Features of steam room doors

 Features of steam room doors

To date, many owners of country houses or cottages are building a bath or sauna on their site. And, of course, the most important thing in these buildings is safety and the possibility of an unobstructed exit from the premises in case of emergency situations. Therefore, it is very important to install windows and doors in the steam room of special structures with enhanced performance properties.

Special features

Door structures designed to be located at the entrance to the steam room must have special features and be able to withstand heavy loads. They must meet all standards of quality and safety, because in a stuffy and hot room it is easy to stumble onto any heated surface.Installation of conventional door panels is impossible in such premises, since special structures must be purchased for the bath, made from appropriate raw materials and according to individual technology. The main properties that the door to the steam room should have are the following:

  • Maintain optimum indoor temperature. On the canvas is not allowed the presence of cracks and gaps through which cold air can penetrate.
  • Resistant to constant humidity and high temperatures.
  • Non-standard doorway. The door frame in the steam room always has smaller dimensions, in contrast to the standard door. This is necessary to preserve the heat inside.
  • The ventilation capacity, which is achieved by installing the structure 5 cm above the floor. If the building has a ventilation system, then it is not necessary to leave a gap.

Door structures must also comply with a number of requirements that will make it possible to secure the structure. It is necessary to install the door so that it opens outwards. This will help to easily leave the room and not to touch the iron hinges. It is very important that there are no elements on the canvas that can heat up and burn a person. Both the internal lock and the handle should consist of wood. To further secure the room, you must purchase a canvas with a window. It is possible to do it yourself, if you follow the special instructions.


For the arrangement of baths usually use two types of doors: deaf or combined. Deaf design is a solid canvas, and the combination consists of a glass window. For a steam room, it is important to select a light product so that it easily performs its basic function.

According to the method of opening, there are sliding and hinged doors that must be opened to the outside. The sliding design is characterized by better operational properties, and therefore their installation is more preferable.

The internal sheets of the steam room must be completely safe, and therefore it is best to purchase a product that has hinges hidden. To seal the room, the door frame must be covered with heat insulating tape.

The size of the canvas for entering the steam room is somewhat different from the size of ordinary rectangular canvases.This is due to the fact that inside the pair of space should be maintained at an optimal temperature, and a large door will cause a constant leakage of heat. Experts recommend purchasing products 1.5 × 0.55 m (height and width, respectively) or 1.85 × 0.7 m.

For the manufacture of bath doors used three types of materials: wood, glass and composite materials.

  • Wooden the design is made of tongue-and-groove boards, and the top is covered with clapboard. The quality of wood must be very high in order to meet all stated requirements. For beauty, such products are often decorated with carvings, which greatly increases their value. Many wood species can serve as the main material:
    • For example, from lime there is a steady and easy door which has not too high price.
    • Not behind in performance aspen massif. It has good characteristics - it does not swell and does not crack from hot fumes.
    • Excellent for high humidity. alder: under the influence of moisture, it does not lose its original appearance, therefore, it is usually used as a covering for the inner side of the door leaf.
    • Canadian Cedar Wood has antiseptic properties that have a beneficial effect on the environment.
    • It does not heat up at all abasha array, but the oak is of high quality, but it has a lot of weight. In addition, the cost of oak products exceeds the cost of analogues from other wood species.
  • Glass The door consists of tempered glass, which is best suited for location in saunas and steam rooms. Currently, glass is in great demand among those who like to steam. Tempered glass repels moisture well, maintains temperatures above 100 degrees, easy to clean and inexpensive. It is completely safe for humans and the environment.
  • Combined the products combine both wood and glass, which makes them not only sustainable, but also beautiful. Usually a window is made of glass in the door frame, and its size can be anything. There are no specific standards for a window opening, so its size depends on the wishes of the customer.

The metal is not designed for installation inside the bath, as at high temperatures it is heated and can cause harm to humans.In addition, it will be absolutely impossible to use a metal door, because in order to open it, you will have to resort to improvised means.

  • Also, in no case can not acquire plastic sheets, which, when heated, will melt and release toxic substances. Alternatively, it is possible to use products made from PVC. This material is moisture resistant and resistant to the appearance of fungus and mold.

What to put?

It is believed that wood is best suited for the manufacture of bath door panels. It has natural ingredients, and therefore safe for human health. In addition, the tree is able to breathe, which is also very important. The wooden structure can be made independently, therefore very often the owners of the steam rooms stop on the wood. At the same time, it doesn’t matter which tree species was chosen - after a year of operation, they will all have the same appearance. In addition, they will all have the same life, so the choice of wood does not make much sense, as long as it matches the color of the walls of the room.Wooden doors with glass inserts perform well. Glass can decorate the product, which is not the last value in the organization of the bath space.

But the glass doors are least suitable for steam rooms. Despite their ability to repel moisture and withstand temperature changes, they have some drawbacks. First, they will constantly sweat, and secondly, greatly increase the heat transfer. Reviews on the construction forums say that the glass door, although it looks spectacular, but constantly steals up, and drips form.

Whatever material is chosen for the manufacture of the door structure, the main thing is that it is safe and has high-quality performance.

In the next video you can see how to choose the right door to the steam room.

How to seal?

Seal the door leaf in the steam room is necessary to improve the insulation. To do this, use several types of materials: felt, foam, energy-flex and so on. Selection of the seal depends on the decision of the owner, so first it needs to be familiar with the properties of each material.

The important thing is that you need to insulate not only the doors, but the walls, windows and cracks. Hand-made materials, such as a synthetic winterizer from an old jacket or an unusable fur coat, are often used to insulate the structure with their own hands. But you should know that these seals are well lit and do not have moisture resistance, so they must be insulated.

It is safest to resort to heaters that have been specially manufactured in production and have supporting documents. They are resistant to fire and moisture. To better seal the door in the steam room, you can use a frame, energy-energy or thermal curtain. For work, you need to prepare a hammer, a measuring tape, small nails, a construction stapler, rods, a hacksaw and scissors.

  • For the manufacture of heat frame bars of 1.5–2 cm will be needed. The frame should be located at a distance of 1.5 cm from the outer border. Rolled sealer should be nailed to the canvas, and a sheet of hardboard should be fixed on top. This is necessary in order to fill the void between the filler and the structure. Such a tight closure helps to block the entry of drafts inside the room.Additionally, the door leaf can be upholstered with felt, and the top can be closed with clapboard.
  • Energoflex possesses good operational data - it is not afraid of fire, retains heat well, does not rot, does not get wet and does not allow noise. For its installation will need a piece of material and a stapler. First you need to fix the pipe on the edges of the canvas, and then fix it with clips. In the places of fastening it is necessary to fix the metal tape so that it closes the gaps between the box and the canvas.
  • Additionally it is possible to warm a design by means of a thermal curtain. To do this, you need to make a sealing frame: take four strips of material and nail them around the perimeter of the box. From above 4 bars which are wrapped in the same material fasten. Next, from the dense fabric is necessary to make a screen. The fabric is tucked in such a way that a bar can fit into this lapel, which, in turn, should be well fixed inside the fabric. The resulting curtain is hung on the top wooden bar of the cornice. The free lateral edge of the material is fixed at a distance of several centimeters from the casing with the help of nails. On the other side of the door mounted hooks.Rings are sewn to the free edge of the material, which, if you need to close the screen, you just need to put on hooks.

Successful examples and options

A wide range of door designs of all shapes and sizes allows you to find the perfect option for any buyer. Doors for the bath can be a work of art, if you take a creative attitude to their design.

  • Traditionally, a conventional wooden door is installed in the steam room, which may consist of from boards or bars. It looks beautiful and comfortable to use.
  • Look spectacular in the steam room threaded products. This may be a specific pattern or abstract patterns - in any case, it is difficult not to pay attention to the carved canvas.
  • Not only the door structure itself can attract attention, but also unusual pen. It can be in the form of a strange animal or a patterned semicircle.
  • Quite unusual application glass sliding doors at the entrance to the steam room. They perfectly save space and help control what is happening in the steam room from the dressing room. As decorations on the glass can be depicted ornaments associated with the water element.
  • A full glass door is not always popular.Most often, the owners choose combination of glass and wood - there should be a small window on the wooden canvas. Glass inserts can be several, and they can have different shapes, which will add to the room uniqueness.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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