Door handles on the bar: types and tips for choosing

 Door handles on the bar: types and tips for choosing

Often, designers pay more attention to minor details that may be key elements in the design of a room. Door handles are what make it easy for people to open and close doors, as well as a spectacular element of decor. There are many options that are not only functional, but also very beautiful. There are original and stylish products that can make the atmosphere more harmonious. To choose the right option, it is worth considering the types of products.

Special features

Quality products have a lot of advantages. To beautifully arrange the removed bar, you can use any original design solution. A wide choice allows people to acquire both classic versions and original textural elements that harmoniously fit into the creative and interesting interior.

There are indicators of design features, thanks to which people know how and where to use the doorknob on the slat. Narrower slats must be purchased for door panels made of aluminum or PVC. Wide knobs - an option for doors made of wood. Entrance doors need a model that allows you to install a locking device secrecy mechanism. They have a special hole. Different models of handles have different models, colors, shapes and axial distances.

Most often, the products on the bar are beautiful. If the doors are finished with expensive veneer or have attractive decorations (decorative baguette or stained glass), they need an elegant, elegant handle that can add a touch of pomp and strengthen the impression created by it. Such products have always symbolized reliability and rigor.


To destination there are handles for interior and entrance doors. If the wood is wooden, you can use both. If you screw the handle on the door leading to the street - it will be the entrance.If you install it in the opening of the living room or office - it will become interior. You can also decide for yourself what type of door the model is suitable for. Interior products are lighter and more elegant, the entrance is massive and angular. A few more special characteristics of the input pens:

  • the presence of curtains on the well;
  • the presence of perforation;
  • powder coating having a roughness effect.

    There are a number of materials from which the handles are made. Each of the options has its pros and cons.

    • Metal models extremely wear-resistant and durable, they can last for quite a long time. Have an average cost. This is a great option for mounting on metal door structures that are installed in a residential building and a public building. If the material from which the handle is made is of high quality, the product will function well and for a long time.
    • Wooden accessories has a high price and is made for the doors of solid wood with a mortise lock. There are models with design in the form of carving and inlay. Attractive appearance allows the handle to become a decoration of the interior and fit into anystylistic decision. A good option to create an old-fashioned design.
    • Glass fittings - a sophisticated, light and sophisticated version that can make the interior more chic and noble. Unique technologies allow you to create a variety of forms of such models.
    • Plastic handles - the most affordable and economical option. There is a large selection of similar models, the design of which is extremely original. They have different colors and shapes. To make such pens on the bar, high-quality plastic is used. But plastic models have a minus - they serve not too long, they quickly lose their attractive appearance. Most often used for doors installed in the utility room.

      Door handles on the bar are divided into several important groups.

      • Motionless. The accompanying object is attached to the cloth, locking mechanisms are absent. The main negative quality of the models - if there is a strong draft, the door will close extremely badly.
      • Push. 2 L-shaped levers that are coupled with a rod installed in the sash.When someone presses the levers, the latch is released from the groove by means of a rod. These models are able to provide good closing of the sash in any circumstances.
      • MVS on the rail. The device operates as follows: when pressed, the lock leaves the slot and releases the flap. Very practical and durable model, extremely popular with our compatriots.

      How to choose?

      Before you buy a decent quality model pens, it is necessary to think carefully and pay attention to some factors.

      • It is important to check the quality of the material from which the model is made. It must have a high resistance to mechanical damage, the appearance of rust. Better if it is high strength. Then the product will be able to serve for many years.
      • It is extremely important to take into account the axial location located between the handle and the borehole of the lock mechanism. This criterion will determine whether the door opens and closes comfortably.
      • Pay attention to the length and width of the plank.
      • The price is also worth paying attention to. No need to try to find the most inexpensive product, because very often it turns out to be of poor quality, quickly loses an attractive appearance, breaks down and gives the owner a lot of problems.If a thing is of high quality, its price should be medium or high. You do not need to save on accessories, because in this case it will very quickly fail, and the owner will have to purchase a new product.
      • An important factor is the manufacturer of the handle. If a person purchases a product made by a little-known company, he should clearly know that this company is really good and produces decent accessories. If there is no evidence of this, it is better to buy a pen, the manufacturer of which is known.

      It is extremely important to choose a handle on the bar with all the responsibility. It is necessary to take into account the recommendations of specialists, to study the specifics of various models. Based on this, you can decide which product is best suited for a particular door. This will help you choose a high-quality and most comfortable thing that will last a long time and maintain an aesthetic look that complements the design of the room and brings something new to it.

      You can learn more about the door handles on the plank from the video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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