Steel doors: see and features

Steel doors: see and features

For a long time, people with particular trepidation were concerned with the choice of an entrance or interior door, as it performs a large list of functions (decorative, guarding, and others). One of the oldest materials in use is metal, so the most common interior and entrance door designs are steel products. To choose a suitable option, it is necessary to consider all the parties and relate the price and quality.

Special features

Like any product, steel doors have a number of features, both positive and opposite, that you need to know when buying them.

  • First of all, such products differ in the increased durability and reliability. Most manufacturers make a steel layer with a thickness of 3-5 mm, so it is difficult or almost impossible to break, bend or squeeze a keyhole. Due to its properties, the door will serve a very long time.
  • Second, steel doors are not subject to rotting, corrosion, they do not absorb moisture and tolerate temperature fluctuations normally. In this regard, they can be installed absolutely everywhere, both in the office and as the front door to the house.
  • Such models of interior doors easy to repair or restore. The design of the hinges and the integrated lock is very simple, so they are easy to replace.
  • Modern steel doors feature a large selection of modelstherefore it is quite easy to find both simple classic and unusual with decorative inserts. In this regard, the door becomes not just a partition that lets people through, but a decorative element, therefore with each use it will delight with its beauty and reliability.

It should also be noted that steel doors have a number of design features. If a security door was chosen,then it is obliged to open outwards, not inwards, because otherwise it is very easy to hack intruders with a jack or scrap. Particular attention should be paid to door locks. Masters advise that there should be at least two of them, and also that they have a different key opening mechanism. It is very important that the entrance leaf has special blockers and anti-burglary pins that prevent it from being removed from its hinges.

Elite metal door leafs also have distinctive features. Their mandatory components should be “ribs” that give more strength and rigidity to the product. Thanks to them, increased reliability and performance. According to the standard and generally accepted rules, a door made of steel should have basic elements, such as a bearing body, a locking system, additional functions and amenities, as well as elements of decoration.

There are no perfect things, therefore steel door has several drawbacks:

  • Cheap and thin metal doors, have insufficient or completely poor sound insulation, as well as poorly restrain the cold air flow.In this regard, it is worth choosing a thicker canvas with special inserts or overlays.
  • Sturdy structures, as a rule, have a lot of weight, so they need to be fixed as accurately and accurately as possible so that under their own weight the door leaf should be level and function without hitting the threshold or wall.
  • Metal as a material is very vulnerable to dents and scratches, so you should be careful with it. In case of deformation of the surface, it is necessary to correct it with the help of specialists or carry out an independent painting.
  • Since these doors have a high level of burglary, then if you lose your keys, you will have to change the lock or the door entirely, because traces or gouges may remain from forced burglary.


Today, in the market of metal doors, there is a large species diversity. All this community, in turn, is divided into certain categories, thanks to which it is easy to choose a suitable product. The first species category, classifies them according to the functional purpose of the doors.

  • Entrance doors. From the very name it is clear that such an entrance door is the entrance from the street space to the room.
  • Apartment. They are installed at the entrance to the apartment, which has an access or pre-bath space.
  • Office. These are entrance canvases that serve as an entrance for office premises in business centers, small private companies and the like.
  • Technical or primary. They are installed at the initial stage of building construction, as well as in highly specialized premises that require an additional level of protection to ensure safety.
  • Specialized or focused. This is a type of door that has non-standard qualities, as a rule, it is made bulletproof or fireproof. These products are quality tested and belong to the premium class.

The second type of classification is the opening of the door leaf. Here there are doors with external opening and internal. In turn, they are divided into right and left.

The following type of classification divides door leaves according to the level of resistance to cracking. Today there are no certain mandatory standards that obligate manufacturers to manufacture doors in a certain way (except for specialized ones), but in the interests of each plant, to make a quality product.On breaking characteristics according to GOST there are 5 classes. Accordingly, class 1 is the door leaf, which can be cracked without the use of special tools and brute force. The second class - such door leaves, which can be opened only with special devices and master keys. The higher the level, the higher the degree of protection, therefore bullet-proof doors, banking and others belong to the 5th class.

The fourth type of classification divides door leaf according to the type of their design features. All doors according to their characteristics are single-sheet, two-leaf or three-leaf, their price and durability depend on it. So that the steel door has good sound insulation and heat insulation, the space between the sheets can be filled with wood, polyurethane or special cotton wool. Special seals are also used to make the door leaf more dense in the box. Design features also include protective mechanisms and devices that provide additional security. These include trim (frame, covering the gap between the door frame and the wall), a metal plate that protects the lock from breaking,A special porch that protects a small gap between the door and the outer part of the frame, as well as deviators, are additional devices for closing the door inside the case itself.

The fifth species distinction divides the door leafs according to the decorative finish, taken materials for the manufacture of the design itself and the elements of decor. For the production and finishing of steel doors take natural or artificial leather, laminate, MDF, wood. For decoration and decoration can use elements of artistic forging, inserts of glass or mirror.


By design features metal doors are divided into several types. They are differentiated by the number of valves.

  • Same-sex the doors. In turn, they are also called single-leaf. From their definition it is clear that they have a single door leaf. This type is typical for standard interior doors, this is the most typical and standard option.
  • Duplex (double) doors.

This type of interior paintings, consists of 2 doors. In practice, most often, they use one, and the second is opened, if it is necessary to carry large-sized furniture or cargo. Double-leaf doors are also divided into 3 typical subgroups:

  • Equal door leafs - have identical in size sash, which are equally attached and function.
  • One and half doors. The name itself indicates their size. One part has the usual standard dimensions, and the other part has a width equal to half the first. A smaller part is opened by necessity, for example, when it is necessary to bring in a large or non-standard furniture, and there is not enough usual meter opening.
  • Unequal. According to its parameters, the door leafs have unequal width, and the height fully corresponds to each other.

Doors are also divided by the method of opening:

  • Swing mechanism. Such door leaves open either forward or in the opposite direction, that is, swing open.
  • Sliding. In case of operation of this mechanism, the doors are moved sideways along special rails.
  • Folding. The principle of action is reminiscent of the work of harmonies: the doors fold and slide to the side.
  • Roto-doors. This is a special type of door that combines the principle of sliding and hinged doors. They can be opened in any direction.


During Soviet times, there were certain standard sizes that limited all manufacturers in the creative implementation of door panels, as they covered not only the door itself, but also the dimensions of aisles and doorframes. Today, buildings and houses are built for every taste and size. In this regard, the size range of doors has a great variety, but still most manufacturers adhere to certain standards. This allows the customer and the buyer to make as few mistakes as possible when choosing the door leaf. It is worth noting that the concept of door dimensions includes both the thickness of the door leaf and the width of the door opening. For conventional patch doors there are the following parameters: if the door leaf has a width of 85 cm, then the opening should be at least 3 cm more, that is 88 cm. Accordingly, the following size range is valid: 89 cm - 92 cm, 97 cm - 100 cm , 120 cm - 123 cm (the latest data are valid for a double door).

If the door leaf with a recessed fit, then the dimension will be slightly changed, for example, 86 cm (door) - 90 cm (opening), 91 cm - 95 cm, 100 cm - 104 cm. In the case of ordering doors from abroad, it is worth considering that they have a different size range, so you should specify all the parameters.Today, the dominant number of doorways is 74-76 cm in width and 195-198 cm in height. If the house is built of brick, the dimensions are slightly enlarged - 88 cm wide and 200 cm high. In the Stalinka apartments, the doorways are very large and comfortable - 130 cm wide and 255 cm high. Based on the above data, it can be said that all door leaves and openings have their own dimension, and therefore the dimensions of the metal door vary. Therefore, before installing it is best to measure all the data and accurately operate the received figures.


Thanks to modern technology and high-quality alloys, steel doors can be found on the market in a wide range of color palettes. Usually, the color is chosen for the general interior of the room, as a rule, these are white, beige shades or darker, close to gray, metallic colors. Very often they are performed in a certain style, which defines the shade.

  • Door Steel Canvas in classic style have, as a rule, clear forms and monophonic, inconspicuous tones, such as white, creamy, ivory, nobly gray.
  • Steel doors in modern style different bold color palette. It can be velvet black, dark blue, red, ocher shade.
  • For lovers of more refined classics fit palette of styles. Baroque or Rococo. Baroque is characterized by golden, emerald colors. Relevant shade of sea wave, burgundy, fuchsia, blue or dark blue. Rococo is dominated by more delicate and pastel colors. This may be the color of a withered rose, light cream, beige with gilding or silver.
  • The most popular style for doors today is country music It is dominated by earthy shades, yellow-sand, gray-brown, that is, as close as possible to the natural tones, which makes such doors cozy and suitable for any interior.

The advantage of steel doors is that it is very simple and very inexpensive to change their color. In this regard, it is easy to change the “mood” in the room.

How to choose?

It may seem that choosing a steel door is simple, but in reality this is not at all the case. To make the right choice and choose exactly the very door sash, you need to decide on several points.Often, a potential buyer first looks at reviews on websites about companies that produce doors. This is a very good option, since only real owners will be able to point out all the pros and cons of the acquired door leaf. Thus, it is possible to choose the best and suitable options.

The first thing to be determined is the place where the door will be installed, since its quality characteristics and material will depend on it. Doors can be designed for the street, namely as a wicket or door in the fence, for a private cottage or a country house (it can be wooden or brick, which also affects the choice).

After the place has been determined, attention should be paid to the following parameters.

  • Insulation (degree of protection of the home). The door must perform its main function - protection from unauthorized persons. Therefore, it needs to be strong and have a good thickness of steel sheet. It must be at least 4-5 mm. For more specialized places (bank), a thicker layer (up to several centimeters) is required for the door to be bulletproof.
  • Finishing and materials. Her choice should be approached with reliance on the interior of the room in which it will be installed. The finish can be made of natural wood, MDF panels, and the door is covered with laminate. The choice depends on the material possibilities and the stylistic image of the hallway or the front door. Do not forget about the insulation of steel doors, as in the northern and central regions of the winter time is very cold, so you need to install insulated options. To make the door warmer, a steel door with a thermal break can be an excellent option. This is a design of seals on the door, which do not allow cold air flows to cool the door, and even more so to get into the room.

A nice addition is the installation of a special magnetic seal, which has a lot of positive qualities. With it, it is easy to hide defects after installing the door, and it also contributes to a tighter and softer closing of the door.

  • Decorative items. Also important is the external aesthetic appearance of the door leaf. It is very convenient when the door is not only beautiful, but also functional.Often, buyers choose steel doors, where one side with a mirror. This is very handy, because before leaving you can look at your appearance. Decorate the door and using transom. It can be made of the same upholstery materials as on the main part, and often has glass inserts so that the space is visually expanded.

If you plan to install a steel door in a private house, where the exit leads directly to the street, then you should think about additional protection - bars. Lattice partitions can be like a second door, and also can be locked. Do not forget about the quality coverage. If it is installed on the street, then a powder-coated sash will be a good option. It is not subject to corrosion, will be resistant to temperature changes, refractory and has many options for textures and drawings. For the apartment space will fit more comfortable door sash: with wooden trim or with kozhzamom. How to choose steel doors, see the next video.

How to make noise isolation?

Modern doors cover the entire list of necessary qualities that are so necessary for a person (protection, thermal insulation,insulation), but as mentioned earlier, steel and metal, which are thin, easily let in ambient noise from neighboring rooms, the entrance or the street. In this regard, additional sound insulation is required, which will absorb third-party sounds. Firstly, Masters advise initially to acquire high-quality steel door leaf, which will provide a high level of noise insulation. These can be wooden doors or MDF panels. It can also be a fabric or leather trim. Door leafs with increased thickness of steel are on sale, which ensures low noise level in the room and a high level of protection.

If it was purchased not quite a thick door, then sound insulation can be done with your own hands. There are a large number of budget options. And here are some of them.

  • Self plating. As a rule, for such works use leatherette or other dense upholstery fabric. Underneath it is pre-laid sintepon, batting, foam rubber. This is a very simple and cheap way to provide excellent sound and thermal insulation in the room.
  • The second way is to use polyurethane foambut. It is fixed inside the door leaf. It perfectly sticks to the surface and perfectly fulfills its function. It is worth knowing that this material is highly flammable, so be careful.
  • If you have enough space, you can make a very simple and effective option. Very many owners of steel and metal doors install an additional second doorthat makes the air gap. It does not allow sound vibrations and cold air.
  • Often used Minwu, which fits into the cavity of the door leaf. It is worth noting the fact that it has such a property as shrinkage. This means that over time, this material is compressed and reduced in volume. In this regard, before its laying, you need to install a special frame in the door cavity.
  • And the last, also a budget option is the trim with polyfoam or MDF panels. But, according to experts, this option will reduce the noise only by 60-50%.

How to install?

In order to properly install the steel door in an apartment or house, it is best to contact the experts and professionals in this matter, as there is a riskthat the door frame or the door itself will be installed obliquely, as a result, the sash will not close or open properly due to its own weight if it is not locked. If it was decided to do the installation of the door yourself, then you should adhere to a certain phasing and have at least an initial idea and skills in the field of repair and installation.

First of all, it is necessary to order a steel door with the correct and exact parameters which precisely correspond to a doorway. After its receipt and delivery to the point you need to insert the door handle and check it in work until the door is installed. To do this, you need a conventional Phillips screwdriver. Next you need to check the operation of the castle. All pins must scroll freely inside the lock. Making sure that everything is working properly, you can get to work, after removing the door from the hinges, and freeing the box. Then the old door is dismantled, in its place a new one will be installed. Empty doorway must be cleaned of debris and old plaster. If the door is installed from the side of the street, not the entrance, then it is best to stick the sealing tape around the perimeter of the inner casing or panels.Often, the kit doors are special insulation of mineral wool or batting. Such a warmed case will help keep the house warm. It is installed in the corresponding grooves in the door box.

Then the box is installed in the doorway. It is very important to follow the ruler with a level so that it stands exactly, otherwise the door will be hard to open. In order to be able to adjust, it is necessary to leave small gaps, approximately 2 cm. There are special mounting holes in the door frame, where it is necessary to screw in the anchor bolts so that it is fixed in a certain position. After its full installation, you need to check once again with the help of the level that the door frame is level.

Later you can install the door itself. You just need to put it on the hinges and once again check how the door leaf opens and closes with the locks and latch, if there are any. At the end, it is necessary to fix all the seams and decorate the panels, which will be made of the same profile as the door.

Options in the interior

Initially, if we are talking about a steel door, then the associative series immediately represents the front door, which has large dimensions, a large mass and reliably protects its owner from unauthorized people.As a rule, she also looks very conservative, discreet, with no decorative elements or screaming colors. But today, people are trying to move away from stereotypes and try to decorate their homes, starting from the threshold.

Usually, a standard metal door looks inconspicuous, so a special decor is required, which will dilute the "gray" atmosphere. There are several options for decorating the door so that it looks nice and cozy.

For manufacturers, the simplest option is to paint steel doors. Such material is not affected by external factors, such as humidity or temperature changes. An enameled paint or metal lacquer coating is used as a coloring matter. As a result, beautiful multicolored doors are obtained, the color of which can be chosen for any room.

This photo shows an interesting combination of a bright and colorful door in composition with plain light walls. Thus, it refreshes the room and makes it more modern and unusual.

Recently, it has become very popular to install entrance canvases with applied airbrushing. This is a very unusual decoration option.

Another way of finishing is using the manufacturer of finishing film and vinyl leather. This is a very beautiful and affordable option to decorate. It looks very beautiful and aesthetic. With the help of special nails and steel thread, you can create a beautiful geometric pattern on the surface of the door leaf. If over time such coverage and pattern get bored, then it is easy to replace it with a new one, with a new color, texture and ornament.

Steel doors with MDF, veneer sheets, real wood look very nice. As natural materials, take an array of oak, ash, linden, and so on. The most important thing is that such a door will look very beautiful, expensive and cozy. It is very important that all wooden panels are properly processed and impregnated with a solution from rotting and mildew.

As you can see in this image, the door looks very massive, but at the same time cozy and noble.

There are more sophisticated and expensive jewelry options that will always please the owner with its beauty. Very often, steel doors are decorated with artistic forging, which can be both author and factory.This steel door is very simple in design and has a standard color, but in combination with wrought iron elements, it looks very unusual and beautiful.

Also, a very popular decor is the insertion of glass or stained glass.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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