Self-adhesive door seal

 Self-adhesive door seal

Modern seals used for doors provide maximum tightness than prevent heat loss. Manufacturers bring to the attention of buyers several types of such gaskets, the features of which are worth a closer look.

The main advantage of these products is that they can be used for almost all types of door designs.

Special features

Self-adhesive sealer has a lot of features and advantages, which is worth reading in more detail. Products have a high degree of elasticity, the materials that are used to create them, are able to quickly restore their original shape.

Modern self-adhesive tapes for compaction have good resistance even to sub-zero temperatures, which is a rather important point. It should be noted that products made from low-quality materials can harden in cold weather.

The main feature of self-adhesive seals is that they ensure maximum tightness of the door during use.

At the same time installation of elements does not require a lot of time and effort. The main advantage of such tapes is that they can be used anywhere. They are perfectly fixed on different materials, even on wood. In addition, self-adhesive models are invisible, they blend well with the door material and have good aesthetic qualities.


When choosing a self-adhesive sealant, special attention should be paid to the main types of these products. Basically, the difference of all models lies in the material. In addition, seals of different sizes can be used for doors.

Self-adhesive tapes differ in their purpose.

  • Seals are in high demand among buyers. for entrance doors. Such products are characterized by density, thick materials are used to create them. Feature of the seals is the presence of the internal cavity. Due to this, the tape is as close as possible to the door frame.
  • Interior designs also do not do without seals. In comparison with the above described variant, these products are distinguished by simpler technical characteristics. For example, these tapes are not used to protect the room from drafts.
  • Often self-adhesive products are used. for glass doors. These tapes are a separate species. The peculiarity is the presence of a special section. The main advantage of the models is simple and straightforward installation.

In addition to all of the above, seals differ in form.

  • The tape is used to close small gaps (1-2 mm).
  • If the distance is somewhat larger, it is best to use special rubber options:
  • C and E-shaped sealing profiles are used to close the gaps, the thickness of which reaches 3 mm.
  • P and V-shaped products are used for a distance of 5 mm.
  • The thickest options are D and O-shaped elements. They are used for gaps of about 6-7 mm.


Thick seals are in high demand among buyers. They are mainly used for entrance doors. Models provide good noise and heat insulation. In addition, with the use of thick products, the doors are closed tightly without knocking.

For interior doors fit thin self-adhesive seals. Such options are presented in a fairly wide range, and therefore the choice is rarely a problem.


Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the seal is made.

  • For the front door entrance options are most often used. from rubber. The peculiarity of the products lies in the fact that they are based on various modifiers. The rubber seal has good resistance to various weather conditions and temperature extremes. Experts say that these options are an ideal example of value for money. For a low price you can buy durable products that have good performance properties.Quality options can last 3-4 seasons, retaining its original shape.
  • No less popular in the modern market are products. from silicone. These options are somewhat inferior in performance rubber. Compared to the models described above, silicone seals are less durable. Most often, these elements are used for interior doors. In this component, silicone seals have no competitors. Also, these products belong to the group of environmentally friendly species. Silicone does not differ toxicity, in the course of use does not emit harmful fumes.
  • The most cost-effective solution is to purchase foam rubber adhesive tapes. But, buying such products, it should be understood that their service life is approximately 5-6 months. Such seals are not recommended for entrance structures. This is due to the fact that under the influence of temperature changes and dirt, the product begins to crumble.
  • To a separate type can be attributed to the so-called fleecy tapes. Basically, these options are used for furniture, namely - wardrobes. Tapes provide good heat and sound insulation qualities.Fleece products prevent the penetration of dust inside the cabinet.
  • The most durable are magnetic seals. It is worth noting that these options are quite expensive, but the price is justified by excellent performance. At the base of magnetic seals there are three circuits.

Due to this, the products are tightly fixed on the material, providing a good seal.


Self-adhesive seals are available in several colors. The standard types include black products. They are ideal for dark entrance and interior designs.

White door seals can be used for the light door. But such products are quickly polluted under the influence of weather conditions.

Also, manufacturers present to the attention of buyers transparent models. They are perfect for glass doors. When using the product is completely invisible. In addition, these options are reliable and durable.

How to choose?

When choosing a self-adhesive sealer for the door, pay attention to several significant points.

  • The first important point is the material. Focusing on the advantages and features of each type, you can easily choose an option for both the entrance and the interior design. For example, for a street door it is best to use thick rubber seals. This is due to the fact that they will ensure maximum sealing during use. In addition, the use of the seal will maintain the optimum temperature in the room.
  • Decide in advance on the size of the product. Pre-measure the thickness of the gap between the box and the door itself. Based on the obtained indicators, you can correctly choose the shape and thickness of the self-adhesive tape.
  • The quality of the glue that is present on the product is important. The presence of defects on the seal indicates its unsuitability for use.
  • Particular attention is recommended to pay the manufacturer. It is best to choose models from proven companies that have already demonstrated high quality products.
  • At the time of purchase it is recommended to check the material for elasticity: the seal needs to be lightly pressed down with your finger to see how quickly the original shape of the product will recover.Experts recommend using medium ribbons. Products that are too dense will prevent the door from closing normally. Soft seals quickly lose their original shape.
  • Buying tape for the wardrobe, pay attention to the quality of the material. Basically, foam rubber is used to create these products. But some manufacturers produce options from higher quality materials.

How to use?

As noted above, mounting the tape is not particularly difficult.

First you need to dismantle the old seal. The easiest way is to tear off the material. But if this method fails to remove the product, it is best to use a chisel or knife.

After that, it is necessary to remove residual glue from the surface of the door leaf. White spirit or acetone can be used in these integers.

It is necessary to remove the remains carefully, so that the new material is firmly fixed on the surface.

Then, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • measure the dimensions of the opening, that is, its height and width;
  • adjust the sealing tape to the obtained values;
  • remove the protective layer from the product.

After that, the seal must be firmly fixed around the perimeter of the door frame. Please note that the tape must fit well to the surface. Extra parts of the seal must be removed with a knife.

When using tape for the entrance door, you must install 2 circuits. One of them is fixed directly on the door frame. As for the second circuit, it is fixed on the outer side of the end zone of the door.

Examples and options

There are several ways to use the self-adhesive gasket in the door construction.

One of them is the fastening of the product with a slot connection. Basically, this method is used in the production of input structures. On the frame of the box there are guide elements. The compactor used in the base has a rigid part.

This mounting option has a very high strength, it is very reliable. However, it is almost impossible to complete the installation process yourself.

For more information about door seals, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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