way, and latch, depending on the method of opening the door are of different types - either falevye or roller. The falley is used when opening the door by pressing on the handle, and the roller one, when the handle in the open position reaches for itself.

But back to the replacement of the castle.First, remove the metal plate that protects the product from unauthorized interference. If a specific part has failed, for example, the lock cylinder, then it is replaced. Replacing other parts, of course, is not necessary. In more advanced cases, a similar procedure is required, as with the replacement of the handle described above.

Rarely fail loops. Their construction, made of metal alloys, is so reliable that it serves, without knowing repair, for several decades. It may be required only if the defective product originally left the factory. Or, if the weight of the door leaf does not match the specifications.

It is absolutely unimportant to replace the hinge on a wooden door or hinges on a plastic one. The order of actions may differ only in details. In metal, it is first necessary to remove the decorative caps. They play not only an aesthetic role, but also protect the metal from moisture.

And then you need:

  • Knock the axial mechanism. To do this, take a hammer or mallet. This work is done very carefully, the door should be ajar.
  • After the appearance of a small metal part, it should be captured with pliers (or use pliers) and pull it down.
  • Tilting the door on itself and slightly raising it (literally to the height of the pin), we remove it from the hinges.
  • We unscrew the old hinges and, using the instructions, mount the new ones.

It remains only to return the door to its usual state. This operation is desirable to perform together, remember that the plastic door weighs a lot.

Uncomplicated and the process of replacing overhead closers. The old mechanism is removed and its exact copy is installed. First, the box is mounted, and after - the lever. Having connected the case with the lever, it is possible to start adjustment of the closer. Loosening or, conversely, tightening the screws located in the end of the case. Thus, the closing speed and the clamp are regulated. Floor and hidden door closers today are not widely used, so it makes no sense to dwell on them in more detail.

If you have to replace the plastic door seal, then before sending to the hardware store it will be useful to remove the old one with a flat screwdriver.The seal is held on the glue in the corresponding groove, so difficulties should not arise.

Having a sample on hand, you can be guaranteed to purchase the desired option. It will only be necessary to clean the surface of excess glue, apply a new layer along the entire length and fix the seal. However, it should not sag and stretch.

Moving the door leaf

It would seem that people were lucky, some ordered the installation of plastic doors a few years ago, others became happy owners of new square meters, where metal-plastic doors were already installed. But years pass, there is a desire to make not a cosmetic, but a major overhaul of one of the rooms. And at this very moment there is an awareness that it would not be superfluous to move the door from one side to the other. Quite often this problem concerns the door to the balcony.

This procedure begins with the removal of handles and door leaf with hinges.

This procedure was described earlier, so we immediately proceed to the following points:

  • We remove the remaining fittings from the door leaf, including the mounted lower hinges.To do this, use a screwdriver or a screwdriver. Special difficulties should arise. The main thing is to remember that the removed parts are best laid out just as they were installed. And it is especially important not to break the plastic retainers, otherwise they will have to be bought.

It is useful to know that accessories vary depending on the manufacturer, and each manufacturer has a different series.

  • Almost all the details are symmetric, it follows from this that their mirror permutation is possible. In addition to the details, which is called the scissors on the frame, it will have to buy. It is installed at the top of the door. It can be either left or right. Its purpose is to tilt plastic products.
  • After all the accessories are removed, we rearrange it in a mirror-like way. The main thing is to correctly mark the position of the lower loops. In this case, do not forget about the handle, which also changes its location.
  • For drilling holes for the handle will require a multitool with a special nozzle. With it, you can cut a neat rectangular hole without damaging the rest of the door leaf.Replacing the multitool can be an ordinary chisel, but plastic processing will take more time.
  • For the correct combination of fittings should be set stubs strictly in the center. It saves both time and nerves. You should use the instructions and diagrams from the manufacturer of fittings.
  • The combination of scissors on the frame with scissors on the sash is possible thanks to the runners, which are inserted into the guides. The second locking mechanism is a special hole, which are superimposed on a plastic sleeve.
  • With a swivel-folding door opening system, there is a mechanism responsible for locking. Changing the position of the tongue, it becomes possible to install it when the door is weighed.
  • When the door leaf is ready, you should move the accessories on the door frame. Observing the position of parts down to the millimeter, otherwise it will not work.
  • The strap, which is responsible for holding the door when the swing-out system, can be symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetric bar suitable for the right and for the left location. When transferring it, you should carefully examine the detail.
  • Alignment of the plastic door is possible with a hex key. This procedure is discussed in more detail in previous sections.
  • The holes formed at the site of the former location of the handle can be decorated with a special plastic insert called the socket.
  • And the holes from the loops should be covered with white liquid nails or pour liquid plastic.

This process will take a certain amount of time. It is easiest to outweigh the door with the usual opening system, because many of the details that are provided for in the design of the door leaf with the tilt-and-turn system, in this case, are missing.

Mirror outweighing of the balcony block

Although quite rarely people resort to outweighing the door leaf, but still such examples are found. By analogy, the mirror arrangement of the balcony block is being reworked. But remember that permission may be necessary for this, since the part of the wall that is located under the window is to be dismantled.

We remove from hinges the plastic door and window constructions, using the previously described method.With the help of an ordinary screwdriver gently remove the slopes, corners and door frame, which is held on the mounting foam.

With permission in hand, we remove part of the wall. The easiest way to remove the brickwork, with a reinforced concrete slab will have to tinker a little. The result should be a rectangular opening.

Since the broken part of the wall is small, it is advisable to use bricks for the construction of a new part. Having carried out all the measurements in advance, we obtain an absolutely equal symmetrical version of the balcony block. Impost - the plastic part of the door frame, reminds the designer and is transferred to two accounts.

It remains only to outweigh the door and insert the window. The procedure is already well known. After that, we return the slopes and corners to their former place, and with the help of a sealant and a clean rag we gloss over the cracks.

The described transformations may seem to someone very complex. Yes, and there is such a need is not for everyone. But to equip the door leaf with a tilt-and-turn opening mechanism a huge number of people want.

Door leaf retrofit

The heating season lasts most of the year, and it is only natural that during the spring thaw period there is a desire to air the room. Most often, the door design only allows you to open it only wide-open or leaving the door slightly ajar. In this case, the cold air enters the room evenly, including at the bottom. The situation is different when opening the door in the swing-out system. It opens only in the upper part and the cold air remains in the upper layers.

To change the design of the opening of metal-plastic it is necessary to remove again the door from the hinges. After examining the top of the hardware or documents on the product, you can go to the hardware store. It is enough to know the size of the fitting groove or the name of the fitting itself. Consultants without any problems will offer the right option.

Using a screwdriver, we remove from the door the upper elements of fittings that we no longer need. Begin with the upper loops and extension cord.

Having dealt with the sash, go to the frame, where you have to dismantle the middle clamp and the upper loop.Instead of the old hinge, a new one is specially attached for the tilt-and-turn opening system.

On the sash should install an average constipation and cusp of the scissors. You should periodically refer to the diagrams and instructions with which the fittings are supplied. Even experts often look at them, there is nothing reprehensible in this: after all, the mechanism is rather complicated.

The next step is to install the scissors on the frame and the mate at the very bottom of the door frame. Depending on the height of the plastic door, additional mounting strips are installed. This completes the installation of the system; only its adjustment with a hex key will remain.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the plastic door begins with a measurement. If the measurer made the correct measurements, and the factory did not have a marriage, and the installers did their job qualitatively, then it will serve faithfully for more than a dozen years. Of course, with proper operation. But if ever any part still fails, to replace it or raise the slack door will not be difficult.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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