Forged door handles: features and varieties

Entering a new apartment, every family wants to make a family cozy nest of impersonal rooms. This is the most important issue that requires consideration of even the smallest details. For example, you need to pay special attention to the door handles. Now forged handles are very popular.


Forged door handles are widespread among buyers, and This is due to several advantages.

  • Special processing on production does this product strong and durable. The material is not afraid of weather conditions and mechanical effects. Even after a few years, a product that is touched every day during operation looks like new.

  • This mechanism has a very pleasant and smooth to the touch surface due to the polymer coating.

  • Forged handles are offered in a wide range of designer. A skillful master can create any form, figure, or abstraction from metal.

  • Due to the easy susceptibility of the metal to staining, the elements can be styled as gold or bronze. Ordinary black detail can be ordered - forging gives a chic appearance to any product.


Among the forged handles distinguish entrance and interior varieties. If you need to purchase a locking mechanism for the entrance door, then you need to pay special attention to the reliability of this element. When you need to pick a handle for interior doors, should be one of the main criteria to highlight product design. Door handles can be divided into the following types by their design.

  • Stationary. These are classic knobs that serve only to open or close the door. Typically, the design is a bracket, but you can pick up a more interesting shape.

  • Moving This refers to elements in which the locking mechanism is already integrated. Usually this is a push door lock option.

As for the production method, the pens are divided into the following variants.

  • Cold forging. In this case, in the manufacture of special equipment is used, which ensures the release of a large number of products. However, these are classic ordinary pens, affordable and designed for the mass buyer.
  • Hot forging. This method involves manual processing, which allows you to create original, refined items to order. This is an exclusive product that will harmoniously fit into the interior, however, the owner of this product will have to spend a lot of money.

How to choose?

Coming to the store for a forged handle or ordering a product from the manufacturer, It is necessary to pay attention to the following points.

  • The door handle is still a mechanism, and therefore the buyer has the right to demand a quality certificate from the seller. Also, if there is no warranty on the product, it is better to refuse to purchase it. A decent manufacturer always gives a guarantee.

  • You need to carefully inspect the goods, try to unscrew the available unwinding parts yourself, or ask the seller to do this in your presence.

  • If the handle is selected for the entrance door, then you should carefully examine all its operational properties and ensure the quality of the material.In this case, the product will be exposed to UV light every day, precipitation and other external factors.

  • The most important criterion when choosing a door element is given to design. Forged products are not suitable for every door. For example, a forged handle on an entrance door, lined with laminated or veneered MDF panel, will look not quite aesthetically pleasing. If the style of the interior is country or Provence, then a model from rough forged steel with blackening would be ideal.


Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of models of forged door handles. The most popular among them are the following options.

  • The pen in the form of an elongated pen looks very elegant. The finest smooth lines create the appearance of feather fibers, which indicates the refined taste of the host. This also should be attributed, and products in arbitrary fancy shapes, made according to the original sketch.

  • Always relevant items, stylized gothic. Snakes, chimeras or other mythical creatures on the doors look mysterious and give the house a mysterious atmosphere.

  • Very original look products made in the form of household items, for example,handles in the form of spoons or bicycle parts. This option is suitable for placement on the doors of offices and companies. For example, on the door of a bar you can install a forged handle in the shape of a mug.

  • Solid successful people prefer to install antique pens in their country houses. They will perfectly fit into the interior in retro style and will be a great addition to the old chandeliers and candlesticks.

You will learn more about door forged handles in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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