The process of replacing the door handles

An important detail of any door design is the handle. We use it daily to open and then close the door. Constant mechanical stress and pressure on this element of the door structure over time can lead to breakage. By the way, door handles fail more often locks. And if this happens, it is necessary to make a replacement.

Common Causes of Breakdowns

Usually for the front door use only two types of handles. There are pressure products that serve for the necessary control of the latch in the lock, and there are stationary handles, whose task is to assist in opening the door.

The easiest way to deal with stationary handles, since all types of damage usually come down to ordinary mechanical damage.Repair such handles will not work, you can solve the problem by replacing with a new one. Repairs are not carried out, since stationary handles are mainly produced as a single piece.

But push knobs can deliver a little more trouble. And first you need to determine the type of damage, and only then make repairs. Consider the main types of breakdowns.

  • The handle is no longer there, but the part that secures the door to the door remains in place. This problem can be easily solved in some 15-20 minutes. Usually such a breakdown indicates poor-quality manufacturing of the product.
  • A square may burst inside the handle, as a result of which the latch will not open. This can happen if the manufacturer used in the manufacture of silumin. This material is quite fragile and breaks down from constant heavy loads.
  • The latch does not react and does not move, that is, it does not open due to sticking or wear of the square, but already external, that performs the connecting function of two handles on both sides and provides the latch rotation. The square itself rarely wears out, so this type of damage is attributed to isolated cases.
    • Basically, the latch stops responding and does not open when the length of the square is obviously not enough, that is, it is a fault during installation and the negligence shown during installation. The square in this case will eventually move in the direction of the handle, and the other handle, which remains without it, will cease to open the latch. It is easy to determine this type of breakdown: the handle will work on one side of the door, but not on the other.
    • Quite often there is a razbaltyvaniye of the basic and rotary lever. That is, the handle begins to sag, thereby negatively affecting the appearance of the door as a whole. The reason for the lever opening out becomes the stretched return spring, which over time simply cannot fully perform its direct functions. This type of problem can also arise due to the “licking” of the edges of the inner square that holds the handle. With a short rod, problems may also arise, since the entire node will not work completely correctly.
    • Replacing the handle for the front door may be required when the base of the product falls away from its canvas. This can happen because of poor-quality or improper mounting of the panel with screws, rather than bolts.This, in turn, leads to the breaking of the holes and the complete or partial erasing of the thread. By the way, if the door is too tight, the handle can also fall off. Constant overloading of the fastener assembly when closing the sash can also lead to breakage.

    Sometimes the doorknob needs to be replaced for reasons of the appearance of ugly scuffs that spoil the aesthetic appearance. The appearance of the door must be maintained in commercial establishments, for example, so that potential customers do not spoil their opinion about the company.


    It is quite possible to replace the handles on the entrance metal door independently, provided that the following factors are taken into account.

    • First, it will be necessary to select a new pad with levers, where the holes for the bolts completely coincide with the previous version. To do the fitting, you have to dismantle the old copy, so it will be easier to decide in the store.
    • The shape of the door handle design may coincide, and the bolts to the product may differ in length. This should also be considered when buying a new copy. It must be suitable for screed to a certain thickness of the door leaf.If the new fasteners are a little less in length, old ones will have to be used for the installation. The same can be said about the plate, which is used to turn the additional valve, usually it is located from the inside of the door.
    • If information is available on the model name and manufacturer of the door handles installed initially, it will be much easier to find a new instance.
    • When selecting a new pen, it is also necessary to remember that they are both right and left. To fix this then it will not work, you have to go back to the store and change the product.
    • If the lock is equipped with an additional valve, the handle pad should have a special slot with a switch for it.
    • Color and design are important factors of choice. The door with the handle must be harmoniously combined.

    These simple tips will help you make the right choice, which will greatly facilitate the subsequent replacement of the door handle.

    Self replacement

    Before dismantling the old handle and installing a new instance, you need to open the sash and remove the key from the keyhole. The recessed bolt fixing the rotary lever is unscrewed with a hexagon.This hidden node is located at the very bottom, in the center under the bend of the handle.

    Then you can proceed to the unwinding of all the bolts, which are pressed against the door handle plates. So it will turn out to remove each of the parties consistently. If the square of a new instance is shorter, you can perform a rearrangement of the rod from the old structure, just before installing it, you need to check it, there should not be any erased edges. After that, attach the plate so that the valve can be rotated normally.

    Then, in order to replace the handle of the apartment door structure, it is necessary to insert one part of it from the outside of the canvas. Identical detail is attached to the back of the sash and perform the coupler with bolts. Swivel lever attached to the protruding square. After the installation is complete, you need to check the dog: does it move with the help of the handle of the door handle, does it easily return later to its original position. If during installation you use a drop of engine oil and lubricate the lock, then the lifetime of the entire unit as a whole will increase.

    It turns out that changing the handle in the iron door is not too difficult and therefore you can always do it yourself, without the help of specialists.In fact, you can repair anything, the main thing is to understand the design of the device and the principle of its operation before repairs.

    How to install the handle on the front door, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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