Street sliding doors

Street sliding doors, as an installation object in private possessions, are becoming increasingly popular today. Certain demand is due to the fact that such structures are distinguished not only by their beautiful appearance, but also by their optimum resistance to various types of deformation, which often manifests itself under the influence of a temperature differential or a change in humidity level.

Advantages and disadvantages

Entrance sliding systems at the moment are the real trend, a squeak of fashion. They can be seen in shops, banks, hospitals, at the entrance to shopping centers and private houses, cottages.

Contrary to skeptics, that sliding structures cannot perform their main function - to protect premises from unwanted penetration by unauthorized persons, modern sliding entry products are incredibly durable and reliable.

External sliding cloths have a number of advantages:

  • modern beautiful design;
  • strength;
  • efficient use of space;
  • functionality;
  • possibility of closing openings of any size;
  • convenient entrance for people;
  • fire safety;
  • durability;
  • ease of use;
  • excellent sound insulation and heat insulation capabilities;
  • ease of care.

Depending on the base material used for the production of entrance doors, outdoor retractable canvases have certain disadvantages.

Plastic provide insufficient insulation, however, this point can be quickly removed with rubber seals.

The second drawback is the unnatural origin of the material. Although this nuance does not play any role for the doors to the street, since plastic is widely used for storing food products and in the production of toys for children.

Metal doors are subject to the negative effects of corrosion processes, and Plexiglas doors do not give a sense of security, because they have 100% viewability.

Each type of door has its drawbacks that must be considered before purchasing the product.


Retractable entrance panels are a type of construction in which the flaps open / close parallel to the wall. They are divided into types:

  • Roller. The main advantage - an attractive appearance and ease of installation (you can put yourself without the help of outsiders). The mechanism is fixed on the wall, which can cause problems with sound and heat insulation, since there is a gap between the wall and the door leaf, due to which the door drives along the guides.
  • Cassette. By the way of work they practically do not differ from the previous version. The difference lies in the fact that all moving parts and the canvas of the system are hidden in the cassette. This design is tightly attached to the wall or along it. Thanks to the cassette mechanism, the doors close tightly, thus avoiding unpleasant moments inherent in the roller system. Only experts are involved in installing the cassette structure - it will not be possible for an inexperienced person to put such a door on their own.

The only disadvantage of this type of product is the high cost, although this aspect justifies itself with a large number of advantages.

  • "Book" - the product is represented by two identical flaps, which are folded like a book.
  • "Harmonic" - a few cloths, folding in the operation of an accordion.

The last two options are suitable when the doorway is large, and the walls close to it are narrow, that is, there is no “extra” space for moving the sash.

The complete set of sliding cloths is a cloth, the mechanism of opening and fastening, accessories.


The main part of sliding systems is represented by glass models. Meanwhile, in the building materials market there are metal options. When opened, they are removed in a specially designated opening, which makes suspended aluminum products multifunctional and as compact as possible. Such structures are most often chosen for installation in private properties (country houses, cottages).

Glass sliding doors using plastic can be made from cold or warm profile. The first option is ideal for villas, where their owners rest only during the warmer months of the year. Warm profile is better to use in homes, when it is important to keep the room as much heat as possible.Such doors, even in winter, will not penetrate, they will close tightly and retain heat perfectly. In addition, the warm profile has excellent noise insulation properties.

Many buyers are convinced that glass for sliding systems use only transparent glass, however, modern manufacturers have made sure that their customers have a choice. Glass for entrance systems can be opaque, darkened and with different modulations.

The following types of glass are used in the production of sliding doors:

  • Hot. A very practical kind of glass, as it withstands the greatest temperature drops.
  • Laminated. Safety and reliable glass, often used in construction work.
  • Armored. Inside there is a metal mesh, which makes the material much more resistant to external mechanical stress than the previous two options.
  • Acrylic. The lightest glass, while very practical. The main advantage is a wide range. This type of glass can be ordered in any colors and shades.
  • Fiberglass composite. The material is comparable to steel.Fiberglass doors will suit even the most demanding customers who need to install a large-sized structure. The composition of the material is fiberglass and polyester resins, so that the doors of this material are durable, lightweight and of high quality.


Sliding doors of modern production are distinguished by an exquisite design, especially outdoor glass models. The hardened material is very durable, reliable and safe in all respects. Making glass products are different. Glass can be colored or transparent, opaque, decorated or stained glass. Stained glass models look especially impressive in places of large crowds of people (galleries, exhibitions, etc.).

The modern buyer offered a variety of options for the design of sliding systems for every taste and wishes. However, for installation on the street, most often they buy products that are transparent or with a matte glazing. Outdoor sliding glass doors are mounted on rails, and move with the help of a carriage on wheels.

Such doors save space, let the sun's rays pass well and create a bright and cozy atmosphere in the room.

Cost of

The price for sliding street doors in each case is different and is made up taking into account many components.

The main criteria that affect pricing are:

  • dimensions of the structure;
  • the type of glass used;
  • way of registration;
  • hardware manufacturer;
  • system of mechanisms (automated or not);
  • availability of accessories.

Demonstration of sliding structures and different ways of opening the sliding doors, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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