Choosing a glass door

 Choosing a glass door

Glass doors are very popular these days, they are considered to be an excellent substitute for the usual wooden products and look aesthetically pleasing in any space.


There are many types of glass doors that differ in the way they open:

  • Swing glass products open only in one direction, for this they are securely fastened to the door frame.
  • Pendulum structures can be opened both inwards and outwards. With this type of door, a door closer is usually used to help return an open door to a closed state.
  • Glass sliding (sliding) doors are easy to disperse in different directions.This design is chosen for spaces in which the usual door in the open state takes too much free space.
  • Sliding models are considered the most successful for oversized apartments. Doors are often simply hidden in the wall and therefore invisible. They can also open and close by moving along the wall.
  • Popular today are radius frameless products and designs in aluminum profile.
  • Rotary doors are well protected from external influence. They are fixed in the upper and lower points and therefore they rotate like a carousel.
  • Glass doors for sauna and bath produced from a special glass through which you can see only the silhouette of a person or the outline of the object.

You can choose glass partitions - an excellent office solution that helps to save useful space and make the interior of the room more airy and stylish.

You can also pick up glass doors for separating rooms and those that are installed at the entrance to the building, single and double doors, fully transparent doors (the space of the room is perfectly visible) and frosted (almost nothing is visible behind such glasses).

There are several types of frameless glass structures on the market, which can often be found in offices and shopping centers - these are the so-called all-glass partitions.


Best of all, if your chosen product will match the colors of the room in which it leads. When choosing the color of the doors should be based on the design of the wall and floor coverings of the room.

It is best to opt for products painted with powder paints, which are not erased, do not fade and do not exfoliate under the influence of moisture or detergents.

Glass inserts will help to visually enlarge the space, make the room spacious and bright. When choosing interior design, it is important to choose the right color for the main fabric of the product.

Glass white doors are perfect for minimalism style. They will make the interior more light and airy. The white door is universal and will not require any special design support. White can be the door leaf and its glass insert.

For avant-garde style, you can pick up dark designs,which look elegant due to the transverse inserts of tempered glass in black. Also, glass doors with a wenge or ash color frame look very stylish. All these wooden frames are elegant and perfectly suitable for installation in rooms with a classic interior.

There are many ways to decorate glass:

  • Color spraying - the most common and cheapest way to design.
  • Very diverse products with a matte texture. There are many ways of matting, for example, sandblasting - a thin stream of sand under pressure is directed onto the glass so that the glass comes out completely opaque or with a certain pattern. There is a method that is carried out with the use of chemical reagents instead of a sand jet.
  • On the corrugated glass will always be tangible patterns that make the doors completely opaque and have excellent strength.
  • Stained glass is a spectacular way to decorate a room, especially if it is properly illuminated from the side.


As the door furniture, the most popular pendulum mechanisms, which involve the opening of the canvas on both sides.

Sliding doors are attached to the guide rail, just above the opening. Their advantages in saving space and operating safety. The movable part of the product is either attached to the glass, or soldered to the canvas, and also mounted to the opening box.

The most common method of fastening the doors is with the help of hinged side hinges.

It is best to select accessories separately from the product and give preference to spare parts from Germany and Italy. For models of pendulums, be sure to buy closers. They will make their use safer and significantly prolong their lifespan.

Parts of boxes for glass constructions can be wooden or aluminum. Parts of aluminum are more preferable, as they are more reliable and durable, have an aesthetic appearance. Wooden moldings are inexpensive, but subject to disintegration and cracking.

Locks for glass products can pick up electronic and mechanical. Silicone lining will help you protect against damage to the coating on the edges of the doors when they are opened.

Glass types

Quality doors are made from the following types of glass:

  • Strained glass - very resistant to any shocks. When broken, it crumbles into small pieces with blunt edges, about which you can not get hurt. Tempered glass is about 5 times stronger than usual.
  • Triplex it is created in 2 ways: lamination - a special film is placed between the glass panes and these layers are melted together to create a single, single sheet. Another way is by pouring a liquid resin. A resin is poured between the glasses and a specific element is placed: for example, a fabric. It is the most durable type of glass, sometimes bulletproof, but very heavy.
  • Plexiglass also very resistant to damage. It makes a cold and all sorts of aggressive environments, such as detergents. The main advantage of this glass is its low weight, but at the same time, the fragments of such glass have very sharp edges.
  • Tempered glass the most expensive, but it is several times stronger than the standard due to temperature processing. If, however, the glass is broken, then its fragments will not be dangerous.
  • Armored glass happens to a color and patterned surface. An invisible metal mesh is sealed into this glass - it will not allow fragments to break apart when broken.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main feature of such products is the transmission of a large amount of light. This criterion will need to be considered for proper placement of doorways in relation to the windows and when installing lighting devices in the room.

Also to their advantages include:

  • Beauty and catchy look. A huge choice of decor makes it possible to use the most original ideas.
  • Great for small rooms, as it visually expands the space.
  • Long service life, despite the apparent fragility.
  • Easy endure humidity and temperature changes. Easy to clean with glass cleaner.
  • Versatility. They are mounted both in private houses or city apartments, and in cottages or country houses, as well as in shopping complexes.
  • When compared with metal products, glass structures have a significant plus: they are not subject to rust.
  • Excellent sound insulation and heat insulation subject to the purchase of really high-quality products.

But these doors have their drawbacks:

  • Glass products have a higher price compared to products made from conventional materials.
  • Durable canvas will have significant weight.
  • Glass cloth will not be able to fit under the opening in the wall.
  • Fingerprints remain on many glasses during operation, so they will need to be cleaned frequently.

How to choose?

Today, a lot of glass doors have appeared in the salons, differing in the method of opening, the level of transparency, the quality of fittings and decorative design.

Before purchasing glass products, decide on such nuances as:

  • amount of funds available for purchase;
  • the quality of the material;
  • registration;
  • technical features of a particular product;
  • opening options;
  • selection of the necessary accessories;
  • measurements of the doorway and thickness of interior walls.

The main features that need to be considered when selecting a glass door are:

  • Functionality. When choosing, you should take into account the nature of the room where this door should be installed. For the bathroom is best to choose a tinted design. In the bedroom is selected product with a darkened canvas. But the doors for the living room or kitchen can be completely transparent in order to better illuminate the hallway adjacent to them.
  • Design. When buying a door, always pay attention to its design.Doors can be either darkened or with bright lighting, completely transparent or with a matte context, with a pattern that is applied using sandblasting or corrugated glass to hide the room from prying eyes and still at the same time provide high quality light.

Glass products can be sold with or without a door frame. Frameless doors are often offered on the market. They look more fragile and stylish. Models with frames are not made of solid glass. These are doors with transparent inserts, and the glass here is the main element of decoration. Inserts may be large or not.

Overall products require support in the form of a frame. Recently, doors with a canvas of pine, unpainted and with a pleasant texture are in great demand.

Suspended products with upper rail will allow you to significantly save space. Hinged models are similar to the doors of the closet compartment, but without the bottom rails.

Doors with transom - this is the most popular design solution, with which you can make the interior of the room completely exclusive. The transom is an additional door in the door, usually located on the side or on top of the main leaf.

Double-leaf (double) doors with a vestibule are durable, hermetic and reliable, very comfortable with active use.

  • The quality of the glass itself. Doors made of glass should have excellent operational characteristics, as evidenced by reviews of other consumers.
  • Opening method. Classic types include swing doors that are installed in cottages and apartments. Sliding glass doors that are known for their convenient handling and compactness are considered ideal for small rooms. They will be useful where, due to the lack of space, it does not go to install the usual swing structures. Radius products are suitable for large office spaces. Pendulum doors are also mounted most often in entertainment centers or offices.
  • Quality fittings. Accessories of poor quality will spoil the look of any glass door. Therefore, it should not only meet the tastes of the owner, but also look good in the overall decor of the product.


Glass doors in modern design solutions are very interesting. The best option may be duplication of the glass surface during the design, the use of mirrors, shelves of glass or glass furniture elements. AT

Classically, a glass door is a smooth canvas (transparent or half transparent), frosted or with printed patterns and patterns. This option will look great when decorating in modern or urban style and is not very appropriate in traditional design.

More spectacular will be glass paintings, where there are complex printing elements and exclusive ideas, gold trim, options with different embossing. If you want to get an exclusive model of the glass door, choose a model with colored stones - the original style solution for bedrooms and boudoirs.

For the most part for the decoration of residential premises, consumers choose the option when the original glass is inserted into the door from a wooden or plastic leaf is a kind of unobtrusive tribute to tradition.

Installation Features

It is not necessary to prepare a special doorway for installing glassware, but here it is important to have a good strong base on top of the box and on the floor. Do not forget that the ready door can not be adjusted to the parameters of the opening.

Usually the door from the store is brought immediately in the assembly.The canvas will first have to be removed and first set up the box itself in the opening or strengthen the details of the support mechanism. Only after these manipulations the door, where all holders and mechanisms already stand, is mounted and regulated according to the scheme.

Where are they installed?

A characteristic feature of the installation of such doors can be the fact that they are constantly used to divide comfort zones in a certain space. Such products can be installed in many rooms, because they look original in many interiors. Transparent designs without a box are usually mounted in the corridors.

This is explained by the fact that they can fill these rather narrow and sometimes dark rooms with the necessary luminous flux and visual space.

Glass doors are located at the entrance to the living rooms, which can be decorated in any modern style. Swing products are chosen for these rooms, but very often models with 2 doors can also be found. For oversized rooms - a bathroom, a dressing room selects sliding or sliding models that move along the walls. They will take very little space.

Doors made of glass are also easily installed in bathrooms and can be found in niches with showers. These products are not afraid of heat and moisture and at the same time are durable. By the way, you will not see such doors in rooms where high-quality sound insulation is necessary. They will not protect against noise, as do swing structures.

In a private or country house, many ordinary people assemble plexiglas entrance doors. These are usually massive premium double-wing models made of durable material. Such products look massive and perform their important role just as well as metal front doors. Doors with rotary mechanism or with a swivel function are perfect for a solid cabinet.

Operation and care

Glass doors will require a scrupulous attitude. They will quickly lose their stylish look if you grab hold of the handles when opening the doors, not by their handles, but by the surface of the glass sheet. There is no need for specific products to wash the doors, liquid is good for cleaning glasses, which contains ammonia.

In the course of using the door, it needs to be adjusted from time to time, since they can be influenced by the draft of the building.

In addition, you need to keep on control a special gap between the glass sheet and the opening, and then the door just once can seriously wedge and it can no longer be exploited.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

The consumer wants the doors he purchased to be of high quality, so most often he chooses a proven company that has been manufacturing its products for at least a decade.

One of the most famous companies in Russia is "Akma". It has been cooperating with major manufacturers of doors for a long time, adopting world experience and effective ideas from them.

Very popular are Italian products from Rimadesio, and Longhi. The design of the doors was developed in Italy, and therefore these designs look chic and elegant. Companies offer models with unusual patterns, products with both matte and glossy surfaces. Customer reviews speak of decent quality and long service life of these products.

No less in demand are German manufacturers such as Dehaus and Tornhoff. They produce both interior products and doors in the form of partitions. DeHaus company also produces doors for shower cubicles.

Many ordinary people buy doors made in China. According to reviews, this is a very reliable design at an affordable price.

Successful examples and options

To install the doors to the bedroom in a country house or in an apartment, you can use a canvas with a photo printing, which will show the landscape or the view from the window.

In the hall, you can mount any type of door, as this room does not need a door tightness or tight closure. The main thing is that the product harmoniously looked in the overall decor, was not pretentious.

Large, premium-grade frosted glass models look very catchy. On such products you can place stylish prints. In this case, the glass visually expands the space of the living room of a small size.

In the cottage you can choose the original look of the door, which will be combined dark and white glass. This canvas will look elegant in any living room.

More information about glass doors awaits you in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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