Latticed doors: types and features

 Latticed doors: types and features

Modern stores offer customers a huge range of all kinds of doors. The choice of customers designs in various shapes, colors and sizes. There is also a choice between the materials from which the fabric is made, decorative elements and other aspects. Latticed doors are a separate segment. Models of this class are distinguished by a special design, structure and appearance. Consider the features of products of this type and their varieties.


Many people mistakenly think that this type of door can only be found in warehouses and hallways, however, they are widespread.Entrance lattice doors are actively used on the basis of private houses. Due to their reliability and durability, they are also installed at the entrance to shops, banks, offices and other institutions. Durable metal construction looks stylish and at the same time provides protection from intruders.

Decorative options, decorated with wrought iron details, will become a stylish and key element of the facade, attracting the attention of all people passing by.

Due to the rapid development of modern techniques and technologies, the sphere of manufacturing lattice structures has risen to a new level. Manufacturers now use improved metal alloys to increase product reliability. For a more accurate and attractive appearance resistant paint is applied saturated colors.

Special features

If we are talking about the lattice door model, then its frame consists of durable steel parts having a tubular shape. Due to the welding of the corners and profiles, all-steel doors with bars are made. In most cases, the lattice is made using hand-forged. More expensive models complement the volume patterns and various decorative elements, creating an expressive pattern.Decoration can be varied: from geometric shapes and lines to complex and three-dimensional images of various sizes.

It is no secret to anyone that metal comes to rust when it comes into contact with water. To avoid this, it is covered with a special protective composition.

It is worth noting that forging is an expensive pleasure, and if you want to decorate your house or other room with a stylish model, you will have to spend money.


The product can be coated with a special paint, which will make it more attractive. At the request of the client, a separate element of the door or the entire canvas is covered. This method is actively used to ensure that the door blends harmoniously into the interior or exterior, depending on the placement of the door.

Country house owners often choose doors with glass inserts. The duet of two materials with different texture and color creates a special effect.

To give the lattice doors an attractive appearance, manufacturers use different linings. As a rule, they are made of natural wood or plastic. Sometimes laminate is used.

When choosing a door with the addition of these elements, it is necessary to take into account that each material has individual operational properties.Array and laminate, for example, do not tolerate high humidity.


All doors of lattice type, which offer specialty stores, are divided into two types: hinged and sliding designs. The second type is also called folding.


These are standard doors that are well known to most modern buyers. There is nothing original or special about these models. Swing doors consist of a metal grille mounted in a frame. The grate is fixed with loops.

Like many other products, swinging canvases are completed with a handle and a lock. Depending on the model, there may be several locks. To improve safety and service life, they are placed in special metal boxes, which are welded reliably to the structure.

Doors of this type can be made by hand with appropriate experience and the necessary tools.


The second option, which is available to customers - sliding doors with bars. Externally, products of this type look simple, however, they differ in their design, which is difficult to manufacture. Doors operate with a lever system - first-class mechanics. In order to more clearly explain the principle of the operation of sliding lattice doors, experts compare them with scissors. After all, the principle of operation of these mechanisms is very similar.

Depending on the specific model, such doors can be folded in two strips or one. Due to this special function, it seems that the design is moving apart. Experts note that a special mechanism is not the only complex feature of the design. In order to achieve a smooth and soft opening, the product is equipped with rollers. They are attached to the doors.

Experts do not recommend to make such doors independently. The only thing that makes the craftsmen do such constructions with their own hands is the interest in the unusual structure of the sliding type structure.


Experts note that there is another method for the production of lattice doors, but it is not placed on a par with the above models for one reason. The third option is not in particular the structure of the structure, and the materials used.

Basically, metal is used in the process of manufacturing lattice doors, but it is not the only material.Instead, it sometimes uses wood. The strength and wear resistance of the natural array is much lower than metal, but wood has a special decorative component. Beauty and wood pattern attracts the attention of lovers of naturalness and naturalness.

Another feature is that, unlike metal models, wooden lattice doors are installed inside buildings. They are not used as entrance doors.

It should be noted that metal structures are used exclusively as entrance doors.

Field of use

When choosing lattice doors, it is worthwhile to determine that the structures of this type are used in a separate area and you cannot install them anywhere. In addition, the location of the application is directly affected by the quality of the product and the type of construction.


Latticed doors can often be found in the vestibules of high-rise apartment buildings. Given the fact that in this part of the house there is a significant lack of natural lighting, the doors of the above type are perfect. This is a practical and stylish alternative to standard steel doors.

As a rule, in this location, refined forms and refined elements are absent. For vestibules, most often, choose simple models, without forged parts and other similar additions. In addition, the simpler the model, the lower its cost. Type of opening - swing doors. This is the most common design option.

In modern stores you can find products of this type, which experts have identified in a separate group - tambour lattice doors.

Cellars and warehouses

Doors with grills are perfect for installation in rooms with poor ventilation or on the basis of locations that need round-the-clock ventilation, for example, storage rooms with food. Thanks to the design, lattice doors will provide constant air circulation. As in the case of products for the platform, beauty is not needed for these models.

The main thing is to choose a strong and reliable door that will retain its shape over a long period of operation. In this area, swing options are more often used.


Latticed doors are actively installed on the basis of residential premises, especially if they are cottages or country houses with land plots.Products for this category should have not only a high indicator of strength and reliability, but also a stylish and attractive appearance. Aesthetic qualities are just as important as performance.

In the above area, you can use both sliding and hinged products. It all depends on the preferences of the buyer, the size of the doorway and other aspects. For houses it is better to choose the options decorated with wrought iron details and volumetric decorative elements.

It is recommended to pay attention to painted products. The doors are covered with bronze, golden or silver paint and wooden models.

It is worth noting that the above locations are basic. If desired or necessary, you can use the lattice doors in other areas. When installing, remember that due to the lattice design, everything that happens behind it remains visible. If this is not critical, then the model can be placed. Also do not forget that iron sheets are heavy.

Ventilated door

Some models complement the ventilation system, through which the product acquires additional properties.After the installation of this type of construction, the air in the room will not stagnate, and the circulation of the air flow is necessary for perfect well-being.

Professionals from the field of interior design claim that the canvas, equipped with a ventilation grille, are multi-tasking. In this case, it is possible to use all the advantages of metal structures and additional elements.

It should be noted that it is possible to install this system in almost any model of the door, the main thing is to be able to make a corresponding hole in the canvas.

Lattice grip

In addition to lattice-type products, which we examined in detail, there are special metal gratings on sale. They can be installed on any door base. Their weight is much less than the weight of the finished latticed door. As well as the models of the above type, this element performs all their functions: free air circulation, protection from penetration, the ability to observe what is happening through the grid.

For those who are looking for a ratio of reliability and beauty, there are also forged grilles on sale that attract attention with their aesthetic appearance, but remember that their price will be higher than standard welding structures.

In order to self-assemble the grid into the base, creating a grid from any web, you will need a welding machine. As a rule, this process does not take much time and does not require special skills.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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