Door handles from Italy: features, types and tips for choosing

Door handles from Italy are stylish, fashionable, convenient, practical and durable. The assortment of door handles from Europe in the modern domestic market is very large in order to arrange any premises for them - from the house and the apartment to the office or concert hall.

Before acquiring luxury Italian pens, you should learn about the interesting features, varieties and get acquainted with the advice of experts.

Special features

The manufacture of door handles in Italy has a long history. Hence, a special method of producing metal handles for interior and exterior doors.

To create them, an alloy of chromium and copper is used. in special commercially protected proportions. The blank is cast in prepared molds, cleaned with sand, and all the necessary technological holes for assembly are being prepared. After that, the product is polished to a mirror finish.Then the assembly is made, and then the almost finished door handle is covered with a special composition to protect against the effects of adverse factors and is polished again.

Each model of the door handle is developed by true professionals, sometimes designers come to their aid.

By production of handles from a tree the qualitatively dried wood processed by special impregnations is used. The wood is polished smooth and coated with varnishes, which are quite durable for everyday use in everyday life. Handles of Italian brands are very wear-resistant. Even over time, they do not lose their attractive appearance.

For the assembly of products for doors, Italian brands use only high-quality fittings from the most famous manufacturers, the best door locks, and innovative materials. At all stages, constant quality control is carried out, which makes the door handles from Italy a luxury class.


The variety of handles for doors from Italy involves several varieties that form different collections.

In the collections of Italian manufacturers there are handles for entrance and interior doors, differing in shape:

  • twisted;
  • rounded;
  • asymmetrical;
  • rectangular.

As well as products are: smooth, chased, inlaid, blackened. As for the wealth of colors, the products can be:

  • bronze;
  • silvery;
  • black and white;
  • gold plated;
  • two-color and multi-color.

Products can be ordered in a specific color for an individual project.

In addition, Italian door handles are made in various styles that are perfectly suitable for both classic and modern interiors, namely:

  • baroque, rococo, classic;
  • modern;
  • hi-tech, futurism.

According to the mechanism of action, the handles are subdivided into push-ons, on a square, on a slat or on a circular socket, and also there are brackets. With push or magnetic bolt, with locking mechanism and without it.

Particular attention should be paid to door handles from the following Italian brand manufacturers: Martinelli, Melodia, Barco, Pasini and Rossetti.

Accordingly, there are price differences. The more in the handmade product, the more expensive it will cost.There is the possibility of execution of pens in an exclusive version, which may well hit the wallet. But this does not stop connoisseurs of luxury from the acquisition of such products.

Expert advice

In order to pick up the door handles, it is necessary first of all to decide on the room in which they will be used, that is, it is a country house, a summer house, a meeting room, an office for receiving visitors or an apartment. With people who will use the premises - young or old, perhaps it will be office staff.

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the color scheme of the room, its decoration with furniture, the interior of the room, the purpose - a bathroom, toilet, bedroom, kitchen, dining room or kitchen-studio, the presence and number of glazing objects.

Handles for entrance doors can be purchased complete with entrance locks, as well as separately from them.

When choosing this category of handles from Italy, special attention should be paid to the installation sites, namely: the door is outdoors under the influence of sunlight, weather conditions or indoors.

Companies manufacturing door fittings from Italy, in the production of paying special attention to this.

When choosing interior door handles for doors, you should pay attention to the convenience of using them. Each person is individual, therefore when using products in residential premises, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of all family members - from the smallest to grandparents.

It is important to test the operation of the mechanism, take into account ease of use, since these items must first be functional.

For an office, business style, workmanship, ease of use for an unlimited number of people, as this room is intended for the work of several people, are of decisive importance.

When equipping the doors of the head office, the meeting room, it is important to emphasize the premises used, to pay attention to the style of the company, its financial condition. Therefore, when choosing door handles, you should pay attention to the exclusivity, you should choose handles with inlay and special design.

In the design of the doors of concert halls, exhibition complexes, museums and private houses you should pay attention to the pens in the classical style,made from materials used for many years, having in their production "historical roots". All this predetermines the special atmosphere of the premises in question, forms a link between times, generations, instills a love of art.

When choosing a product, particular attention should be paid to the color scheme of both the pen itself and the room with furniture in it. The combination of colors entails the mood of people in the room. There is a dependence of the general background and the manifesting emotions, which can be positive with the right choice of combinations or negative with pretentiousness, a clear discrepancy between the used items.

You will learn more about door handles in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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