How to install wooden doors?

 How to install wooden doors?

On how well-established wooden structures, depends on the comfort of living and optimal conditions for work. How to install wooden doors? Specialist advice will help to organize the process at a high professional level.

Special features

Safety and comfort in the house, the optimal format of the working environment can be created by wooden structures. If the doors organically fit into the overall interior design, silently close and open, this indicates the high efficiency of the door installation. You can install the doors yourself if you possess certain knowledge and skills.At the same time the work on the arrangement of the box will require some effort and time.

Since professional installation is quite expensive, many craftsmen install both the box and the canvas with their own hands:

  • With the help of a construction plummet, the vertical limit in the block is indicated, the solid line is drawn where the installation of the interior installation is planned.
  • The vertical lines of the opening and the upper level are connected, which allows to obtain a geometric shape.
  • Such a rectangle will help with the installation of the door.

In the manufacture of wooden doors use wood species such as pine, ash, which have impeccable aesthetic and technical characteristics. Products made from oak, pine, birch or beech wood are more expensive and therefore less popular in the market. Doors of mahogany are used to create an exclusive design, since such a material is distinguished not only by extra-strength, excellent sound insulation characteristics, external elegance, but also high cost.

  • Constructions from MDF - an excellent analogue of expensive materials.They can be decorated with the help of drawing images, which is perfect for creating a unique style in the design of the premises. Wood coatings are especially popular, with their help you can create a classic design. For this purpose, veneer or laminate is used.
  • Eco pallets are in demand, featuring flawless appearance and high durability. Polymer resin and wood fibers are used for the production of this material. High strength and low price - the distinctive properties of the material.
  • Laminatin It is a technical material impregnated with resins, characterized by high moisture resistance and durability. These models are excellent imitators of natural wood products. Bright lacquered or frosted doors will be an excellent complement to the design, which is always in trend.

Experts recommend competently approaching the choice of wooden structures, taking into account the manufacturing plant, the quality of materials, the nature of the exterior design, and price categories.

Structurally, wooden doors are represented by framed and shield models:

  • Paneled options made of paneled frame: decorative inserts - a great option for decorating rooms in a classic style. Exquisite fittings, expensive handles and locks will help to give the products a special sophistication.
  • Shield structures consist of a frame lined with slabs: internal filling can be filled with sound insulating means (most often cardboard is used).

Decorative parts are made of materials that were used for the arrangement of the frame. You can choose convex or depressed options decorated with friezes. Experienced experts will help to establish models with glazing, carved or smooth.

Using a rectangular or oval shape is a great option for arranging a living room or a children's room, a bedroom or a study. The version with a transom will allow to increase the functional characteristics of the product. Entrance and interior designs can be composed of a number of canvases. It is important to comply with technical and aesthetic parameters and provide high protection.

Door leaf for interior installation must comply with the parameters of a thickness of 30-45 mm.With the help of matte, glossy models and options with decorative inserts you can equip the interior of any type. The thickness of the canvas is crucial: massive doors (with parameters within 40 mm) perfectly perform the functions of heat and sound insulators.

Purchasing products from a trusted manufacturer is the key to acquiring a certified quality product that has undergone all the processing steps. This coating does not crack, is not corroded by bugs and perfectly performs the functions of fire resistance. The quality of the canvas can be visually determined by the presence or absence of irregularities and cracks.

Smooth smooth surface is a real decoration of the door construction, which is pre-polished and varnished.

Installation in the log house

The wooden door is quite simple to install, as it has a small weight and dimensions. Before you start the installation, you need to pay attention to the availability of the necessary tools and materials. Installing doors in a new home will require certain skills. You can install door blocks under the supervision of experienced professionals.

At the initial stage of work it is necessary to level the wall surfaces.This is especially true when it comes to the construction of the log house. Foam blocks may require additional finishing work. Then you should assemble the structure, expand the opening area (if it is technically provided). As a rule, the issues of expansion of doorways arise when carrying out finishing work on unique projects. Installation of a wooden door involves:

  • The choice of door leaf, purchased with accessories.
  • Use of tools (saws, necessary when assembling the structure, and a screwdriver for fixing the box and the door block).
  • The use of high-quality fittings that complement the kit.

At the same time, it is necessary to correct the scheme of competent assembly and installation of the door box, especially if there are brick partitions in the house. The use of foam will eliminate the voids between the wall surface and the structure. Experts recommend using a chisel or manual milling machine in the process of arranging the grooves. These tools are useful when assembling parts. These funds are necessary in the arrangement of the locking mechanism. Glass doors will require a special approach.because it comes to fragile canvases.

Basic installation rules

Installation rules prescribe the work according to the state standards. At the same time, it is quite difficult to put a wooden box yourself, despite the abundance of informational articles posted on the Internet. It is necessary to carry out correctly all stages of work, including the preparation of estimates, the result of which will be the manufacture of a reference structure that complies with technical regulations and design requirements.

Installation of the second door will require a professional approach, within which work will be carried out at the initial and main stages of work.

When installing, you should step by step perform all the necessary actions:

  1. Arrange the door unit, mark with a pencil or marker area fixing points. Carry out the procedure of drilling (using a punch), while complying with the technical parameters taking into account anchor parameters.
  2. Anchors are placed in recesses, door frame equip in accordance with the mounting areas.
  3. The design is set using anchor bolts in accordance with the parameters of the doorway.The next stage is the construction of the structure on hinges.
  4. The control of work of mechanisms and accessories is carried out.
  5. Installation of platbands and adjustment under the doorway.

Platbands will allow to mask visible defects, thus it is necessary to observe accuracy in work. Aesthetic and technical parameters of the structure depend on the format of fastening elements.

How to strengthen?

The gaps between the block and the wall surface can lead to damage or deformation of the structure, so they must be carefully sealed. Damage to the castle requires certain remedial measures: they hold anti-burglary events. Metal corners on the edges of the box give it a special strength and stability.

If the door is knocked out, a special load falls on the doors: it is enough to re-tighten the hinges and arrange the groove on the box. These activities are necessary for the full fixation of the door closed.

How to hang?

First you need to choose a door leaf that meets regulatory requirements and aesthetic parameters. After that, it is necessary to carry out measurements using a tape measure or a ruler, marking with a pencil or marker.It is necessary to insert a cloth into a box at observance of safety regulations. It is necessary to insert a wooden door carefully, because it can damage wall surfaces. Hinge inserts are made by experienced specialists: reliability and structural strength will depend on the quality of work.

The mount must be of high quality, characterized by high technical characteristics (corrosion resistance, durability). Fasteners are selected in accordance with the technical and aesthetic requirements of companies offering certified products.

Successful examples and options

On the website of companies offering interior door installation services, examples of their best models are presented. You can choose wooden or glass versions that have a special stylistic orientation. More economical and practical options from MDF will provide the comfort of living and save the budget. An important issue is the choice of design shade: it should fit organically into the interior design and not cause stylistic discomfort.

Monochromatic light-colored door leaves are an excellent universal option for decorating a living room,bedrooms or children's room.

Designers recommend using contrasting options to give emphasis to the design. By means of effective doors it is possible to emphasize the style orientation of the room or spatial perspective. Wood is an excellent material for decoration that does not require additional decoration. Experts pre-cover the canvas with special compounds that enhance the natural shade and emphasize the natural beauty of the tree.

The use of varnishes allows you to enhance the quality of strength and durability of the material.

Such structures will last for many decades with proper operation. Successful designs testify to high professionalism. Installation of structures recommended under the supervision of masters with extensive experience in this area.

To learn how to assemble and install the interior door, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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