Choosing a door handle with a latch for interior doors

At the end of the repair work indoors, one of the final stages is the choice of handles for interior doors. This is a crucial step, as they not only provide access to the room, but also perform a decorative function. Choosing this element, you need to consider its capabilities, as well as the design of both the door itself and the room as a whole. For these types of doors handle latch is relevant.


The door handle with a latch can be divided into subspecies according to various characteristics. Among them, the type of construction, the shape of the base, as well as the material from which the product is made. Before proceeding directly to the selection of the handle, you need to familiarize yourself with the functional features of each of the types presented. Door handles with a latch for an interior door can be of several types.

  • Handles are the most simple and frequently used. The mechanism itself looks like a tongue having a slice at the end. In order to open the latch, you need to turn the knob, the reverse action is achieved using a spring mechanism. On some products install special locks, and you can also consider options with keys.
  • Roller latch is a roller that is fixed in the groove. This option is often used by the owners of the premises where the kids are. This is due to the fact that the handles do not have latches and, if necessary, they are easy to open.
  • Magnetic latch works by magnet attraction to metal. The latch is triggered at the time of turning the handle or in the case when the pin moves.

For toilet doors or a bathroom is an ideal option.

And also the latch knobs can be divided according to the principle of the mechanism that is installed there. They can be rotary and push. It is worth considering their differences.


The handle includes 2 levers, as well as a rod.At the moment when there is an impact on one of the levers, the mechanism in which the falle tongue is located opens. This option is most often chosen by consumers. This is due to the fact that first of all there are no problems during the operation of the structure. It is enough to apply a little effort, pressing the handle, and the door opens, and at that moment you can use not only your hand, but also, for example, your elbow.

However, the door is fixed very securely, without pressing the lever, it can not be opened. In addition, such structures rarely fail. The mechanism works silently. And also it should be noted that the range of such fittings is quite wide and varied, presented in a variety of colors and various design versions, so there is almost no problem for customers to choose, it is easy to choose the model needed in each particular case.

However, one can not say about the shortcomings of this type. Consumers say that such pens can be easily caught and hit, but these disadvantages easily overlap with advantages.


This device also provides for a flap tongue.The handle has a spherical shape. When the handle rotates, the latch opens, after which, when released by means of a spring, it returns to its original position. This design is not as comfortable in operation as the previous one, since the turn can only be done by hand, which can cause problems if it is busy or, for example, injured.

Such a model as a knob is gaining wide popularity. It is a handle of a round or oval shape, with built-in lock. The difference from the model of the swivel type is that in this case it will be necessary for the installation to draw a hole in the interior door itself, in which the mechanism will be placed. The keyhole in most cases is located on both sides, some models have one-way latches and plugs.

Among the advantages it is necessary to note the safety of the swivel knobs. Since they are oval-shaped, it is much more problematic to get injured when contact is unsuccessful than in the case of products with sharp edges.

This is especially true for families in which there are small children.

The range is very wide, diverse design allows the buyer to choose the handle for every taste. Accessories can have inserts of glass, rhinestones and other elements that will allow to decorate the room, give it elegance and individuality. In addition, the locking mechanism is made in such a way that the door can be closed both from the outside and from the inside of the room. Now for the flaws.

One of the drawbacks, undoubtedly, is some inconvenience during operation, as you can only open the doors by turning the handle with your hand. As well as consumers note that they often face the problem of lock jamming, which is served by excessively sharp movements.

Mounting base

There are 2 forms of the base, which are used when attaching the door handles with a latch. Consider their significant differences.

  • Socket. The base can be made in the form of an oval or a square, other models are extremely rare. Handles that are mounted in this way serve both for closing interior doors and as an element of decor. The choice of the locking mechanism is not difficult.
  • Strap. In the case of a strap, it is advisable to choose structures that include a locking mechanism. Separate selection of the lock can cause certain difficulties for the buyer. Some models have special holes where you can position the lock. Such forms of the base will suit people seeking to further protect the premises from hacking, but it must be borne in mind that this can not be a serious obstacle. The bar is less functional than the socket, but is often suitable for specific models.

Manufacturing material

The modern market is a model of door handles for every taste, but most often buyers pay attention to what material the product is made of. Manufacturers offer items that are made from several materials.

  • Metal. This material is certainly a leader in the construction market. Models can be made from copper, bronze and steel, and from aluminum, brass, and metal alloys. First of all, consumers appreciate such products for their rich appearance and long service life. Some models may have a coating, for example, of chromium, and metals such as copper and bronze will reveal their color and luster due to the protective layer applied on top.Among the shortcomings can be identified that the handle almost always remains cold.

If the product is made of an alloy, and the coating is not very well made, there is a risk that it will fail rather quickly, and the appearance in this case may become unusable.

    • Tree. Wooden handles are classics of the genre. In most cases, they are chosen if the door itself is made of veneer or wood. In this model can be made quite extravagant, they are often decorated with intricate carvings and unusual inserts, which allows you to choose an option for a different interior.
    • Glass. This is a more office option, but is often used in the design of apartments. Such handles are more fragile than other models, but at the same time they look expensive and unusual. Some models may have a rather high price.
    • Plastic. This is the most common material when choosing door handles for apartments. It has the lowest price category, but at the same time it can be qualitatively manufactured, which allows it to be used for a long time. You can often find plastic door handles, imitating products made of stone, leather, glass or wood, while having a significant difference from natural materials in value.

    How to install the door handle with a latch, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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