Handles for aluminum doors: features, types and selection rules

Aluminum structures began to be widely used in the middle of the twentieth century and today are quite common. Since earlier aluminum profile was quite expensive, such doors were very rarely used in the construction of residential houses. To date, the situation has changed radically. It is worth considering the features of the choice of handles for aluminum doors, their types, as well as the basic rules of selection.

Special features

Accessories for aluminum doors must necessarily be durable and practical, since such designs are often used in places with high maneuverability. For entrance aluminum doors you can pick up a handle made of the same material, since it is not only durable, but also quite light.

Today handles for doors made of aluminum are made of stainless steel. They are represented by a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The models are designed not only for closing or opening the door structure, but also have a decorative function.

Their attractive appearance adorns the doors, making them original, stylish and unusual.

Door handles for the structures of their aluminum profiles can be push or stationary. The main difference is that when using a stationary type handle, it is necessary to additionally attract the door or, on the contrary, push it away. Push-type products help to open the door by turning or pressing.

Important! Handles for aluminum doors need to be shifted to the side of filling, because the profile has a small width. It is strictly forbidden to use a straight handle, which is designed for glass doors, because opening the door, the hand may catch on the profile of the door frame, which will lead to damage to the brush.


Today there is a fairly wide selection of models for aluminum doors on sale.You can choose the best option, starting not only from the functional purpose, but also taking into account personal wishes.

There are such types of handles for aluminum doors:

  • bracket is a simple option that contains a fold in two planes;
  • trapezoid - such a pen is almost the same as a bracket, but it is already presented as a trapezoid;
  • g-shaped - so named because its shape resembles this letter;
  • lever "C" is an option, bent in one plane.


The handle-bracket is bent in two planes, therefore it is characterized by the convenience of its operation, and also does not take up much space. For mounting this model uses two bases, each of which is mounted on one side of the door leaf. The lock has a locking roller. Handle-clip endowed with several important advantages.

  • Long term use. Staples are usually made of a metal alloy containing aluminum, which is why such models are more durable than pure aluminum handles.
  • Resistance to sudden changes in temperature conditions. Staple is not afraid of high humidity and rapid temperature changes,because it is covered with an additional protective layer, which gives the product a stylish appearance.
  • A wide selection of colors. If you use the RAL system, then the most popular shades of such pens are brown and white background.
  • Practicality and ease of use. With the help of a handle, you can easily both close and open the door.
  • Minimal risk of breakage. Such a handle is almost impossible to break, because there are no moving parts in its design. They are pretty tightly mounted to the door leaf.
  • Large selection of forms. Since aluminum pipe is characterized by flexibility, it can be given quite a few forms, even the most unusual and original variations.


This handle for aluminum doors is also in demand, since there is the possibility of adjusting the distance between fasteners. It is characterized by convenience and versatility. Thanks to the through-fastening to the correct web, mounting the handle in the form of a handrail is more reliable and durable. In the future, the mechanism is not prone to razbaltyvaniyu. The handle bar draws attention to its ergonomics and interesting design.

The long version of the product will allow everyone, regardless of height, to easily open the door.


Aluminum door handles are often made of stainless steel. Straight offset models are usually made from this material. They attract the attention of a beautiful appearance. Many prefer the location of the handle at a height that is comparable to the height of the door structure. Aluminum versions are usually used for interior doors. The most common color is white.

Stainless steel models have the following advantages over conventional aluminum options:

  • increased strength and reliability of the product;
  • easy installation;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • attractive appearance.

        Since models made of aluminum are lightweight, often for their manufacture, besides him, other metals are also used, forming a more practical and durable alloy. Usually such products are made from round shaped pipes. The diameter is 28 mm. This option is not only convenient to hold in your hand, but it also has a complete and ergonomic appearance.

        Tips for choosing handles for aluminum doors are waiting for you in the next video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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