Choosing doors Torex

 Choosing doors Torex

A very important role is assigned to the entrance doors. Often, only the entrance to the home can tell a lot about the owners, to become an indicator of prestige and wealth, reliability. Doors Torex perfectly cope with all roles.


The Torex steel door factory has an incredible selection of products. The design, worked out in detail, and a very loyal pricing policy will not leave anyone indifferent.

Torex products have undeniable advantages:

  • the highest class of durability M1;
  • excellent quality. Doors are made on the latest Italian equipment, the system is almost completely automated, eliminating the influence of the human factor.In addition, multi-stage quality control is carried out;
  • durability;
  • reliability - achieved through minimal use of welds in the workplace;
  • tightness - doors protect from drafts, dust, noise and odors due to a special filler technology;
  • security - ensured by the presence of high-quality locks;
  • aesthetics - a variety of design solutions and colors will delight the most demanding customer;
  • anti-vandal coating;
  • warranty - offered on the lock system, hinges, door installation for a period of 12 months to 20 years.

Where do?

It is especially pleasant that such high-quality products are made by a domestic manufacturer. Torex plant began its work in 1990 in the city of Saratov. For nearly 30 years these doors have taken a strong leading position in the market.

The numbers hit:

  • 20 units of automated equipment, 48 program-controlled machines;
  • about 3 thousand copies are produced at two plants per day;
  • metal consumption is 140 tons per day;
  • in 28 years, almost 5 million doors have been installed.

Which is better?

The competition in the modern market is very high, the choice of products is huge, so you should focus on various trends from leading manufacturers of doors.We offer to compare the Torex lineup with no less famous Guardian, Buddors, Argus, Elbor.

Manufacturing firm

Production technology, insulation


Properties of the metal used

Service offered

Price policy


Doors are made using a bespototnoy fill, which gives rigidity and strength.

Stone wool or polystyrene foam as a filler.

Collections: Ultra M, Super Delta, Super Omega, Bullfinch, Professor 4+

The box is made from sheet steel.

Turnkey works. Provides warranty service and discount system when re-applying.

From 12,900 m. P. up to 69 m. p.


The door leaf is made by repeated bends of the external sheet of steel from all sides on highly specialized bending equipment. All parts are welded exclusively by spot welding.

Megapolis, Outpost, Gerda.

Uses cold rolled steel.

24-hour service

From 14200 to 54000 r.


Filler - rigid polyurethane foam

Using tselnognuty profile, increasing the strength characteristics of the structure.

Collections of economy and premium class Bulldors-10 - Bulldors-45

The door box is made of rolled steel.

Make measurements at home. Professional door installation service.

From 10865 to 32451 r.


Produce both steel and interior doors.

The whole system of solid steel profiles forms a door leaf,

Insulation - Knauf mineral wool or foam glitter.

Economy, Builder, Monolith, Budget, Comfort

Standard and available to most have a thickness of up to 2 mm, more expensive are up to 4 mm.

Services for the repair of doors, replacement of locks and prompt opening in case of strange resistance when opening and closing the door.

From 14,900 to 49,500 r.


Stiff solid-bent 2-leaf construction. Door leaf contains 13 locking points, reinforced with red-hot inserts.

Standard, Premium, Suite, TERMiO.

The choice of finishes - from avant-garde Enigma to classical Europe

It is made of high-alloy steel sheets with a thickness of at least 1.5 mm.

They offer to create a unique door to your taste right on the site. Guarantee from copying your keys when installing the door + brand tubes for keys.

From 26840 to 85050 r.


If you decide to choose doors from the variety of Torex, you should understand their wide range.The production has 10 model series, in each of which there are various options.

To help the client, Torex experts classified their products according to the following parameters:

  • materials and purpose;
  • opening method and functional significance;
  • location;
  • transformation method;
  • the lineup;
  • cost;
  • Decoration Materials.

Focusing on your personal needs, you can choose a single or double door, as well as one and a half. A distinctive feature of the latter is that there are two different sash widths. These types of products are selected based on the size of the doorway, as well as the functional purpose of the room.

Since all Torex products are steel doors, it is logical that their purpose is to serve as an input element, since interior doors are traditionally made of wood or for it.

The series offered by the company are very diverse:

  • "Stel". The most budget option, guaranteeing consistent quality Torex.
  • Delta M. A very affordable range of models, which are distinguished by standard reliability, sound insulation and elegant design. One of the locks of the highest (4) class.
  • Super Omega-7,8,9. A double layer of insulation will provide coziness and comfort in the house, and the magnificent appearance will be an additional decoration of the home.
  • Super Omega-10. A distinctive feature of this line is the unique technology "reinforced heat concrete". Two locks of the 4th class will provide the increased reliability of a design.
  • Ultimatum. Feature of these models are removable decorative panels.
  • Snegir 60. This is a special thermosaving model for private homes, which is designed for a variety of temperature regimes - from 40 degrees to 40 degrees of frost. In order to avoid freezing of the entrance to the street, Torex specialists developed these doors with a thermal break. This is a double structure, one part of which is coated with a special polymer powder capable of protecting the surface from negative impacts.
  • Snegir 45. Street doors, which are also designed for private homes, can withstand temperatures as low as -25 C. One of the heaters is the “magnetic frame”, which ensures maximum tightness of the door.
  • Professor 4+. These are the most status models in the Torex lineup. Their appearance and reliability will suit the most demanding customers. The construction reinforced with a granite-concrete insert makes such a door truly impregnable.Luxury locks and enhanced noise protection provide a feeling of maximum comfort and security.

For reference, list the main types of doors according to the method of opening:

  • swing;
  • sliding;
  • stable
  • folding;
  • swinging.

According to the functional purpose there are such types:

  • for residential premises;
  • for office;
  • special (bulletproof) doors.

According to the location of the door are not only input. Also emit:

  • interior;
  • corridors;
  • living rooms;
  • chain stand;
  • staircase;
  • attic

Tambour doors stand apart. This element of the design of the entrance to the living room firmly entered into our lives. It is a space between two doors designed to conserve heat. In the usual multi-storey buildings, such doors separate the corridor into several apartments from the landing.

From the extensive range of Torex you should pay attention to:

  • fireproof;
  • technical;
  • Super-Delta, Ultra-M series.

The manufacturer applies a special anti-vandal coating on such doors.

However, in a private house such a space is necessary: ​​firstly, in order not to release warm air from the living room, but it did not settle in the form of fumes on the outside door.This can significantly impair the appearance and disrupt the normal functioning of the castle system. In this case, the role of the tambour door will be performed by the input metal.


The most accurate information about the design of steel doors will help you choose the right model.

First, it is the thickness of the metal. The products are made of 1.5 mm cold-rolled sheet steel. The exception is the Professor model, where the heavier and more expensive doors are made of 2 mm steel.

Secondly, the thickness of the door leaf. As already mentioned, the entire range of Torex features reliable tightness. It provides the thickness of the door - from 70 to 119 mm.

Torex standard door sizes are:

  • height ranges from 2030 mm to 2500 mm;
  • width - from 860 to 1000 mm.

Third, the weight. The standard weight of a steel door varies around 90-100 kg, taking into account the quality of the material and parameters. The heavier the product, the more expensive. For example, the Professor row models weigh already 120 kg.


Own production of steel and iron products is one of the main advantages of Torex plants.

The use of automatic lines Gasparini and Salvagnini (Italy) makes it possible to produce a significant number of steel sheets of consistently high quality.

Fully automated presses precisely work on the details. In addition, this rental uses a solid metal sheet as the material for steel doors, which makes the structure much stronger. This is also the aim of the work of Kawasaki welding systems made in Japan: they put the perfect welding seam, which does not require further adjustments.

Speaking about the Japanese technology, it is necessary to note the Mazak laser cutters, with the help of which the most accurate steps for cutting iron parts are carried out. Such modern machines implement the most sophisticated technology for manufacturing steel doors.

The beautiful appearance of the Torex doors is provided by Swiss automatic lines that apply a polymer layer to the surface.

The company uses the highest quality materials and modern technology for the manufacture of its products, which has earned its high reputation. The rolled steel of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine, excellent Blockido high reliability locks, MDF plates and decorative PVC coating, perfectly reproducing natural wood shades, high-quality filler and sealant - all this is the basis for the production of high-quality Torex doors.


In the richest assortment of Torex doors, new colors and finishes are available. Special PVC films are resistant to any external influences, ensuring high durability of the product.

The palette of shades offered by the designers of the company is amazing. Since there is a door design service according to your own wishes on-line, you have the opportunity to choose how your unique door will look.

Colors for interior decoration - from universal white to aristocratic light chamboree. Variations for exterior decoration are also great: classic oak shades, wenge, pleasant cappuccino color, noble “copper antique”, as well as mysteriously sounding and beautiful looking “black silk” and “dark gray moire”.

Popular models

Not all consumers know that there is a national trust rating - “Brand No. 1 in Russia”. In 2014, buyers deserved to be the best entrance doors - Torex products!

Among the wide range of models there are also favorites. These are the models of the Super Omega-7,8,9, Super Omega-10, Ultimatum and Snegir series that have earned the greatest trust of consumers.

"Super Omega" - convenient model, which has excellent characteristics, among which - increased burglary resistance, maximum rigidity, excellent heat and sound insulation. Two locks of the 4th class, one of which is reinforced with the specialized system “Zatsep”. Stylish city door design.

Recognized as the most durable classic doors "Ultimatum", the design of which consoles the heart and pleases the eye. These models can be installed as an external and tambour door. Anti-vandal coating Cortorex.

Protection against burglary is guaranteed thanks to a durable door leaf with two strips of locks.

Customers also note the designs of the series. "Snegir"Specially designed for harsh winters using a thermal break. Anti-corrosion coating provides durability, and decorative panels, in addition to the aesthetic function, perform the role of additional thermal insulation.

Fire doors, which are designed to protect people by holding fire until the fire brigade arrives, deserve special attention. Torex manufactures EI60 certified fire doors. This means that such a design for 60 minutes is able to resist the onslaught of raging flames.

All these doors perfectly perform their functions in various residential, administrative and industrial premises.

How to choose?

Torex consultants are always ready to help in choosing the optimal door design specifically for your home. You can get advice on the official website, by phone and directly in the company furniture salon.

The most basic requirements for product characteristics:

  • firstly, reliable protection against hacking and external influences;
  • secondly, elegant appearance;
  • thirdly, good heat and noise insulation.

The special locking systems consisting of at least two constipations, one of which must be at least class 4, will protect against robbers (including potential ones).

The optimum tightness of the door is provided by various fillers and seals (cork, "isolon", mineral wool, polyurethane foam), and it is directly proportional to the number of layers. Do not want drafts - then you need a door with an eccentric.

A special technology with a thermal break prevents frostbite in the hallway in a private house, which is very important in middle and more northern latitudes.Exterior decoration in this case consists of a special coating that protects against external influences.

If you want to expand the hallway space without installing a separate pier glass, we recommend the option of a door with a mirror. Products with a mirror cloth are traditionally made in silver color, such models as the Professor, Delta M, Super Omega, Ultimatum are equipped with them.

The swing doors of this factory will hospitably open to the guests and owners of a private country house. They are worth a look at hotel owners and developers for the VIP segment, and they are also suitable for administrative, and especially industrial premises.

And, of course, pricing is important. Torex provides both economics and luxury, and the quality of all models is equally high.


How durable your new door is will also depend on the correct installation. Torex company offers to make the installation with the help of its specialists, who are trained and able to cope with any mounting incidents. In this case, all warranty periods and obligations apply.

There is an urgent installation option - from 2 to 5 days from the date of ordering.

However, a good master is quite capable of handling his own hands, observing certain rules and having on hand all the necessary tools. (drill with a set of drills of different diameters, screwdrivers, foam, hammer, saw, anchors - special fasteners, which are fixed in the supporting base of the product):

  1. First you need to carefully get rid of the previous door leaf.
  2. Prepare a doorway, which in the end should be 5-6 cm wider than the door frame.
  3. Prevent possible contamination during installation - tighten the new door film
  4. First, a box is installed in the doorway, aligned along the perimeter.
  5. Then turn the door itself. Make sure the door opens and closes without problems.
  6. Remove the door, put fasteners and fill all voids with foam.
  7. Hang a door.

Do not forget that the company's own installation is not covered by the company's warranty!


The most objective rating that determines the best entrance doors - without a doubt, these are customer reviews. After all, consumers have the opportunity to reveal a really safe and reliable door by personal experience.

Most of all, customers like excellent interior service and warranty performance, reliable locking system and noise insulation, quality, design and airtight doors with thermal break (for example, in Krasnoyarsk).

Specialists highlighted the excellent quality of materials, as well as high-tech developments that are regularly updated.

Options in the interior

We offer to get acquainted with the different model ranges of these doors. Perhaps among them flashes and that one, yours!

Respectability and reliability are all about Torex doors.

7 a photo

Doors with a mirror - beautiful, comfortable, outside the box.

How to choose the front door correctly, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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