Modern doors in the style of "loft"

The loft style, like any other, has characteristic features that appear in all the details of the interior. Including the door. Choosing modern doors in this style, it is worth making a start from the peculiarities of the “loft” style.

Special features

The loft style, which is now gaining popularity in Russia and Europe, was originally born in America, namely in New York. Non-working companies and factories were given to residential premises, which were characterized by a large area, coarse brick walls and the presence of partitions and beams.

Over time, the style improved and "moved" even in small apartments. Partitions and doors of various types began to appear in this style.

In this case, structures should have such features as:

  • Massive appearance.This is especially true of entrance canvases. Outwardly, they may resemble a door from a bank safe, a ship's cabin or a wooden barn.
  • Natural materials (wood, metal, glass), but the use of MDF or PVC panels is not excluded.
  • The combination of antiquity and modern details in product design.
  • Preference is given to white, black, brown and gray colors in the design of the external structure.
  • Lightweight design or appearance. Despite a certain “brutal” subtext of style, freedom and comfort is appreciated in it. That is why initially the apartments did not have doors. In the modern "loft" preference is given to structures that are easily opened manually or mechanically.
  • Original and non-standard appearance (forged parts, inserts made of glass, metal or wood).
  • Special aging of the material. Chrome plating of metal structures is also excluded. In general, the doors should look slightly sloppy and sloppy. But behind this view lies the complex and multi-level work.

These features allow you to harmoniously enter the door into the interior of the apartment. The right choice largely depends on the type of construction.


All doors, including those in the loft style, are divided into two main groups:

  • input;
  • interroom.

The main function of the entrance doors is to protect against uninvited guests and prying eyes. And the loft entrance doors visually prove this, since the base is solid wood or metal. At the same time they look rude and with traces of the past. The door may have artistic dents, scratches. Wood can be artificially aged using special paints and design techniques.

If the width of the doorway allows, you can put wooden barn doors, which consist of two wide boards. As a rule, such doors are decorated with inserts of iron. You can use and painted surface with airbrushing. It is desirable to select the paint metallized, in bronze or gold. The color palette can be both light and darker.

The inner side of this design can be painted in brighter shades in the event that such a color already exists in the interior. A long forged handle is possible, or a handle in the form of a massive ring that will complement the overall look of the style.For interior doors, a less aggressive and massive design and appearance is used, since the original image of the premises did not suggest their presence. The main function of the door structures inside the apartment is zoning. Partitions will help to conditionally separate the work area from the rest or cooking area.

The material for such structures can be the most diverse: metal, wood, glass, plywood, MDF. The most commonly used compound is several materials. So, metal inserts, fasteners, bolts are well combined with wood.

An important condition for such doors is the absence of metallic luster. The metal should look like it has been around for many years and no one has courted it. There may be corrosion, oxidation. To save money, wood can be replaced with plywood or MDF.

Even in the "loft" can be completely glass doors or inserts of them. Particularly appreciated stained glass doors of different glass. Doors can simultaneously combine both frosted and clear glass. This surface is decorated with carved inserts and figures. Glass doors are good noise and odor insulation.

Particularly popular in the apartment of this style are sliding doors, doors, screens, coupe-doors, roto-doors:

  • Sliding modelsAs a rule, they have one or two leaves, which can be either from wood or glass. They allow compact use of space, do not take up much space when opening, as is the case with swing doors, and have a rich color palette. The disadvantages include high cost and poor sound insulation. The surface of the valves should be the most simple and easy - the absence of glossy elements, a variety of parts and thread. Most often it is a monotonous smooth surface.

Sliding doors have two basic types of opening: “accordion” and “book”. These mechanisms allow the doors to compactly fold and not occupy space. Such doors have guides on which it is possible to regulate closing and opening of a cloth.

  • Doors-screens valued in the interior for compactness and mobility. The loose frame allows you to move them to any corner of the room. Folds are also easy to fold, thereby saving space. If desired, these doors can be made by hand.Doors can be made of transparent glass, wooden slats or fabric cloths.

There are no restrictions on the choice and creation of screens. The main thing is that they match the overall composition of the apartment in terms of texture and color.

  • Coupe doors familiar to many thanks to cabinets, but the interior differ in many parameters. The compartment for the room at the heart of their have a more durable material and greater thickness of the canvas. This allows for good sound insulation. They also have a handle for easy and quick opening and sometimes locks or latch. These structures can also have one or two flaps, while drawing on their surface is allowed. The content of the ornament should be combined with the style of the interior.

Wood, metal, plastic and glass are the main materials for the compartment.

  • Roto-doors stand out for their unusual design. The opening mechanism is designed in such a way that when opening opens against the wall. It can also rotate and open both left and right. This design also does not take up much space and has good insulation from noise and odor, since there is a sealant around the perimeter of the box.To make the style more brutal, such designs are made of solid wood or glass with metal inserts. The design of the canvas on both sides is permissible, since they are visible when opening.

Forged items (pen, corners, inset), stained glass and wooden inserts are suitable as decorations.

After determining the main types, you should ask yourself how to choose them correctly.

How to choose?

In the creation of the interior there are no minor details, so the choice of doors should be approached carefully prepared.

For proper selection, you should know a few rules:

  • It is necessary to determine the size of the canvas. To do this, you need to know the basic parameters of the doorway. Today, the product market offers a huge selection of the required parameters, which saves time and money. For non-standard openings, the canvas can be ordered individually.
  • The color scheme should be combined with the overall palette of the interior. The main ones are black and white gamma, brown, maroon, chocolate, gray. Inappropriate will be the gentle and pastel colors in the design of the design. In this case, it is more necessary to match the color of the door to the color of the floor.This combination will create a complete image of the interior.
  • The choice of texture depends on the desired function and interior details. So, it is inappropriate to use glass for the front door, as the design has a special protective function. And, on the contrary, such a canvas would be appropriate for zoning the space in the room.
  • It should decide on the mechanism of opening the valves and the location of the handle. In a small apartment is better to use the opening out. This design does not take up much space and will be as safe as possible. As a rule, handles on entrance doors have impressive dimensions. For interior partitions handles used in small size and unusual shape and design.

Modern doors in the style of "loft" must be chosen correctly so that they become a harmonious part of your interior.

How to do the restoration of the door for the interior in the style of "loft" with your own hands, look at the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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