Ventilation grilles for doors

When the house does not have enough fresh air, it can adversely affect the health of all households. All rooms must be constantly ventilated, because otherwise a large amount of carbon dioxide accumulates in the rooms, while oxygen is necessary for normal life. In addition to carbon dioxide, toxins from household chemicals and finishing materials can be released into the indoor air, which can also have a negative impact on health.

Why are ventilation grids needed?

Air ventilation is also very important in the bathroom, where with insufficient access of fresh air, fungus and mold often occur, and the moist environment of this room also contributes to their development. Dampness can accumulate in walls, doors and furniture, from which they begin to deteriorate.To avoid all these problems, it is enough to install a special ventilation grid on the door. Today, there are a large number of doors for sale in which the grille or ventilation in the form of rings is already installed. But in cases where the door without ventilation has already been purchased, to ensure air circulation, you can buy and install the grill yourself.

Varieties of ventilation grilles

Ventilation grilles on the market in a wide variety of models. They differ in shape, purpose, appearance, size and cost. The ventilation grilles differ also by the method and the place of installation, depending on this the grilles are divided into the following models:

  • Transfer line;
  • Internal;
  • Outdoor

For the doors apply overflow grilles. They can be made of aluminum, plastic, wood, steel and some other materials.

  • Plastic airing grids very resistant to corrosion. Another advantage is the most affordable price. However, this material has a disadvantage: when exposed to direct sunlight, it begins to lose its original presentation, and after a while it may even gradually become useless.But if you plan to install plastic grilles on interior doors inside the premises, such problems will not arise.
  • Flow gridsmade of wood, suitable for indoor use. Their main advantages are environmental friendliness and safety for health, they have a stylish and attractive appearance, fit perfectly into the interior of the room. Among the shortcomings of wooden models can be identified high cost, as well as the need for special care for wooden products.
  • One of the advantages of aluminum grilles is that they are very light, do not suffer from exposure to the sun, but their cost is slightly higher than plastic products.

For installation on entrance doors, there are models with protective mosquito nets that will prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering the house. The ventilation grids practically do not let the light through and do not give an opportunity to see through them a person who is on the other side of the door.

Review the lattice for the front door, see the following video.


The design of the ventilation grille usually consists of two parts - external and internal.The inner frame is mounted on one side of the door in the hole for ventilation, there are lamps on it. Overflow models of gratings are often V-shaped lamps (angle shape). This form provides a smooth flow of air, but at the same time limits the view. The outer frame serves only a decorative function. It is mounted on the back side of the door, masking the hole for ventilation.

The form

The shape of the grids can be round, square or rectangular. Rectangular products are most demanded by customers.

Rectangular air grilles for doors

Rectangular ventilation grids can be used for kitchen doors, as well as for doors to the bathroom or toilet. The use of such gratings ensures proper circulation of air flow in the rooms. The second use of rectangular gratings is installation in window sills. This will allow the air heated by the battery to be evenly distributed around the room.

Most often, rectangular models are made of high-strength plastic. There are options that are complemented by mosquito nets, as well as a special damper that allows you to control the movement of air.An excellent option would be to install the grille, equipped with a built-in fan. Such model will provide the best ventilation of air. Variants of designs and colors of products available on sale, just countless. You can easily choose the right look for your door.

Round ventilation grids for doors

Round gratings are constructed on the same principle as rectangular ones. Most often mounted in the door to the bathroom.

Another purpose is to install them in the cabinet doors, this is necessary in cases when moisture and mold are collected inside the furniture. Some models of round ventilation grilles can also be complemented by a mosquito net, movable dampers and a built-in fan.

Used sizes

The size of the ventratsya is selected based on the size of the door. Most often the interior door has a width of 70-80 cm, and the door to the bathroom is 60-70 cm. Starting from these sizes, door ventilation grids are made not more than 60 cm wide. They can be installed in the door leaf, whose thickness is 25-50 mm. You can find the right product in the store in the following size range.Larger grilles on sale are difficult to find, most likely, if necessary, they will need to be ordered.

  • Width - from 10 to 60 cm;
  • Height - from 10 to 25 cm.

The diameter of the round lattice is on average 15-20 cm. Models with a diameter of less than 10 cm are usually installed in a row along the bottom edge of the door in an amount of several pieces.


Installation of the ventilation grille in the door leaf is easy and you can do it yourself.

To install the grille, do the following:

  • Determine the appropriate size of the product for a particular door;
  • Make a hole in the door leaf of the required size and install the grille.

Tools for the job will require very little. Prepare a ruler and pencil, jigsaw, screwdriver or glue in advance.

Work is best done in the following sequence:

  • Measure with the ruler the exact parameters of the acquired lattice;
  • Mark the door where the grille will be installed on the door. Keep in mind that the length and width of the hole for the grid must be 1-2 mm larger than the size of the grid;
  • In the corners of the marking on the door leaf, make 4 holes with a round drill;
  • With the help of a jigsaw (for wooden doors) or special tools (for doors made of other materials) it is necessary to cut a hole by marking on the door;
  • Attach to the two sides of the received grid hole. Secure them with glue or screws. The mounting option is indicated in the instructions for the product.

Summing up, it is possible to say with confidence that, thanks to the installation of venreshetok, you will not only restore the necessary air circulation in the rooms of the apartment, but also get a stylish and original decorative element that will give the interior a more modern look.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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