Door handles: what models are and how to make the right choice?

Some people believe that the door handles are not the most important element of the interior and do not affect the perception of the design. But when the hardware does not fit into the overall concept and begins to create a lot of problems, the opinion of the owners changes dramatically. Also, the mechanism of the product can break down, which will prevent a person from living in comfort. To avoid this, you should be aware of the types of handles and which option will be suitable for a particular door leaf.

Varieties and their device

Some choose classic models, while others want to buy something unusual and interesting. But it is important to remember about the classification of door handles, because the design is not the primary aspect for which to choose accessories.It is necessary to know about the characteristics of each type of products so that the pen lasts a long time and pleases its owner.

First of all, the handles are divided by purpose. There are entrance and interior options. Entrances are more robust, they are reliable and durable. Interior products are also durable and serve for quite a long time, but manufacturers pay more attention to their attractive design.

This element is divided into several types depending on the design.

  • Stationary do not have any connection with the lock, they have no turning mechanism. Used as follows: a person pulls the product to close or open the door leaf. Quite often you can see such models in the form of staples, you can meet unusual and creative forms.
  • Movable are divided into push and pivot. The first option is extremely popular and in demand, it looks like a lever, pressing on which a person causes the fale latch to move. So the door opens. Rotary knobs are a medium sized ball with a latch or a latch in the middle. Using the model it is possible to block the opening of the canvas.Most often they are used for bathrooms or rooms in which the apartment owner needs a personal space.

Handle bracket

The main qualities of this model are simplicity and reliability. There are many different interesting and creative forms of these pens, they can be made from many materials, such as metal, wood or glass. They can be used if the locking device is not provided on the web. The design is durable, will not break, as there are no mechanisms in it. It has a fairly long life. If the surface is erased, it is possible to update it. This will return the accessory to its former attractiveness and allow it to function for a long time.

A huge selection of various models provides the opportunity to purchase exactly what is ideal for any room design. There are fashionable modern options, as well as antique solutions. The handle-bracket is extremely easy to install, to install it you just need to fasten the product to the door with self-tapping screws. Often found on folding door-books.

With latch

With this model, the door will be securely locked in the closed form. There are several options for latches.

  • In the falevic locking element is a tongue, which on the one hand has an oblique cut. It is pressed by the spring. To latch it, you just need to close the door leaf. To open the door, you should press the handle.
  • One or two permanent magnets and a plate made of metal - a latch with magnets (magnetic).
  • Quite often roller latches can be found in stationary handles. The roller is spring-loaded and is able to fix the canvas when it closes. If you make an effort to the door, it opens.

Round and button

The round handle is a great solution for interior doors. These designs are an alternative to the classic handle-brackets. The most important positive quality of the product is that it is extremely comfortable, fits well in the hand and has an incredibly beautiful and attractive design.

The handle button is the reliable and comfortable product having interesting appearance. It is a button. For the manufacture of such elements, manufacturers use a variety of materials, so it is possible to select a knob in this way,so that it harmonizes with the interior and becomes its decoration. Wooden, metal and plastic models can be installed on various doors. But there is also a minus - the surface of wood rather quickly abrades, it should be timely covered with a special varnish or paint.

Handles buttons can be made pair and single. Paired attached to the same axis. To install the model, you need to make a through hole in the door leaf, in which there will be a tightening screw. Should use two pens. Single can be fixed by means of screws, so these models are mounted only on one side of the door.

With lock

Handles with a lock - great for those who need to block the door so that other people could not enter the room. Most often, these models are used for the doors to the bathroom, toilet or bedroom. Typically, clamps are available at the rotary knobs. Their mechanism is similar to the lever models. To control the latch, turn it. If you need to lock the canvas, you can use the button, the rotary lock or key.It depends on what kind of model is purchased.

Handle bar

Products are most often used on the door leafs of public institutions. They provide maximum security. If a critical situation arises, the handle can open with a light touch of the hand. This allows you to leave the room without delay. Outside the handle will be unavailable. There is a huge selection of such models - there are handles, rods 80, 90 and 98 centimeters. Models are made of quality materials. They look quite interesting and have a variety of colors and shades.

For sliding doors

Models differ from ordinary classic handles in that they must be flush with the door, so quite often they can be called mortise. For the rest, they are identical to other variants of pens. They can have a latch, as well as a pad in which there will be a slot for opening the lock.

On the outlet (separate)

This product is solid. It has a connecting element of square section, under which it is necessary to cut a hole in the door of medium size.The model is fixed with a flange, and then closed with a decorative ring. Extremely durable and incredibly comfortable model.

Materials and colors

A large variety of models of pens allows people to select convenient options that best fit the interior of the room and will be its complement. In the manufacture of products can be used various materials.


For the implementation of wooden models are often used solid valuable wood. Products look incredibly beautiful, as manufacturers try to decorate such elements with a thread, inlaid them with inserts. Even if there are no additional decorations on the accessory, the natural texture looks unusual and aesthetically pleasing. The product can be used for both entrance and interior door panels.

It must be remembered that most models should not be in a room with high humidity, so they are not installed in the bathroom.


Metal handles can be made from a variety of alloys, therefore, differ from each other performance characteristics.The most popular and popular are brass models, because brass has a high resistance to temperature extremes, it is not afraid of moisture, it can easily transfer significant loads, comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

Stainless steel models are also in demand, but they are less durable than brass. Many people like nickel or chrome, as they have an attractive and aesthetic design. Matt chrome is what makes the furniture element a real piece of art. There are many manufacturers that manufacture aluminum door handles. Most often they are installed on plastic webs. They are extremely durable, serve quite a long time. Such elements of accessories are rarely made of aluminum in its pure form, since during the oxidation process this material could get dirty hands. They are painted, nickel-plated or covered with plastic.

The features of various metal alloys allow designers to experiment with the appearance of door handles, making interesting and attractive antiqued or other unusual models.

Openwork glass, crystal, natural materials

Some manufacturers make beautiful and creative door handles made of open glass or crystal. They are elite goods for expensive interior canvases and look extremely noble and unusual. Sometimes glass and stones are used to decorate metal models for entrance doors.


Plastic fittings used for interior door panels. It is made of high-quality certified plastic, which has excellent performance characteristics. Such models can serve for a long time. If you buy a cheap option, the handle may break, it will form scuffs.

Combined products

Such models combine two or three materials. There are knobs with a ball made of Murano glass, wood products, with inserts of natural stones, as well as pressure versions of metal using crystals.

Due to the variety of colors and shades you can choose the perfect option for classic interiors, as well as unusual designs. Pens can be decorated with bronze, be white or black.In some cases, you can find multicolored options. If it is necessary to give the decoration of the room more nobility, you should choose a handle decorated with gold leaf. Gold is what will become a real highlight of the design.

Design options

There are many exclusive, unusual and even vintage designs of door handles. They can be ordinary, classic or creative and modern. Manufacturers engaged in fittings doors, together with professional designers create interesting and unique options, that can surprise any person.

  • Door handles are the first item that a person touches when entering a room. Designers found it fun to make this accessory in the form of hands. This design will allow people to begin their visit to the owner of the house with a handshake. Fresh and unique idea.
  • Manufacturers often give such products the shape of an animal, chimera, or other legendary creature. The origins of this tradition are in the Middle Ages. Currently, it is possible to find a lot of different forged creative door handles, made in the Gothic style.
  • Quite interesting are the pens, which are simple objects. Fun spoons or parts from a bicycle are what allow the owner and guests to get positive emotions and lift their spirits.
  • Round accessories made from Murano or Bohemian glass look extremely elegant and elegant. In the children's room, you can use an unusual knob, made in a sporty style, so that the interior of the room is decorated with a beautiful ball for football or basketball.
  • Some modern stylish door handles are equipped with a lighting function. This is extremely convenient for those who are accustomed to work at night or simply get out of bed.
  • The door handle with electronic filling is a miracle of technical progress. On the LCD screen of the product there is information about the air temperature outside, an alarm clock that will remind the owner how soon he needs to go to work. A smart door accessory is able to greet each family member by calling it by name. To manage this product is extremely simple - you just need to tie it to your smartphone.
  • For those who do not like when strangers enter their room without permission,manufacturers have come up with a door handle with a combination lock and a product that is able to hide from intruders. No one will be able to find an item of accessories, if the owner of the room does not want that.

How to choose the best model?

For whatever room the door knob is used, it should be combined with the general style of the room and the door leaf itself. Even if the model is incredibly attractive and looks extremely aesthetically pleasing, it may look out of place in a particular design. If the interior is decorated in high-tech style, you should purchase a handle made of stainless steel or nickel-plated aluminum. It will be the highlight of the design and make it more interesting.

For front doors, forged steel with blackening is an excellent option. For interior canvases in such a house is to purchase wooden or decorated with wood products. Most often, this solution is used in the style of Provence.

It will be better if all the door hardware is combined with each other. If the hinge door hinges are made of yellow metal, you should choose a handle from a similar metal.It is also necessary to take into account the color of the eye and pad for the lock. To make hidden doors as inconspicuous as possible, hidden handles should be purchased. It is important to carefully select the shade and try to get a quality product that will not break down soon.

It is rather unpleasant to make a mistake in color design., but it is much more dangerous to buy a poor-quality or poor product, unable to serve for a long time. When purchasing metal handles on the outlet to the door for the kitchen, bathroom or bathroom should pay attention to the flange. If the product is inexpensive and of poor quality, the flange is hollow and the thickness of the metal is one millimeter. For the bedroom, this accessory may be suitable, but if you use it for the front door, it will break very quickly. If a silumin knob is acquired at the same time, the flange will crack after a few months.

To see the marriage is possible only in the process of acquisition or installation, so you should carefully consider the inspection of the product. If the monolithic flange occupies the inside of the outlet as a whole, and the design itself is heavy (heavier than the hollow handle), then this device is of high quality.

You need to try to take the product in your hand and see if it is convenient in it. It is important to remember that the operation of the handle should be comfortable. Sometimes, despite the attractive design, the accessory may not be too comfortable and unpleasant to the touch.

A few more tips and advice to help you choose a decent model:

  • should inquire about the quality certificate;
  • if the manufacturer is reliable, he will give a guarantee on the product;
  • you must carefully inspect the handle, check whether everything is in the kit;
  • If there are parts that can be unrolled, you should do this or ask them to do it for the buyer.

Cover plates

The overlay should be combined harmoniously with the handle, so you need to choose the option that is the most suitable for it in color and shade. If the handle is wooden, you can find a pad, decorated under a tree. It is better to buy lining from the manufacturer who manufactures the existing pen. It is important that the decor, shade and texture are identical.

It is better if both elements are made of the same material, since the pad and the handle of different materials will be different to the touch.They will also react to moisture, hot steam or shocks in different ways. There are interesting lining of various forms that can decorate not only the door, but also the design as a whole.

      Lining - an accessory that allows the door handle to serve as long as possible and look appropriate, dignified and harmonious.

      How to install the doorknob yourself, see the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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