Repair door handles: how to fix the furniture and what will it take?

Repair door handles: how to fix the furniture and what will it take?

Repair of door handles is a routine procedure in everyday life that even inexperienced home craftsmen can easily handle. Repair of such fittings may vary depending on the specific mechanism present in the handle, as well as its model and country of manufacture. Below is a detailed description of how to properly repair such products and what failures are most common.

Overview of models and mechanisms

Door handles are different. They differ from each other not only in design, but also in structure, structure, mechanism. First you need to study what models of such accessories exist and what distinctive features they possess.

  • Swivel. This category includes classic round knobs, as well as special items with locks. To bring these products into action, simply turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise. Turning knobs are very common and are considered one of the most convenient to use.
  • Push. The presence of the lever differ push-down types of door handles. In order to hide the tongue in such models, you only need to slightly push it and move it downwards. Such types of door accessories are recognized as one of the most common and sought after. They are found in many homes and are in great demand.
  • Stationary. These types of accessories today are used in rare cases. They have nothing to do with the castle system. They are special brackets or buttons attached to the base with screws. These pens cannot boast of great reliability and safety, but they are usually inexpensive. When buying stationary products, it is important to remember that they are less functional.

    Before embarking on an independent repair of the door handle, it is necessary to become familiar with the features of the mechanism that is present in it. Basic models usually have several basic components.

    • Castle. This is an internal mechanism that is responsible for blocking the web in the opening. The main detail in the lock is the bolt (tongue, latch).
    • Pin with four faces. This element is brought out and moves the inner part, integrating with the handle itself.
    • Lever. This is the element of the handle, which is the primary impact when opening and closing the door.
    • Decorative overlay. This component is designed to hide fasteners. In addition, the lining gives the handle and mechanism a more attractive appearance.
    • Otvetka. This part is located directly on the box. It is a plate that closes a hole in the frame, which usually comes fold tongue.

    Types of damage

    There are a number of characteristic problems inherent in modern door handles. It is with them, in most cases, that the masters have to fight.

    • Handle jams. This defect makes itself felt at the moment when when opening the door leaf to the lever it is necessary to apply additional efforts. As a rule, this requires the application of more forces, and sometimes even oscillatory movements. Such an unusual effect as a result can be a reason for a serious repair of the door handle.
    • Stuck latch. The lock makes the systems more functional and practical, but at the same time makes them more complex. If the movement of parts such as bolts is complicated for one reason or another, then the handle will open a little more difficult.
    • Situations when the mechanisms loosened up. If there is a gap in the contact area between the handle and the door leaf, it will stagger and even sag. Because of this, using the door will be more difficult and less convenient.
    • The handle fell off or remained in the hands. If such a misfortune has happened to the structure in your house, then its further use will simply be impossible. Without a thorough repair there will not work.
    • Damage to a pin located inside the product with multiple faces. This element is responsible for directly holding the handle. Breakdown of this component is usually due to the excessively low cost of a product made from low-quality raw materials.
    • The jamming mechanism. With this common failure when pressed, the handle does not fall into place. If the design works properly, then it takes quite a bit of time for the handle to return to its original position. In the case when the mechanism is subject to jamming, the handle starts to move very slowly or completely springing it. In the last mentioned case, the person is forced to put some effort so that the fittings take the same place. In this situation, the problem concerns both the lever and the device latch.
    • Jamming tongue. If such a problem occurs, then when you press the handle, the tongue does not change its immediate location. It always remains inside the door leaf or outside. In the first situation the door is quite difficult to close, and in the second it is difficult to open.
    • Shattered details. Many owners are faced with the problem of loosening lock systems and door handles. These components can move away from the surface of the door, squeak and even sag.Often there is a noticeable laxity of the whole locking mechanism as a whole. With such problems, you need fast and competent repair.

    Causes of failure

    Before you start repairing damaged and broken handles, it is necessary to figure out what the reasons for the resulting breakdowns are.

    • If we are talking about the loss of the door handle, it is most likely due to the fact that the lock in it was not very carefully operated or too active. In such conditions, the retaining ring is often offset. Moreover, it can burst or deform at all.
    • Seize the door handle may due to accumulated debris in it, for example, dust deposits. Substantial accumulations of these inclusions sooner or later lead to improper operation of the handle - it starts to stick when opening and closing the door.
    • The neck with four faces is usually damaged due to the fact that it was originally made of low-quality materials. Fragile elements will be seriously damaged sooner or later, after which they simply cannot do without replacing them. That is why experts strongly recommend not to save on the purchase of such fittings.Too cheap products will not last long, since they are usually made from second-grade raw materials.
    • As for another common problem - the rejection of the tongue in the accessory, here the reason may be the presence of too short internal square. Gradually moving towards the latch, he begins to put pressure on her, making it difficult to act normally.
    • Wear of fasteners usually results in loosening of the existing mechanism. In most cases, it is enough to tighten them in order to get rid of the problem.

    Often the cause of breakage of door handles is their improper use. It is necessary to operate this accessories accurately and carefully. You should not make jerks, sudden movements and turns the handle in the wrong direction. In addition, many problems can be avoided if you buy quality products from proven manufacturers. Such models will not only last longer, but also bring problems to a minimum. Do not save on the purchase of the door handle: too cheap goods may turn out to be of poor quality.

    Repair the door handle step by step

    Repair of the door handle should be carried out in accordance with the specific problem.

    If the handle fell out

    When such a problem is necessary:

    • remove the decorative socket, first unscrewing the screw from the bottom;
    • remove the screws holding the mechanism;
    • get the locking mechanism;
    • check the condition of the locking ring;
    • instead of a damaged part, you need to install a new one;
    • the mechanism is lubricated;
    • the locking mechanism is put in place and screwed;
    • return decorative rosette.

    Seizes the pen

    If the door handle sticks, it is necessary:

    • disassemble its mechanism;
    • remove all contamination and inclusions;
    • apply some oil on the bolt piece;
    • press the handle a couple of times in order to distribute the oil over all the necessary component parts;
    • assemble mechanism back.

    Pin damage

    If an internal pin with four edges has been broken, need to replace the mechanism:

    • remove all fasteners holding the handle, and then remove it itself;
    • unscrew the screw located at the base of the handle, and then remove the decorative bar;
    • get the lock mechanism;
    • unscrew the fasteners holding the lock plate, then remove it too;
    • fix the handle, and then repeat the above steps in reverse order;
    • check the correct operation of the assembled structure.

    Reed rejection

    In case the door handle in an apartment or private house has been damaged by a tongue, then for this you will need:

    • pick a square with a larger diameter;
    • if it is needed, it will be necessary to trim this part to the required parameters;
    • then unscrew the handle and pull out the mechanism;
    • then change the square;
    • after replacing the square, it is permissible to return the mechanism to its main place;
    • at the end of the work, the handle is fixed at its main location.

    Useful tips

    If during the repair of the door handle you are faced with small details, then you should be doubly careful not to accidentally get injured while working, and also not to lose tiny parts.

    Choosing a suitable handle for an interior or entrance door, it is necessary to take into account its design. These details should fit into the ambiance and interior style. Otherwise, they will stand out from the general ensemble, making it disharmonious, despite its modest size.

    Buy only high-quality door handles from good materials. Do not take products from fragile and unreliable raw materials.So, not the strongest will be cheap models of silumin or options with plastic parts.

    When choosing a suitable door handle, it must be borne in mind that such fittings are produced left-handed and right-handed. If it suddenly turns out that you bought for yourself is not a very convenient option, then you will not succeed in correcting your mistake - you will have to buy another handle.

    Do not proceed to self-repair door handle until then, until you understand in its design and the existing mechanism. Otherwise, you risk damaging the product during repair work.

    Provide the handle with the right care. Mechanisms that are present in such fittings should be lubricated (this procedure will have to be repeated periodically), as well as cleaned from all sorts of contaminants. If you neglect these simple processes, the product may fail and begin to jam.

    Having repaired the door handle, be sure to check the correctness of its operation. If necessary, adjust this accessory.

    Modern door handles are made from a variety of materials. If you are looking for a suitable model for the front door,you should not dwell on lightweight aluminum versions. These products are recommended to be installed in the interior door leafs.

    If you notice that the door knob noticeably loosened up, then the first thing you should look at its fasteners. Perhaps, over time, they worn out, and they just need to tighten.

    If we are talking about breakdowns of the handle of the entrance door leaf, then it is important to start repairing it as soon as possible, because the safety of your home will depend on it. As long as the lock and handle are defective, the house or apartment will remain in danger.

    If it is not possible to repair the old handle of the front door (especially iron), then you need to install a new model soon. Note that it must be exactly the same size as the previous pen. If, for example, it is smaller, then holes from the old hardware will remain noticeable.

    Often on the surface of the handles appear noticeable wear. Such defects do not affect the quality and durability of accessories, but they affect their appearance. In this case, the replacement of the handle is an optional process. But if we are talking about a business center, cultural institution, cafe or restaurant, then here it is better to put new, more aesthetic handles.

    Experts do not advise buying such accessories for doors from domestic or Chinese manufacturers. Their products are rarely of good quality and maintainability. It is better to turn to products made in Europe. Of course, they will cost much more, but they will last longer and will not cause serious problems during use.

    How to repair the door handle mezhkonatnoy doors, you will learn from the video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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