What is a tambour door and what is it for?

Doors - one of the most sought-after attributes of the interior, which is used almost everywhere. They can perform both decorative and protective function, protecting against unwanted penetration. The modern market is a lot of modifications of such structures, which differ in both price and appearance.

Special features

Tambour doors are a type of classic doors that are intended to further protect a residential building or several apartments in a section. They are installed in several places:

  • On the site of an apartment buildingwhere several apartments form a chain-type floor. Technically, it is a small section of living rooms, which is fenced off from the rest of the doors.
  • On the street. Tambour doors are an excellent option as entrance doors directly for an apartment building. Today they are installed on almost every single entrance, in order to complicate the penetration inside the room and increase the thermal insulation of the building.

Doors in the vestibule are of high strength and burglary.

Such a construction consists of several basic elements:

  • Box. They are made of thick metal so that the structure can withstand a considerable load.
  • Metal corners. These elements are used to further strengthen the structure.
  • Hinges Manufacturers offer several types of such elements. They can be external and internal.
  • Door leaf. The main element, which is made in most cases from thick sheets of metal. Inside the structure may be present insulation, which additionally acts as a sound insulator.
  • Fittings. It uses only good quality products that will provide a high level of security at home.


Doors of this type are very populartherefore, many craftsmen construct such systems with their own hands. The algorithm for the manufacture of such door structures consists of several successive stages:

  • Measurements. To get high-quality entrance doors, you must first know the size of the opening. On the basis of the data obtained, the parameters of the door leaf and box are calculated, and then a drawing is created, with all dimensions.
  • Manufacturing frame. Form it from steel corners of a certain size. It is important that they are durable and of high quality. In this case, the frame of the door leaf is customized to the dimensions of the door frame. The last element is also made of steel corners. At each stage, all dimensions of the blanks are constantly monitored in order to eliminate their inconsistencies.
  • Sheathing When the frame is ready, steel sheets are attached to the door leaf. They are external protective elements. If necessary, a heater can be placed inside the door, which is fixed with special adhesives. The outer sheets are welded to the corners to create a strong joint. If the dimensions do not match, then the design is aligned with the grinder.
  • Fastening the loop. When the web and frame are ready, support loops are welded to them. At the same time, careful measurements are also carried out in order to obtain compliance of both systems. The simplest option is to place the loops on the outside. Getting the internal systems is much more difficult without certain skills and equipment.
  • Installation fittings. This process is final, as it implies a sidebar lock. Please note that if several similar mechanisms are used, then some of them are mounted at the assembly stage. This applies to more complex systems that reduce the risk of hacking.


Tambour doors are a variety of classic door designs.

Their distinctive feature is only the installation site and high surface strength.

Therefore, they can be classified according to various characteristics.

Depending on the design features of the sash, here you can select only two types of products:

  • Grid. Cloths of this type have small holes that are intended for ventilation of the room.They are often found only in warm regions, where there is no need to protect the room from the cold in winter.
  • Deaf The door of such a door is solid and completely closed. In addition to protection against burglary, they allow you to save heat inside the house and reduce energy consumption for its heating.

Regardless of the class, this type of door is often supplemented with a video intercom and an electromechanical lock.

In the manufacture of chain structures, they are decorated externally with various linings. Today, many materials are used for such purposes: from MDF to genuine leather. Economy class products are trimmed with sheets of fiberboard, which can significantly reduce their cost.


The main characteristic of the tambour door is its durability and strength. Therefore, in the manufacture of classical and lattice structures in the platform they use only high-quality materials:

  • Metal. Often this substance is essential in the production of chain doors. Metal structures perfectly withstand mechanical damage and significant temperature differences. Manufacturers use cold rolled steel sheets as the basis.The thickness of one layer is at least 2 mm, which gives a large margin of safety.
  • Tree. Wooden doors can be used for installation in the vestibule. But such systems are only suitable for indoor use. If they are mounted on the street, then they quickly collapse under the influence of moisture. At the same time, the strength of wood is much lower than that of metal. In order to increase this characteristic, manufacturers cast iron sheets on the frame, as well as aluminum inserts.

Theoretically, plastic structures can be installed in the vestibule. But they are rare, because they do not fit the decorative design of the premises. Many metal models are not always deaf. Some of them can be complemented with glass, which acts as a decor. The shape and size of such inserts depends only on the designer and manufacturer of the doors. More expensive models are also decorated using various materials and methods:

  • Powder coating. It uses special paints that protect the metal from rapid corrosion, as well as give a unique surface design.
  • Nitroenamels.
  • Laminate and MDF panels. Technically, they stick to the surface of the door leaf. This allows you to simulate the structure of almost any material. Often, manufacturers produce products with a woody texture, which is perfectly combined with various types of interiors.
  • Vinyl artificial leather. This design is present only on the doors that are installed inside buildings. This allows not only to decorate them, but also to emphasize the status of residents of a particular block or section.


Door plates of chain type are constantly being improved, which leads to the appearance of many modifications. Depending on the design features, there are several types of such products:

  1. Single doors. Manufacturers rarely produce such modifications, as they are only suitable for narrow vestibules with a leaf width not exceeding 90 cm.
  2. Double model - the perfect solution for a classic tambour. Doors of this type can be equipped with doors of various sizes. Today more and more often constructions are used, in which one canvas has a standard size and the second half of its width.
  3. Doors with transom. This element is placed at the top of the opening flap. Very often it is used as a partition. In this case, the transom may be present in both single and double modifications.


The dimensions of the door leaf is one of the components that is paid attention to when buying it.

Today, tambour doors are available in various variations, but often the door leaf has standard sizes:

  • The height of the canvas varies in a relatively small range of 2035-2385 mm. These values ​​are standardized and spelled out in special building codes.
  • Width. Classic single-door versions are equipped with shutters 900 mm in size. As for double-leaf canvases, their width can reach 2000 mm. The increment step depends on the specific manufacturer. This allows you to choose a design for specific dimensions of the opening.
  • The thickness in such doors varies relatively little. This parameter in standard constructions reaches only 7 cm. If thicker sheets of steel are used, this value can increase to 8-10 cm.

Please note that the production technology of such products allows you to change their dimensions in very wide ranges.But if you need a door of a non-standard size, then it will only be completed on order.

How to choose?

The acquisition of a tambour door to the landing is a crucial task, which involves the selection of quality products. Performing such operations, you should pay attention to several parameters:

  • Compliance with the dimensions of the opening and door design. It is important that the product fits into the door opening. If this correspondence is not observed, then it is necessary to increase or expand the opening.
  • Specifications. These include the strength of the door leaf, the thickness of the steel sheet and the parameters of the hardware. Pay attention to the quality of the locks, as they are one of the main security factors. If it is important the quality of protection, then you should pick up products that are equipped with bars. Such structures are suitable for an apartment building or directly for an apartment.
  • Features loops. This part of the mechanism also affects the breaking resistance. The best solution would be hidden loops, but they will cost a little more.
  • Design. There are no universal recommendations here, since the modern market presents many variants of door leafs (with transom, window or top and side panels).
  • Manufacturer. You can evaluate the quality of products only by customer feedback. Therefore, study them before buying such products. In some cases, the sweater of the chain type is the second, since it is protective. Experts recommend to give preference only to well-known manufacturers of interroom doors, which work on the market for a long time.

How to put?

Tambour doors are often used in apartment buildings where many people live.

In order to establish similar reams, one should perform several successive operations:

  • First of all, you need to get permission from all residents of the house for this operation. This is due to the fact that the vestibule is common to all people of this structure.
  • Tambour doors should not impede the rapid evacuation of people during a fire. Therefore, they must comply with all regulatory documents and the project. If you need to change the shape of the doorway or install partitions, then these actions must be included in the building documentation of your home.
  • The installation of the door leaf should also be coordinated with the relevant government agencies andmanagement companies.

The chain door installation algorithm consists of the following sequential operations:

  • Preparing the opening. This stage involves the formation of a frame under the door frame. Often, in many projects, the opening is already there, it only needs to fit the size of the door.
  • Fixing the door frame. For this, the structure is installed in the opening and aligned in all planes. This operation is quite simple and can be done by hand. The frame is fixed with wooden struts, which allow you to change its position if necessary.
  • Fastening the door. When the box is leveled, it is fixed to the wall. To do this, drill holes under the anchor, which are driven into the base through the metal holes. Fastening start from the location of the loops, constantly monitoring the location of the canvas. The procedure ends with the finishing of slopes and installation of fittings.

Tambour doors are a unique opportunity to turn your home into a pleasant place, which only a certain category of people can access.

For information on how to set up the door, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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