What are good "Shtykovskie door"?

 What are good Shtykovskie door?

Doors in the dwelling perform several functions. They protect from noise and cold, provide security, demarcate space. In addition, doors often complement the interior. One of the types of these products in the domestic market are products of the Shtykovskie Dveri company.

About the manufacturer

This manufacturer has represented its products in the building materials market for over 20 years. Its production facilities are located in Primorsky Krai, in the village of Shtykovo. From a small workshop on the outskirts of the village, in such a short period of time, the factory became a city-forming enterprise. Now the factory is equipped with the most innovative equipment, it employs more than 170 people. This company has the largest shop for the production of doors in Eastern Siberia.

Among the products of the company "Shtykovskie door" you will find interior models, lining the input attributes, as well as transom, mezzanine.

Special features

"Shtykovskie Doors" are the leader in sales of these products in the Far Eastern region, but they are also gaining popularity abroad. And this is no accident.

Products of this company have a number of advantages.

  • These attributes meet the most stringent requirements of sanitary and epidemiological standards, they are environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic.
  • Innovative technologies and modern equipment make it possible to manufacture doors in the shortest possible time.
  • It is possible to buy doors to the door, so this product can be installed in non-standard openings.
  • In the manufacture of all stages, from the preparation of the material to the output of the finished product, are under the control of specialists of the factory, so the quality of products is at a height.
  • The company's products have many certificates and diplomas that confirm the high class of the doors of this manufacturer.
  • A huge selection of models will help you choose the product to suit every taste. They are made in different styles, so enter the product into the interior is not difficult.
  • "Shtykovskie doors" produce an overlay for the front door, which allows you to arrange the exit from the dwelling in the same style with interior doors.
  • The cost of products is quite affordable, there is an excellent balance of price and quality.


All "Shtykovsky doors" are made of veneered material, which is based on either natural wood or MDF.

  • Natural wood. Most often, pine is used here. It belongs to cheap types of wood, it is rather easy to process, while the doors from it are durable, they are not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity.
  • MDF - analogue of solid wood. Their fine sawdust is produced and pressed into plates. Such technology of production of this material makes it possible to manufacture products of various forms, for example, with imitation of thread. The material also tolerates moisture, which is quite important for homes in the Primorsky Territory. Also, this material is undergoing restoration, so the service life of products made from it is quite long.

The veneer itself is a thin sheet of wood of expensive species, which are made using a special planing machine.The thickness of these sheets does not exceed half a centimeter. They are glued over wood or MDF, creating the feeling that before you is a product made entirely from expensive varieties of trees such as oak, mahogany and others.

Also among the models there are those in which there is glazing. For these purposes, transparent and frosted glass is used, as well as stained glass windows, which can be decorated in a classic, modern or children's theme.

The lineup

This manufacturer represents a wide range of interior doors. All of them can be divided into several collections.

Here are the most popular ones.

  • "Venice". These are modern models which perfectly will be suitable for registration of rooms in styles in minimalism or hi-tech. Simple geometric shapes and simplicity of lines are the distinguishing features of this collection. You can choose models without glazing or with it.
  • Decoline. This series is made specifically for rooms designed in modernist style. Products are distinguished by ease and elegance. In this collection, the doors are painted in bright colors that can add light and airiness to the interior.
  • "Classic". Doors have simple shapes.Their strict lines will be appropriate in the strict interiors in the English style. Clarity of forms and the absence of unnecessary details characterize this collection. The doors are made in brown tones. There are models with glazing half or full. By the individual order the product can be decorated with a stained glass window according to one of the sketches of the manufacturer.
  • Murano. The manufacturer refers to this collection as premium-class products. The design of the doors is made in a modern style. Almost all models of this collection are glazed with black glass, which, in combination with natural wood, looks quite original.

Where can one buy?

Residents of the Primorsky Territory can purchase "Shtykovskie Dveri" in specialized stores of this company, as well as order on the official website. You can also meet the products of this manufacturer and with partners throughout Russia and even abroad, but the network of stores in other regions of the country is practically not developed.

Cost of

The cost of the door leaf in the minimum design will be about 4,000 rubles. The most expensive sample using stained glass will cost you about 7,000 rubles, which is cheap enough for a veneered door.


"Shtykovskie doors" have long been known in the Primorye Territory and have earned a fairly good reputation. Buyers say that the products are of rather high quality, there is a choice not only of the model, but also of the size. They are durable, even in conditions of high humidity the veneer does not peel off, and the products do not lose their appearance.

In addition, it is very convenient that this company produces and sash for mezzanines. This allows you to arrange the top drawers, which are found in the Soviet layouts of apartments, in the same style with interior doors.

The following video will help you learn more about the manufacturer.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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