How to choose carved doors?

At the entrance to the house, as well as on the facade, guests and passers-by assess the honesty of the owners, their aesthetic taste. A quite beautiful option is the use of doors decorated with carving. But you need to choose them as carefully as possible and taking into account many nuances in order to avoid mistakes.

What can give thread

The impersonality of metal, plastic designs is not enough for many people. No matter how beautiful and harmonious they are, no matter how well they are woven into the interior, there will still be a feeling that something is missing.

Wooden carved door looks much better and more original; According to a number of specialists, both Russian and foreign, instead of single jewelery, it is more correct to cover the entire surface of the entrance group with a pattern.Here it is necessary to be sure to warn: only a trained designer or a specialist in room decoration can make the right decision.

In wooden houses and even baths, doors decorated with carving must be selected in accordance with the spirit of the ensemble, its stylistics. The seemingly inexpressive and faded canvas literally reborn after experienced carvers have worked with it.

Material selection

The main decision was made - to be a carved door! But in order for it to serve for a long time, performing both the main and decorative functions, it is required to understand how to deal with the type of wood. This is equally important when buying / ordering, and when self-manufacturing. To enter any structure, the ultimate criterion will be strength.

But if a wooden door should be installed at the entrance to the steam room, it is preferable to use hardwood, which minimally absorbs moisture and tolerates its excess calmly.

Linden and oak, beech, aspen are used most often; cedar and pine trees are few, because they are too resinous.

Pay attention to the fact that:

  • height up to 160 centimeters is ideal, and up to 1.7 m - only tolerable;

  • opening must take place outside;

  • options with external fastening loops and wooden handles only worth taking, they are safer and reduce the risk of getting burned.

As for the doors for the house, there are much more options available.

The most expensive, except for exotic species, oak massif; he is able to serve for several decades, but it is difficult to handle it. Because pay for the finished product will have a considerable amount. In terms of external attractiveness, beech is inferior to oak a little, and according to some experts, it completely surpasses it.


Attention: with all the aesthetics of solid wood, it can be used only where the humidity is normal or low; Inappropriate such a solution for the front door. To reduce the risk of internal deformation, in the inner part of it there must be slats.

When the decoration is completed, the canvas will certainly be covered with polyurethane varnish, which not only blocks the appearance of fungal colonies, but also adds to the external appeal.

Interior doors can be decorated with carved platbands; in most cases, the top board in them is painted with a pattern that visually dominates over other ornaments.In the direction of the side elements of the plot are overhangs, randomly intertwining with each other. Widespread carvings based on the XIX century, are not so rare and scenes inspired by the Renaissance.

But in fact, the choice of design options is large enough, anyone can choose the ideal style for themselves.

In a typical city apartment and even in an oriental interior, carved details look not bad, you just need to pick and think about them properly. In addition to external beauty, these elements improve sound insulation, prevent dust and dirt from penetrating inside. The alternative is the use of door linings, most often the largest of them put in the center of the canvas. No less elegant and the doors on which the corner plates are mounted.

Important: think about the compatibility of the decor, not only with other details of the interior, but also with the appearance of other doors, they must be made in the same style.

Different styles

Only a well-prepared carver with all the necessary equipment can create beautiful entrance doors. Regardless of whether the decoration is classical or avant-garde, the thread will significantly increase the external effect created.

Experts identify such decoration techniques as:

  • a flat-relief (the figure has only a slightly outlined silhouette, which is in the same plane as the base);

  • contour (the lines are deep, they go along the surface, the ornament looks like engraved);

  • geometric (pattern embedded on a smooth surface);

  • relief (divided into bas-relief and high relief);

  • slotted (it is used quite rarely and is used only to obtain a part of the composition).

What else you need to know about the choice of carved doors

Oak doors (as well as others belonging to the elite category) are treated in such a way that neither voids nor knots remain, so that the moisture content of the wood is within certain limits and new portions of moisture, temperature drops do not affect the properties of the structure. Optimal for both financial and practical reasons is the use of a spliced ​​array.

Additional decorations can be very sophisticated - there are also made for vintage versions of the handle (loop) and the insertion of stained glass, forged blocks.

Carved screens in a stationary version must be equipped with reliable fastening mechanisms, the normative period of their use is equal to the lifetime of the whole house.Sliding partition is very aesthetic, and folding ("accordion") is useful where space is scarce. But swing structures are absolutely not suitable for a small room. It is undesirable to order a pendulum door with a blind leaf, it will be too massive.

As for the cutters for the doors on the tree, for their manufacture apply tool steel (either stamped or high-speed). It is important that some tools are used in machine tools for large-scale production, and very different - in manual milling machines. The roughing mill has a gear cutting edge, with its help the wood is pretreated. Finishing is done with a finishing tool, in which the working part is completely smooth.

The following video is about how to make a thread on the door for a bath on a CNC machine.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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