Doors to the pantry: standard and non-standard options

 Doors to the pantry: standard and non-standard options

A storage room is a place where you can store wardrobe items, food, professional equipment and other useful things that the owners need from time to time. This room must be properly decorated so that this important part of the apartment or house becomes a harmonious continuation of the general interior. To do this, you must properly equip the interior of the room and the most serious approach to the selection of a suitable door to the closet. There are standard and non-standard options for door designs: it is worth considering them in more detail.


The door leading to the pantry or hiding the entresol plays two important roles: the safe division of the room into closed areas and the introduction of an additional decorative element in the design of the room.

When making such a room it is necessary to take into account the style of the apartment. Harmonious design presupposes compliance with each other of all components, this also applies to the door.

We can distinguish the following most popular design options:

  • Classic style involves the use of door leaf made of wood. Wood imitation is possible.
  • Modern style involves the use of plastic, glass, metal products or their combinations. You can install small grids or drill holes in the bottom of the canvas. This will help prevent dampness, mildew and ventilation.
  • In ethnic style, aged wooden surfaces, metal, natural stone cladding, forging, leather, or its imitation are welcome.


Currently on the market there is a wide range of doors for storage rooms.

Their designs are very diverse:

  • Sliding doors or compartments are a suitable option for a small apartment.The canvas moves with the help of rollers - along the tracks. There are stoppers at their edges. The main advantage of such constructions is the absence of clutter with door leafs.
  • Vertical, horizontal, roller, protective blinds are lamellas - thin slats, plates of various sizes. The ease of blinds ensures normal air circulation. They protect the room from exposure to bright sunlight.
  • Swing doors - the most common option. This design consists of a fixed door frame and a sliding door leaf. You can install two canvases to get double doors. Folds can be opened both in one direction, and in both. The advantages of these canvases are an increase in space and the possibility of a quick airing of the room.
  • Folding doors or "harmonica" - a very practical option. These are panels that are connected to each other by loops. These doors have several advantages: saving space, the ability to use them in openings of any size, preserving the integrity of the floor covering, a large number of colors.
  • Sliding doors that have a sliding mechanism, move in the same plane with the wall. The advantage of such structures is obvious: it saves space.
  • Roller blinds are a free-hanging canvas, which is fixed on the shaft in the upper part. The chain or spring mechanism provides folding of a cloth. Among the advantages that these systems have, we can highlight the main advantages: the absence of dust, ease of use, preservation of attractiveness throughout the entire period of operation.
  • Special purpose doors. If storage of valuables in the storage room is planned, then it is necessary to install a fireproof and fire door, an important advantage of which will be resistance to high temperatures.
  • Hidden door. Such a solution can be realized by masking the door under the facade of a kitchen cabinet, a wall, a wall, a rack, a mirror or a picture. The easiest and cheapest way to disguise - pasting the door with the same wallpaper as on the walls.

Non-standard options

When arranging a pantry, which is a shelf or a full room, the installation of non-standard systems will become a perfect embodiment of creative ideas into reality.Sliding doors are suitable for storage rooms located in the kitchen, the design of which will hide some shelves, but leave most of them in the access zone. An additional advantage of this solution will be saving space.

Having a special corner for the pantry, you can install the usual hinged doors, suitable for traditional, Scandinavian interior. Many prefer wooden doors with glass inserts that allow you to inspect the room without performing unnecessary actions.

Another unusual option is the installation of glass doors that visually increase the space. They are made of triplex, which is a solid glass consisting of three layers (2 glass and film). Such products may have a glossy or matte shade.

How to decorate?

Over time, various defects appear on the doors that can ruin the once aesthetic look of the canvases. To avoid unforeseen expenses and urgent replacement, you can decorate the door, hiding the flaws and adding them zest.

There are many ways to decorate:

  • Wallpaper. You can paste the door with paper, vinyl, textile or liquid wallpaper.
  • Chalk board. A very interesting way to update is to install a whiteboard on which you can leave messages for family members.
  • Mirror. Such a product will visually expand the space of the apartment, it can even make it lighter. It is recommended to use acrylic panels with amalgam, which has excellent reflectivity.
  • Buckwheat. This material does not require large material costs, but this decor is short-lived. To get a door decorated with buckwheat husk, it is necessary to remove the layer of old paint, remove all irregularities, paint the canvas dark brown, smear the dried door with PVA glue, lay the husk, varnish the surface.
  • Coloring. You can upgrade the old door by painting it in a different color. Before dyeing, you should get rid of irregularities, and after applying the paint is to cover the canvas with varnish.
  • Drawings and stickers. You can give free rein to your imagination and turn your ideas into reality by picking up brushes with paints. To create a unique composition, you can also use stencils, vinyl stickers.
  • Leather. You will need rivets to help the skin tightly wrap the door and gain a foothold.You can add a thread or pattern.
  • Stained glass windows. You can buy the finished version with a picture. You will be able to decorate the door yourself with the help of acrylic paints and a special contour that creates the illusion of a metal frame.

Which is better to put?

To properly arrange the storage room, you should consider the area of ​​the apartment. In the "Khrushchev", not differing in spaciousness, it is necessary to install such doors, the design of which would allow to save space.

In narrow and small openings, swing doors should be installed, but only opening into the pantry room. So the canvas will not interfere with the free movement of people around the apartment. You can also stay on sliding designs or coupe, so you can save space.

An original, non-standard option for a small apartment will be the installation of mirrored doors that visually increase the space.

What to replace?

If the storage room is located next to another room, the installation of standard structures would not be a very suitable option. Such a construction will spoil the wall, the elements will begin to touch each other, which will negatively affect them over time.To avoid such problems, it is necessary to find an alternative.

The use of drapery fabric instead of the door - quite a popular option. The curtains from dense fabric differing in ease and safety, very well are suitable for the storeroom.

The advantages of this option:

  • making the interior unique;
  • speed, ease and cleanliness in the process of creation;
  • ease of replacement (requires minimal cost and minimal effort).

A good option is rolling shutters.

They have several advantages:

  • easy installation (without supporting materials);
  • the ability to choose an option for the interior style;
  • resistance to corrosion, noise and cold.

The choice is always the owner of the dwelling. It is quite natural that he knows better than others which option in his house will look best.

Beautiful examples in the interior

When you decorate the premises in an apartment or house, the owner tries to emphasize the uniqueness of the interior. This also applies to the pantry. It all depends on the goals: to hide the room from prying eyes, to make it an accent. Focusing on this, you need to pick up an important element - the door.

There are many beautiful examples in the interior, among which are the following options:

  • Doors, disguised as wallpaper or paint, look very interesting. Lovers of minimalism, this solution will appeal to, as in the design there are no frills and extraneous details.
  • Mirror door will be appropriate in the bathroom and in the hallway. Additional space, a sense of infinity - the desired result, which will delight everyone: the owner of a small apartment, and the owner of a luxury home
  • The snow-white door is a very good option, suitable for classic and modern styles. This canvas looks very elegant, sophisticated.
  • A door with an inset of glass is a good solution, because it will allow light into the room. This design brings completeness to the overall interior of the room, refreshes it, but does not attract much attention.
  • Fashionable and unusual way to design a pantry is the installation of a glass door. It creates the impression of lightness, airiness.

Master class on installing a compartment door in the pantry, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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