Doors "Sophia"

The doors at the moment are not only the protection of the room from uninvited guests and the cold, they have become a full-fledged element of the interior. This is the first thing we see before entering the room. The factory for the production of doors "Sofia" has long been working in this direction and is ready to offer a wide selection of doors and sliding structures of good quality and at reasonable prices.


The brand "Sofya" is widely known, its products are in great demand. The company has been operating since 1993 and is constantly improving in the chosen direction. The doors of the Sofia factory meet all quality standards and have a number of advantages over competitors:

  • The widest choice of interior doors and partitions;
  • Quality fittings from Italy and Germany;
  • Decent appearance;
  • Eco-friendly materials;
  • Original design;
  • Construction safety;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Good sound and heat insulation;
  • An opportunity to choose any sliding design;
  • There is a line of fire resistant and moisture resistant doors.

Which is better?

The most striking competitor of "Sophia" is the company "Volkhovets", which also exists on the market for over 20 years. Since both factories produce doors in the same price category, when choosing a company, it is necessary to study the reviews of their owners.

Since the appearance and design is rather a matter of taste, we proceed to practical advice on the choice of interior doors, based on the basic qualities of the products:

  • Filling. Both companies carry out doors with a honeycomb filling, but only Volkhovets has a model range made of solid wood, Sophia uses only veneer.
  • Coverage. “Sofya” makes the upper coating of doors with veneer, laminate, laminatil, cortex, silk and varnish, and the color palette is so diverse that you can choose any shade and even apply a pattern from the wall. You can also make a door with a different coating on each side.For example, from the kitchen side the door is white, and from the corridor side is blue. In Volkhovets, only veneer is possible, and each model is produced in a specific color.
  • The lineup. Sophia has a narrower, albeit more diverse.
  • Constructions. Both factories work not only for the production of swing doors, but also work to create new forms in the organization of space and great opportunities in interior design. But some engineering designs "Sophia" have no analogues. For example, the system "Magic" or "Inside the opening."
  • Durability and wear resistance. According to this criterion reviews are contradictory. Someone for a long time uses the products of one of the firms and has no complaints, but someone, on the contrary, is dissatisfied with the products. Moreover, the average percentage is the same for both companies.


Doors are the final touch after major repairs in the room, but it is he who either emphasizes the ideas of interior design or changes them radically. The company "Sofia" will help to understand this difficult issue. Thanks to a wide range of interior and entrance doors, everyone will find a suitable model for themselves.

Interior doors differ in style, design, color, properties, design, material from which they are made.

As for the entrance doors, here again the company "Sofia" is able to satisfy any requests.

Choosing the front door, each is guided by several principles:

  1. Structural reliability;
  2. The sense of security that it gives;
  3. Soundproofing;
  4. Visual appeal;
  5. The ability of the system not to pass dust and drafts;
  6. Fire resistance

Making a choice in favor of the company "Sofia", each item of the plan will be executed.

The company manufactures high-quality, environmentally friendly metal doors that meet all necessary requirements. The product consists of two steel cloths with a thickness of 2-3 mm, fixed to each other by a particularly durable frame, the space between them is filled with felt, mineral wool, and pine bar, which have excellent sound-absorbing properties.

Customers who chose the front door of the Sofia factory, speak positively of their purchase.

Swing doors, single and double doors are considered popular by design, but in this matter the Sofia factory moved to a new level, improving the mechanism and creating a new form.


The company's engineers have developed unique sliding systems, which are distinguished by the fact that they save space, allow doors to open and close silently, work smoothly and easily, and look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

These systems include:

  • "Compact" - in the development of used rotary-sliding mechanism. At the moment of opening the door, the canvas folds in half and closely slides against the wall;
  • "Inside the opening" - you can use 2, 3 or 4 canvases from any collection of doors, cascading one after another, opening the way to the room;
  • "Magic" - the process of opening and closing resembles the work of the doors of the wardrobe, the only difference is that the guides and all mechanisms are securely hidden from the eyes, and the canvas seems to slide through the air;
  • "Pencil case" - when opening the door “enters” literally inside the wall and disappears there;
  • "Mystery" - the canvas slides along the wall along a barely visible guide above the opening;
  • "Poto" - the system resembles classic hinged doors, but such a door does not move from hinges on the cashier, but due to a unique rotor mechanism, which was developed by the factory;
  • "Coupe" - the classic system of compartment doors, but uniquely decorated with a special box and made according to a special technology;
  • "Book" - the door when opening is folded in half by the accordion inside the opening and with a slight movement moves to the side.

In general, all folding-folding designs are very reliable, durable and practical, are an excellent alternative to annoying hinged doors on ordinary hinges. Recommended for lovers of all unique and exotic.


The company "Sofya" offers a wide selection of materials used in the creation of models of doors. The inner filling is mainly veneer, but the outer finish is presented for every taste - silk, cortex, laminate, veneer, varnish.

Silk is a specially applied, mainly on a metal base powder, thanks to which the product becomes more durable and wear-resistant. Cortex is a kind of veneer, created by artificial means, only more durable, it does not change its properties over time, unlike natural veneer.

The lacquer has a mirror surface, such a technique will be reflected in the modern design in the high-tech style.All materials are environmentally friendly, undergo a special treatment and are subjected to special application, so that the product would serve and please the eye as long as possible.

The factory’s product line includes models both completely glass and with glass elements. The factory offers a variety of solutions for choosing the shade of such a model: purely transparent, with the effect of “bronze”, black, gray, sand, white, gray, matte or mirror.


The color range of doors offered by the Sofia factory is almost limitless. Natural colors will harmoniously fit into a classic design: from light brown to dark shade. For modern loft-style apartments, white, bluish, gray matte and glossy colors are suitable. There are doors for painting.

For design decisions, doors of different colors from different sides can pleasantly surprise: for example, in the bedroom there is a quiet beige, and the same door from the corridor side is dark brown or screaming red.


Door leaves are usually of standard sizes: 600x1900, 600x2000, 700x2000, 800x2000, 900x2000. Factory "Sofia" can make non-standard canvases with a width of 1 meter and high doors up to 2.3 meters from the collection "Original", "Rainbow". The thickness of the blade is 35 mm, the doors are not folded.

Do not neglect these parameters. If the box can not fit in the door reception, you will have to incur certain cash costs for the demolition of part of the wall. And in case the doorway is too large, you will have to buy additional panels.

model from the collection "Original"
model from the Rainbow collection

Popular models

At all times, popular models of the classical style. The consumer is accustomed to it and is ready to return to the classics again and again. The Sophia factory has modernized this approach by creating a line of doors made in the neoclassical style, embodying them in the Classic and Bridge collections. There are also completely deaf canvases, as well as canvases decorated with glass.

Popularity acquires the Scandinavian style in the interior, characterized by the severity of lines, the purity of color (dominated by cool colors) and functionality. Sophia has developed a series of doors dedicated to this style.

For lovers of elegant design, the company offers to pay attention to the collection «Skyline» and «Manigliona». The first is made in a completely unique concept of doors to the ceiling. It looks elegant, fresh, but fundamentally and conceptually.

For the adherents of the antique-style decoration, the Sofia factory created the Light collection in a vintage style.

Contrast solutions, rigor of lines, seasoned color of the walls, gilded, glossy and leather elements are the main distinguishing features of the “soft luxury” style. Proponents of this style in the interior should turn their attention to the doors of the factory “Sofya” from the collection “Crystal” and “Rain”.

The company's flagship product is invisible doors. Advanced designers love this way of decorating entrance openings and experiment with “invisible” in their creative research. Door leaf set flush with the wall, while the system implies the absence of platbands. The space gets the uniform finished form and full feeling of security.

How to choose?

The main qualities of a good interior door:

  • The material from which the canvas and the casing are made is environmentally friendly, odorless, safe for health;
  • It is best to choose products from natural veneer or solid wood;
  • The color of the entire door structure should be uniform, without streaks and stains, clean, not clouded;
  • The coating of glossy doors should create a perfect smooth surface; there should not be any bubbles, detachments, scratches, unnatural deformations;
  • If the door is varnished on top, slightly press on the surface with a fingernail. Cheap, poor-quality material will miss;
  • Check all the slots. The distance between the web and the slopes should not be more than 1 mm around the perimeter;
  • If the door is made of different elements (frames, glass, grids), study all the joints - there should not be any gaps;
  • The hinges must be strong, correspond to the weight of the canvas, exclude sagging;
  • All mechanisms should work silently and easily;
  • Check the package bundle (the mandatory availability of linen and box);
  • Choose a good, high-quality accessories. This will eliminate breakdowns and extraneous sounds when opening and closing the door;
  • Ask the seller about the degree of sound insulation

The choice of doors for an apartment or house is considerably simplified if you choose the products of the Sofia factory. A huge number of models, colors, textures and material for the manufacture of doors will not allow to go to a competitor.

Using the latest sliding systems will provide an opportunity to save space, beat it in their favor.


Factory "Sofia" gives a guarantee of 3 years on their products, subject to the rules of operation of doors.

In what cases is not provided for warranty repair or replacement of the product:

  1. The use of accessories, not provided for the design of the door.
  2. Poor quality work when installing the door, damage to the fabric or trim during installation.
  3. Self repair door.
  4. Intentional mechanical damage to the product or violation of the conditions of storage and use.
  5. Damage during transportation.
  6. Natural wear.

In the warranty case, you should contact the company's hotline. If the warranty period has expired and the product has deteriorated or broken, it is recommended to contact a workshop with appropriate qualifications.

Very often, models with built-in narrow thick glasses fail. Because of its gravity, glass can crawl down, and the door at the junction of veneer and glass can be unstuck. This can happen quite quickly, almost immediately after purchase. You do not have to try to correct the defect yourself; it is possible to do this only if you have certain tools, taking into account the technology, knowing the process.

Many companies involved in repairing door designs are familiar with this feature of the model and will easily repair such a canvas. And also you should not wait until the glass completely falls out, so repairs will cost more.

If the hinges are loosened, and the door is slack, the geometry of the “door-jamb” has broken, the door is not fixed in a half-open form, the lock mechanism does not work well, then it's time to think about repairs. Such defects can be resolved on their own at home.

First of all, the master will face the task of removing the door leaf and assess the condition of the hinges. If necessary, if they are bent, you need to replace the hinges with new ones.

Also, the door sagging can occur due to too short screws, which simply began to pop up from gravity. Then find stronger ones and replace them. Perhaps a pair of loops is not enough to hold the canvas, then install additional loops at the top of the structure.

If the problem is in the frames, they must also be removed (very carefully, without damaging the coating) and reinforced with additional screws.

To remove small scratches remove the cloth is not necessary.Pick a paint that matches the color and gently cover the area of ​​damage. If the door is lacquered, it is necessary to additionally apply varnish and polish.

A good solution in rooms where the appearance of the run-up structures will most likely be exposed to external factors, for example, in the nursery, doors for painting will be a good solution, which over time will not have to be changed or subjected to complex restoration work, and it will be enough to repaint and get a new interior element.

Customer Reviews

With its attractive properties, the doors of the Sofia factory are becoming very popular in the Russian market. All buyers claim that initially the doors look very respectable, it is clear that this premium product is made of good materials. Attracts a huge selection of models, good fittings that work smoothly and silently, and brand adherence.

However, over time, the disadvantages begin to appear. Some consumers notice defects already in 5-6 months after the start of operation: in some places the film begins to peel off, and the casing is falling apart.Most likely, this is due to the difference in temperature and humidity during the beginning of the heating season. It is also noted that fingerprints are very noticeable on the doors of dark color, but this is more a property of color than a manufacturer’s drawback.

Many complaints come to dealers: they refuse to make a replacement, do not accept complaints and claims and completely refuse to provide any services after the sale has been completed, they do not know the product well, there is no information about the manufacturer, and delivery times are not met. You will also have to bear in mind that the dealer does not take on the installation work, this issue will have to be solved independently, on its own.

See further review of the model series "Invisible" from the factory "Sofia".

Options in the interior

Stopping your choice on the products of the Sofia factory, you can find solutions to designer interiors of any complexity.

Designed with the latest fashion doors and sliding designs will find application in styles such as strict classics, cool and elegant Scandinavian style, vintage shebbi-chic, modern and luxury style.

Mystery sliding doors are a great choice for high-tech apartments.

Doors from the Skyline collection will look attractive in a minimalist style.

For those who keep up with the times and follow the latest design tips and tricks, the doors are in the “invisible” series. This novelty came to us not so long ago, but there are more and more supporters of such a design of the room. It is worth noting that the canvas “invisible” was developed by the designers of the firm “Sofya”.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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