Doors "Guardian": features of choice

 Doors Guardians: the features of choice

Each person seeks to fully protect their homes from the entry of unauthorized persons. And the most important element in this business is the front door. Her choice should be approached with full responsibility in order to purchase a truly high-quality product. In today's article we will describe in detail about the doors of the "Guard". This is a great option for those who appreciate strength, reliability and durability.

Features of the company's products

This company has been successfully operating on the market for about two decades. Production of structures occurs in the city of Odessa, but the delivery of finished products is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine and in neighboring countries. We list Some of the main advantages due to which the Guardian’s doors earned great user confidence:

  • Modern technologies. Production is equipped with the latest equipment that meets all modern standards. Thanks to this, the door manufacturing process is carried out quickly and with the highest quality possible. In addition, with the use of technological equipment, the risk of rejects is significantly reduced, which is a very important aspect of production.
  • Exceptional quality. Each door undergoes thorough quality control at all stages of production. Therefore, you do not have to doubt the strength, reliability and stability of the door to cracking.
  • Stylish performance. An impressive range of doors of the Strazh company gives every customer the opportunity to choose a unique and beautiful product. The store catalog presents a wide range of mass-produced products. You can easily buy a door here that is ideal for your particular home. In addition, the company takes orders for the execution of individual orders.
  • Reasonable cost .. Making such a purchase, you get a product that fully justifies its value.

The doors of the Ukrainian brand differ in price, which corresponds to their quality without any extra charge for parameters that are not understandable for buyers.

  • Long service life. Each door is guaranteed for ten years. This means that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of its products. During this period, if necessary, any problems and problems with the design will be quickly resolved.


Now let's talk in more detail about the design features of the doors of this brand. Cold-rolled steel is used to manufacture the product. Due to this, the highest structural strength is achieved. In addition, the design has a special curved closed structure, as well as stiffening ribs evenly distributed over the frame. This adds to the box and canvas reliability. Also, the design is equipped with special seals, metal beams and inserts for optimal load distribution on the canvas. So, the service life of this design will be very high.

Also inside the door frame provides high-quality insulation material (foam, sintepon, cotton). This ensures reliable protection against any external factors: extraneous noise, odors, drafts. Installing in your home door "guard", you do not have to worry about anything.

Quality locks

When it comes to security, it is important to consider not only the reliability of the door frame, but also the quality of the lock system. The Guardian company uses components of Russian and Italian production for its doors. Castle systems have a fourth class of resistance to cracking. You can not worry about protecting yourself, your family and property.

Decorative coating options

In the company's catalog you will find a huge selection of doors that are trimmed with a different type of coating. The main ones are:

  • vinyl artificial leather;
  • laminate;
  • MDF;
  • oak;
  • infill

The final cost of the door depends on the material you choose for the exterior coating. For example, a design that is finished with an array of natural wood will cost you significantly more than a door with a coating of MDF. However, the decoration of natural materials gives the canvas a more expensive, sophisticated look, and also increases the resistance of the frame to mechanical stress.Therefore, the final choice depends on your individual preferences and budget size.

Reviews real buyers

After analyzing the user comments, we can draw several conclusions about the products of the company "Guard". Almost all users highlight the excellent appearance of the doors, as well as a large selection of different design options. The designs look very stylish and solid. In addition, consumers celebrate high excellent quality locks. But this is one of the most important criteria when choosing the front door.

Also, customers write about the excellent quality of the frame and insulation inside the box. No extraneous sounds, no draft will not be scary to you.

Minus at such doors, according to users, only one. It's pretty high costwhich not everyone can afford. However, if we compare the price of the structures with their quality and long service life, then it does not seem so high anymore.

From the video below you can find out more information about the manufacturer and production technology of steel doors "Guard".

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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