Doors with a picture: ideas and options patterns

 Doors with a picture: ideas and options patterns

Door drawings are another way to decorate your home and make the interior more individual. Doors with a pattern make it possible to embody a variety of ideas patterns. You can find out which ones you can choose for your room from this article.

The advantages of decor

The main advantage of this type of decor is that it looks very unusual. As a rule, the simplest doors without any patterns are used to separate rooms. But, if you want to stand out, they can be decorated with inscriptions, patterns or prints of various sizes.Another plus is that many types of coatings are able to protect the surface of the door.

If you buy a quality door with a good and proven coating, then it will remain beautiful for a long time, as with a purchase. A good coating does not peel off and does not lose its attractiveness for mechanical damage, unlike simple glass or mirrored doors.

Another plus is that if you install such a door in the children's bedroom, then your baby will definitely be delighted. After all, there are incredibly beautiful prints that look like a scene from a favorite cartoon or a fairy tale.


To decorate the door is used several different techniques. Let's look at the most popular ones.

Photo printing

An advantageous and affordable enough option for everyone is the decoration of doors using photo printing. If you choose this particular technique, you can decorate your house on your own, without the help of professionals. The essence of this procedure is to apply a simple film. It is sold already finished and with a pattern deposited on the surface of the material. Pictures that adorn this film can be very different.

Most often, these are simple photographs, landscapes or reproductions of paintings. Often they can be with the effect of volume, which makes the viewer part of what is happening in the picture. It is photo printing that often decorates cabinets, because they are used to fix on the compartment door. The sliding doors in this case look not only unusual, but also very stylish, becoming an original addition to the interior of the room.

As for the use of such pictures on the doors, they most often adorn sliding doors with a built-in mirror or an accordion.

Sand blasting pattern

Sandblasting drawings also often adorn glass doors. This method of decoration is much more complicated and is considered a real art. Since the patterns are applied using a special sandblasting machine, you can hardly cope with this task on your own, and without any experience.

The process of decorating doors using a sandblaster is that when the sand sprayed by it hits the surface, grains of sand scratch the glass and leave a full pattern on it. Patterns may be very different.

Laser engraving

This is one of the most difficult ways to decorate doors. But at the same time, this is how you can get the most beautiful and durable pattern. Experts advise whenever possible to choose this way of decorating the door.

Stencil patterns

At home, it is very simple to create simple patterns on the surface of the door using stencils. Such decoration with your own hands allows you to reproduce almost any patterns with brushes and paints. Alternatively, you can take a roller or airbrush to make it go faster.

As for the stencils themselves, they can be made of different materials. The most popular option is wood products. You can create stencils yourself or buy ready-made ones.


You can also do without stencils, using only the airbrush. The truth is much more complicated. And in order to create with it beautiful pictures, you need to practice. Better yet, entrust the task to professionals.


A simpler technique in terms of performance is the decoration of the door with the help of old napkins, drawings printed on paper and newspaper scraps.Decoupage is used to decorate not only vases or dishes, but also to decorate doors. And so that the manually created picture was kept on the glass surface, it was fixed with the help of special means. Most often it is a transparent varnish that does not spoil the picture, but only prolongs its life.

The decoupage technique allows you to create abstract images and even improvised stained glass windows. The end result depends only on your imagination and materials.that you have.


Another interesting design option is the decoration with decorative nails or the use of elegant metal inserts. In this case, you can get a canvas with a geometric pattern or a door decorated with elegant curls.

Variants of patterns

In addition to the variety of materials used, there are various patterns. Of course, you can limit yourself to something simple and choose a picture that will decorate your door by pasting it or creating it using an airbrush. A more complex and painstaking option - the creation of a stained glass window. It consists of pieces of colored glass, which looks particularly interesting if light strikes it.Stained glass reproduced on the glass part of the door.

If you like ethnic styles, then you can also pay attention to the corresponding patterns. Indian motifs and Arabic fragments of traditional patterns and paintings are especially popular. In addition, you can use Russian motifs, decorating the door with the images of your heart.

Stones, volumetric inserts or small crystals can act as decorative elements here.

Upholstery Examples

Designers manage to show imagination and create something unusual, even just decorating the door. So, for example, the front door can be decorated with interesting inscriptions. Often they write important warnings (“don't slam”, “close the door”) and other important information. Banal phrases can be played in some interesting way, turning simple words into a joke or a joke.

The doors to the nursery or teen room can also be decorated in an interesting way. For example, a baby’s room can be decorated with a door with a picture in the form of an entrance to the country of Narnia or a magic portal. A teenager's room can be separated from the corridor by a door that will emphasize the peculiarities of his personality and character.


As for the styles that are used to decorate the door, there are several of them too. The most common - classic. Simple and concise design at the same time gives the room individuality, but at the same time does not distract from the rest of the interior details. In modern style Many glass and metal inserts are used. There is no place for bright colors and rich decor.

The brightest options are the doors, decorated in the Baroque style, glamor and so on, that is, in those styles in which an abundance of decorative details is welcomed.

Where is drawing appropriate?

Many believe that the doors decorated in any way are appropriate not in all rooms. Let's consider, when it is most logical to use a beautiful door decorated with an unusual pattern or three-dimensional print:

  • For a small room. If you install a painted or decorated door in a small room, then you should take into account all the nuances of a small room. First, it is worth remembering that too many contrasting colors and abstract patterns will visually reduce the space. The same applies to too dark colors.If you choose a gloomy door in the Gothic style, this will also narrow the room visually. But with the help of properly selected colors and patterns, you can achieve a completely opposite effect, that is, expand the space of your room.

For this, experts advise to choose light colors. In addition, you should pay attention to the scenery. The image of the forest, the sea coast or the garden will visually extend the room, as if taking you beyond the boundaries of reality and immersing you in the magical world of nature.

  • Toilet and bathroom. Often in an original way decorate a door for a bathroom. Especially if it is complemented by glass inserts. Interior doors of the toilet or bathroom are often decorated with inscriptions, original images or simple stained glass windows consisting of colored geometric patterns. The same door can separate the entrance to the bath, if such a room is in your house.
  • Cloakroom and entrance hall. The entrance to the dressing room can be simply decorated with some kind of decorative elements or hidden from prying eyes. For the latter, huge paintings are used in which you do not immediately guess the entrance to the additional room where all your belongings are stored.
  • Bedroom. More rarely decorate the entrance to the bedroom. And, as already mentioned, it is precisely children's bedrooms, where you can show unlimited imagination. In other cases, designers are not advised to decorate the door or to do with not very noticeable minimalist patterns.
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Beautiful interior solutions

When choosing some original solution for the design of your door, be sure to remember that it must necessarily fit into the overall style of the room. So, for example, in a bedroom decorated in muted colors, the door decorated with forged inserts or patterns of sparkling stones will look good. This will only add to the room of mystery and romantic atmosphere. But the entrance to the office or hallway can be separated from other rooms by a mirrored door with a pattern. It looks stylish and modern.

The door also looks beautifully decorated with some kind of pictures or patterns. In this way, you separate part of the room and create another interesting zone in your room. Choose any of the options and arrange the door on your own.Then even a small apartment will acquire a special charm and become a truly cozy family nest, which you will really like.

How to decorate the door with wallpaper, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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