Handles for entry doors: features and recommendations for selection

The handle-clamp for the front door is a reliable and easy-to-use product that allows you to easily open even a very heavy and massive door. Therefore, these models are very popular and are installed on various door leaf.

Such fittings can be different ascetic appearance, complementing the corresponding minimalist interior of the home, but can also be made in a bizarre and diverse form, becoming a highlight of the interior, made in the classical or Provencal style.

Let's look at the features of this type of hardware for entrance doors, as well as the main recommendations for their choice.

The concept of "pen-bracket"

The handle-clamp for the entrance door is a stationary version of the fittings, which is distinguished by a very simple device, since there is no latch or bolt in it. It is performed in the form of an arc, which can be given a diverse form. In addition, there are cases of production of round products of this kind of devices.

Intricate design solutions allow you to perform such a handle in the form of an animal's head, for example, a wolf, a lion or a tiger.

Such a product is attached to the door leaf, made of wood or metal. You can open the door equipped with a similar part in two ways: either click on it or pull it towards you.

Handles for entrance doors can vary in such parameters:

  • the material from which they are made;
  • the presence of a protective coating;
  • the appearance of the product;
  • reinforced or simple designs.

The similar type of accessories can be made as according to individual drawings or drawings, and acquired in specialized shop.

Special features

Handles for entrance doors have certain features, since they are under the negative influence during operationenvironmental factors. In addition, they are subject to a higher load than interior door handles.

    The features of this type of fittings include:

    • Production from materials that are durable. Therefore, one of the most popular options are metal and wooden models.
    • They are installed on heavy doors in apartments and houses that are massive.
    • Handles-clamps made of PVC - the best option for the equipment of the entrance balcony doors, made of plastic.

    In order to attach the door handles, you should use either end-to-end couplers or serious mounting plates.

    Material for the production of pens

    In the process of manufacturing the described type of product can be used a variety of materials and raw materials. The most common options are various metal alloys, wood, polyvinyl chloride and glass.

    Wooden door handles can become a real work of art, as they are often decorated with carvings or carved elements. Such fittings will be perfectly combined with the entrance door, which was made from solid wood or sheathed with natural veneer.

    Metal stationary pens are one of the most common options for accessories. This attribute is characterized by its versatility, since it can easily be installed on entrance doors made of various materials, be it wood, metal-plastic, glass or other material.

    During the production of metal variants pure metal can be used. An example of this could be iron or aluminum fittings. There are frequent cases of production of door handles from alloys, for example, brass, bronze or steel models.

    Brass products are very popular due to their presentable appearance and reliability. They differ in the long term of operation. In addition, this material is very pleasant to the touch and quite warm, which can be a decisive factor when choosing the material from which the handle-bracket for entrance doors is made.

    No less popular are aluminum products. They look great and are installed on the door leaf, which is made of plastic, glass or wood.

    To give metal handles a more aesthetic appearance, various metal processing techniques are used. Such fittings can be polished with special tapes.As a result of this treatment, the surface of the handle will be characterized by smoothness and gloss.

    If the product is subject to staining, then powder paint is used. It can be of different colors, but the models in black are the most stylish.

    The painting process takes place with the use of special high-tech equipment with maintaining high temperature conditions. The whole process is automated and cannot be performed manually. This ensures a long life of the handle-clips, as a result of which black paint does not crack or peel off.

    The use of powder paint can significantly improve the anti-corrosion characteristics of metal products. During the application of this technology, the external surface of the handle-bracket is protected by a film, which is characterized by a high degree of resistance to mechanical damage. Scratches appear less often on such pens.

    The process of polishing such products is carried out using devices with fine abrasiveness. Upon completion of such a procedure, the surface of such a product will be different.dullness.

    Metal door handles can be nickel or chrome plated.

    Recently, the oxidation process is used as the main coating for the fittings of entrance doors, under the influence of which the product is better able to withstand high humidity, rust does not appear on such handles, and they do not oxidize so quickly.

    Handles made from PVCThey are not very popular with consumers, because they are not as durable as metal or wooden products. Their main advantage is low cost. Such details can very often be found on balcony doors, since they are not suitable for installation on a metal or glass sheet.

    The least common variant of the entrance door handles-brackets are glass models. Often they are made of Bohemian or Murmansk glass. Such fittings are fragile, and therefore require careful attention to themselves.

    Basic recommendations for selection

    Choosing the handle-bracket for the entrance door, you should pay attention to the size of the product.The dimensions of such handles should be related to the parameters of the door, so that they look harmonious together.

    If the entrance door is large, then purchase a massive handle-bracket. For a small entrance door it is better to buy a miniature handle, so it will not spoil the appearance of the door.

    If you install a small-sized handle on a heavy door leaf, then there is a very high risk that the hardware will soon break down, being under constant serious strain in the process of opening the doors. The big handle will look inappropriate on a small door leaf.

    Choosing wooden products, stop your choice on the accessories, which was made of solid wood. This will extend the service life of such a product and will help to increase its durability.

    If you install a stationary handle made of soft wood, then soon such a product will wear out, losing its original appearance, and you have to replace it.

    Stopping the choice on this or that material, consider design and an installation site. For example, pens,Made of stainless steel and characterized by excellent anti-corrosion properties, I’ll go for installation on the door leaf, which is made in a modern or high-tech style.

    If you buy accessories for installation on office doors made of PVC material, then stop your choice on the aluminum handle-bracket. It will look great model made of aluminum pipe, which was covered with black powder paint.

    Now you know the features of various handle-brackets, which are used for installation on the entrance doors, and you can choose the most suitable model for you.

    More information about the door-brackets for entrance doors is in the video below.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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