Glass doors for the veranda: the pros and cons

A spacious and light veranda or gazebo is the dream of almost all homeowners. This location gives the object sophistication and chic. This part of the room is used for gatherings with family and friends, eating and just having fun, especially in the warm season. Terraces can often be found on the basis of summer houses and country houses than on the territory of apartments. To achieve a high level of comfort, you need to correctly arrange the location. The following discussion focuses on the design features, pros and cons of choice.

Characteristics and differences of doors made of glass

Experts from the sphere of interior design note that in the above part of the room solid doors are practically not used. This element is not suitable for a wide opening.However, modern positions are made of reliable materials that will make the interior more stylish, and staying on the terrace - comfortable and enjoyable.

If the location is glazed, then only glass doors will look in this composition. In addition, when choosing a product, you need to take into account the texture of the material for decoration, in other words, if the glazing was made of transparent glass, then the door leaf should be the same.

Glass doors have several advantages, due to which they have become widespread. The main purpose of the terrace is the aesthetic enjoyment of the beautiful view. In order not to overlap the view of the garden, choose transparent materials for decoration.

Varieties of models

All commercially available glass canvases designed for decorating porches or terraces are divided into groups according to the method of opening. Should consider them in more detail.

Swing options

This is the most common and popular type of door. Despite traditionality, such models are not the best choice in terms of usability. Folds occupy free space. This parameter is contraindicated for compact rooms.Manufacturers adhere to strict limits on the width of the products of the above type, because the loops are not able to carry weight more than a certain norm.

Sliding positions

This variety has a significant difference from swing models - a special structure design. The glass panels slide parallel to each other, locking in a more compact position. It is worth noting that this option is called "coupe" due to the fact that in the cars of this type of doors open in the same way.

This option is perfect for small spaces, saving space when opening.

High-quality sliding doors have a high life, stylish appearance and boast their reliability and ease of use. It should be noted that the models of the sliding type can measure 2 times the size of the swing, due to the fact that the panels are hung with loops, and placed on special runners.

Types of sliding models

Doors from the "sliding" category can be divided into such groups.

  • Lifting and sliding. They also have the name parallel to the sliding.To close or open the door, you need to slightly raise from the doors and move to the side.
  • Inclined sliding. The principle of operation is similar to the above, but the sash should not be lifted, but moved inside the structure.
  • Folding. Such doors are also called "accordion". They add up to this musical instrument. This option also saves precious space. The folding model is ideal for wide openings.


In the manufacture of glass doors for terraces use such materials.

  • Strained glass. This material has high strength due to the special processing method. It is difficult to break it, and if such a nuisance happened, it’s impossible to get hurt by splinters.
  • Color or matte material. It is used to give the product a special chic. The canvas can decorate the drawing of any subject, small or large pattern. Frosted glass - the choice of those who want to install on the terrace a stylish door and at the same time hide from prying eyes.
  • Triplex. This material is created from several layers of simple glass. They are covered with a special film or polymer composition,increase the durability of raw materials. It is worth noting that the glass of this type is famous for its excellent light transmission characteristic. When the rays pass through the canvas, they are not refracted.

Aluminum profiles are used as the basis of the design. It is a light metal that blends perfectly with glass.

Glass replacement

Instead of glass for the decoration of terraces use polycarbonate. This is a practical material that belongs to the group of thermoplastics. He can have any color. Despite its reliability, from an aesthetic point of view it is far from glass.

You can also find soft PVC curtains with which they decorate the terrace or gazebo. Dense transparent film is securely attached to the frame of wood or metal. PVC film curtains are an affordable option, but it is easy to damage with a sharp or hot object.


Now that the glass doors, their varieties, features and materials used for manufacturing, are cracked in more detail, it's time to get acquainted with the pros and cons of the choice of glass doors for decorating the terrace. This list was made up of experts who know a lot about decorating rooms of various types.

It is worth noting that only high-quality products made in accordance with high international standards have the advantages.

The advantages of choice include the following.

  • Glass is a durable and reliable material that retains its shape throughout its life.
  • Through the transparent glass doors the light will freely penetrate inside, visually increasing the space of the room. The terrace, flooded with sunlight, will be the favorite place of all households.
  • Glass is not afraid of moisture, temperature changes and other external influences.
  • Doors made of glass will not take up much space, and if you choose a sliding model, you should not worry about the safety of space.
  • Glass cloths look stylish and spectacular. They give the overall interior refinement and chic.
  • Caring for models of the above type is easy.
  • The prostate in the process of installation and use has played an important role in popularity.

There are at the given models and minuses.

  • The price of glass doors is higher than the cost of similar models from other materials.
  • Despite the visual lightness and weightlessness, the cloths are heavy.
  • If the construction does not correspond to the size of the opening a bit, it is impossible to adjust the product to certain dimensions, like wooden positions. Choose a model carefully.
  • It is easy to clean the glass, but in order to make it look presentable, you will often need to clean the surface. Fingerprints are highly visible on the transparent material.

For more information about the glass door with a folding design "accordion", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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