Choosing handles for sliding doors

 Choosing handles for sliding doors

Sliding compartment doors have several advantages. But differences in the design make it impossible to use the same handles as on simple doors. It is very important to understand all the intricacies in advance, even before installing the door.

Main varieties

Handles for sliding doors are made mortise and rather resemble grooves. This detail can be taken with your fingers to close or open the passage. There are 3 main options for these pens:

  • independent (for interior doors);

  • independent (to enter a house or apartment);

  • Mortise design, complemented by a latch.

In the first case, the lock or latch is not provided.In order to prevent spontaneous opening or closing of the door, usually magnets are used. But in separate constructions they do not apply. The advantage of using an independent handle of this type for compartment doors is the simplicity of the device. The lack of mechanisms allows for:

  • reliability;

  • ease of installation;

  • affordability.

Full-fledged independent handles are mounted inside the door leaf and do not extend beyond its contour. This allows you to guarantee the opening of the valves, even in a small area. But this solution does not allow to fully use the cassette sliding door. Her canvas 100% goes to the case, located inside the wall. You can only open the passage through the use of an additional handle.

The mortise handle, supplemented by a latch, is used on double wing sliding doors. Such a device implies the use of mechanisms that allow opening an opening, if the need arises. For swing doors handles with snaps are not suitable. Most often, in order for the latch to come out of the striker plate, it is required to turn the round button.But in some versions it is replaced by a slider.

Whatever control element the developers choose, it must be placed in the deep part of the handle. This allows you to use the door without any problems, even where there is little space. Another option is a handle for a sliding door, which always has a hole for the keyhole. Some versions even embed something like a cylinder.

Generally, accessories of such types are used on a sliding double door.

Types for certain types of doors

The variety of design and principle of action of the handles is largely due to the difference between the models of doors. Most modifications created for glass doors. Many of them are equipped with a retrievable larva. To install such a part, you need to drill glass. The handle itself is fastened to the hole with the help of a nut, and in order to lock it, the key must be rotated.

Mortise door handles for interior doors are a push version that looks like a lever. By moving the lever, you can open or lock the latch. Opening the valves sometimes happens by simply pressing the handle.When installing the product using patch plate or outlet. But the rotary knob can be used both by itself and on the inside (when outside it is a push handle).

A swiveling piece can be like a sphere or cone. The opening is made at a slight turn - hence the name. But there are more protected types of devices, actually representing a kind of lock. These pens have received the common name "knob". Geometrically, they are close to turning structures, but are equipped with a latch blocking constipation. As a rule, mortise knob is used so that the door can be closed from the inside. Because they can be seen in the bathrooms. To control the lock (and take it off if necessary) can be used:

  • button;

  • larva;

  • additional turning device.


In the manufacture of handles, placed on the sliding interior doors, can be used:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

  • wood;

  • glass;

  • plastic.

The most popular still metal structures. This is due to their durability and reliability. Mainly used mechanisms of stainless and galvanized steel, bronze and silumin.The latter option is not recommended, because the attractive appearance will remain very short. In addition, silumin handles are easily destroyed - so saving on their purchase is illusory.

The best option all experts recognize stainless steel. As for the color of the coating, everything is simple - it is selected to match the canvas itself. Brass is widely used for sliding structures.

This alloy helps to achieve a very nice appearance. It is comfortable to the touch.

If the room is decorated in the spirit of hi-tech, handles for compartment doors made of anodized aluminum would be most appropriate. At the same time in the premises of other styles to approach their use must be more careful. Plastic products are well combined with a sheet of PVC. Glass and wooden structures are used limitedly due to low practical characteristics. They are needed mainly where a non-standard door is installed and therefore an original approach to the decor is required.

The design of products and their features

Handles with a latch (or, as the professionals say, with a flap tongue), contain such details:

  • handle;

  • the base element is a rosette or decorative cover;

  • square pin (profile);

  • screws for connections.

The end version of the handle is used in cases where the normal latching option does not work. It is needed if the sliding door is completely plunged into the wall. In the assortment of retail outlets and in technical descriptions, such an item may be called differently - end grip or finger-type pen. In all three cases we are talking about one product. If you need to choose a handle for sliding doors with a locking mechanism, you must first determine the principle of operation.

Mechanical systems work precisely because of the latch. To close the door, you need to use a special key. The advantage of this product is high wear resistance and the possibility of continuous operation. Magnetic locks of the simplest model can also be installed in the interior doors. Inside there are powerful permanent magnets, opposite which there is a steel plate or magnet with the opposite sign.

But electromagnetic constipation does not justify itself. It is expensive and is used primarily in office and administrative premises.If the electric current is disconnected, the system will not work. By the way, on the sliding doors you can put only mortise handles.

Any other type of construction will not allow the sash to go to the end of the case, because the opening will be partially busy.

Additional recommendations

If you need to create the most luxurious interior, you can use pens, painted under the platinum. Sometimes they are decorated with rhinestones. But it is important to understand that such decorations are acceptable only in a classic interior. The sliding door of the closet compartment, as well as the interroom door, can be equipped with a profile handle (there is neither a lock nor a lock in it). However, the profile element for the cabinet is made open, and only handles with a closed version are placed on the interior door.

Most often, the profile handles are placed on both vertical ends of the door. The number of constipation is determined according to the number of valves and patterns of their movement. It makes no sense to put these details where no one sees them. When you need to choose really attractive and looking perfect designs, you should give preference to the collections of leading Italian companies.Well-known Russian and Chinese suppliers, however, debugged the release of at least good-quality products, although it often looks simpler.

To learn how to insert a lock with handles into a sliding door, you can learn from the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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