Doors "Volkhovets": how to choose?

 Doors Volkhovets: how to choose?

Wanting to install new interior doors, we are trying to find a balance of price, quality and visual appeal. Some prefer doors exclusively from the array, reasonably believing that such a door will serve more than one generation of owners. For another category of customers, non-standard style presentation is more important and the desire to impress guests is predominant.

Among the collections of such a factory as Volkhovets, buyers can find a successful combination of quality and beauty of door designs that have a completely affordable price tag.


Visiting various salons and deciding on the doors of which manufacturer it is worthwhile to stop their choice, the buyer undoubtedly realizes that more established and regulated production causes more trust.In other words, the fact that the Volkhovets factory has existed on the door market for more than twenty years is its undoubted advantage.

During this time, employees have gained considerable experience in the production and maintenance of door structures. Monitoring the market and customer requests allowed us to create the most popular models in various price categories, without sacrificing fundamentally quality. This is achieved through the use of raw materials obtained with the use of innovative technologies and meeting the highest requirements of durability and practicality.

This is the so-called veneered timber, which recently appeared on the domestic market and is used only by the most advanced manufacturers of furniture structures.

Thanks to this material, the doors of the middle price segment of the Volkhovets factory are as practical as the premium-class models made of solid wood.

All varnishes, paints and coatings made of plastic or films used in the manufacture of doors comply with the requirements of GOST, moreover, have international certificates of conformity valid in the European Union.This also applies to all products manufactured with their use. The recently launched Volkhovets fire doors also passed all the necessary tests and received a certificate of conformity from the Russian Federation.

Cooperation with professional designers, participation in various educational projects and involvement of young professionals to create collections allows you to produce models in various style solutions. To date, 18 collections have been created, from which you can choose a door of any price segment.

The brand "Volkhovets" provides warranty products for products of its production, which extend for a period of three years from the date of purchase of the goods and are valid with a cash receipt. The doors recognized by marriage, the factory exchanges for new without surcharge. The warranty covers the entire package.

Such a defect, so slight differences in the color and pattern of the veneer or array is not a warranty case. Also, the guarantee does not apply to circumstances recognized as force majeure. Warranties and violations resulting from improper installation, that is, violations when installing doors, are not subject.

More details on the warranty conditions can be found on the manufacturer's website or when buying in the salon.


Before buying, it is worthwhile to initially spend a little more time to analyze and select the door, whether it is an entrance or an interior one, in order to get a high-quality, durable and reliable construction for many years.

The Volkhovets company offers its customers not only to examine catalogs, but also to study exhibition samples presented in showrooms.


Among the door systems of this manufacturer are present:

  • Classic doors, hinged on the box with hinges, such canvases can be opened both to the right and to the left side, they can also be used as double doors;
  • Hidden doors, canisters, when opened leaving in the built-in box;
  • Sliding designs moving horizontally;
  • Sliding partition doors;
  • Doors, the canvas of which consists of two narrow halves and folds when opened in the form of a book;
  • Door transom, which can complement the swing doors;
  • Rectangular arches.

It is worth noting the fact that all door systems from the factory "Volkhovets" supplied in kit form which includes:

  • Classic door frame;
  • Fittings: usually the so-called card loops and, in most cases, the magnetic lock mechanism;
  • A set of prepared casing, which can be as simple as smooth, and coplanar or figured.

If desired, the buyer can add a minimum set of curtain rods, change the trim or box.


Since there are generally accepted standards for the size of door panels, which are fixed by GOST, the Volkhovets factory produces doors of standard width and height:

  • The height of the door leaf should be 2000 mm, 2100 mm.
  • Width 600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm, 900mm.

It is in such sizes that the doors of this brand are supplied as standard. However, when choosing a model in the cabin, you can order a non-standard height, for example, 2300 mm. This also applies to the width and thickness of the door leaf, which can be custom-made by the customer, in full accordance with his wishes.

Moreover, in some collections relating to modern areas of design, for example, in Planum, door systems of non-standard height, which can reach 3000 mm, are initially present.


Since in the collections of this brand there are doors of different price segments, they naturally differ in the materials from which they are made.

If we are talking about luxury doors, then in such structures are used:

  • Solid oak, which can be in the form of a board or timber;
  • Solid beech;
  • Facet frosted glass;
  • Glass satin with an engraving or drawing;
  • Crystal glass of various modifications;
  • Enamels and varnishes Akzo Nobel (Sweden).

All accessories used for the production of premium doors, is steel and has a gold, silver, bronze or chrome finish.

The doors of the middle price segment are veneered, they are made of the following components:

  • Softwood glued timber (larch, pine, spruce), also called LVL-bar;
  • Material-filler, which acts as a corrugated cardboard;
  • MDF-plate;
  • Glass: frosted or mirror;
  • Coatings, which are used as natural oak veneer, ash, walnut, cherry, as well as laminatin, eco-veneer and Ciplex.

The doorframe, the eaves, the platbands and the dobor are usually made of the same material as the door leaf.All components must be in harmony in hue and color.


For the name of the shades of wood, the company "Volkhovets" offers very beautiful and memorable terms. The colors of oak and beech are obtained as a result of complex technological processes, which are produced on Italian and German equipment. These are treatments that are called brushing and patinaing.

In the process of brushing, soft layers are removed from the surface of the oak, at the same time it gets the look and color of the aged tree. Patinating also gives the color of the tree the effect of some antiquity, especially noticeable in the form of a light bloom on the veins.

Oak colors offered by Volkhovets:

  • Oak cognac brushed;
  • Brushed oak;
  • Royal oak;
  • Marble oak;
  • Rustic white oak;
  • Oak ivory and many others.

Beech, called the tree of kings in Europe, received silver and gilding as decoration:

  • White beech with gold leaf;
  • Beech pearl with silver;
  • Beech pearl with gold;
  • Milky-white beech with gold;
  • Black beech with silver;
  • Beech ivory with gilding and other wonderful tones.

All versions of beech products are patinated.

The doors of the middle price segment also amaze with the color variety of the pitch, while the shades of natural veneer are interspersed with shiny surfaces coated with various enamels.

Veneer can have the following shades:

  • Enamels: color "ivory", "white silk", "snow-white mat", "mat anthracite", "mat chocolate", "mat black";
  • Veneer colors: “smoky walnut”, “modena nut”, “chocolate ash”, “honey ash”, “ginger ash”, “mocachino ash”, “gray ash”, “ash ash”, “ashen oak”, “oak tobacco "," wenge "and many others.

Popular models

Focusing on the wishes of customers, designers of the brand "Volkhovets" have developed to date 18 collections of door systems, which are among the most popular styles of modern interior design.

Among the luxury suites, the most popular are the models from the following collections:

  • Toscana PlanoDesigned for 8 shades of beech wood, which belongs to the classic design direction. Satin glass with a facet finish underlines the strict geometry of door inserts and corrugated pilasters with square rosettes and rostra.At the request of the buyer may be added gold or silver border.
  • Toscana Rombowhich also belongs to the classical direction of design, created specifically for various shades of beech. These are colors from snow white to dark with a patina. The platbands with corrugated pilasters, rostra and square rosettes are designed to emphasize the belonging of the collection to the classical direction.
  • PerfectoThese are doors made in the Greek style. The ornament applied to the frosted glass, a set of elements of the cornice, the portal - all emphasizes the antique design direction.
  • Royal, doors that embody the luxury of classic dark brown wood shades, decorated with patina and gilding. Inserts made of crystal glass and monogram add charm and elegance to the classic presentation.

Among the veneered doors are popular classic models from collections. Decanto and Galant.

Thanks to non-standard delivery, doors from collections are a success. Planum, Linea, Quadro, Avant and Decothat fit perfectly into the interiors in a modern style. They are treated with smooth and structural enamels, inserts from transversely located veneer, coplanar FlatSystem box and hidden loops.

In the Planum and Wall Door collections, models for painting are very popular, which in finished form merge completely with the surface of the wall.


Since the doors of “Volkhovets” are very popular, there are analogues of these products on the market that are very similar in appearance, have almost the same cost, but are significantly inferior to the original in quality.

Some replica manufacturers honestly report that they offer a brand-name equivalent. For example, this is what the Garant factory does, pointing out on its website that it produces an analogue of the famous doors. Reporting that he copies the famous Volkhovets collections, this manufacturer indicates that it has more flexible prices. In this case, it is silent about the quality of products and availability of warranty obligations.

However, not all falsifiers are so frank. Very often, when purchasing analogues of Volkhovets' doors, the buyer does not inform about it, and, having received a product of low quality, people make claims to a well-known brand.

How to choose?

In order not to be mistaken when choosing an original product from the company "Volkhovets", you need to purchase them exclusively in company stores, which are quite a lot and whose addresses can be found on the manufacturer's website.

In most stores you can see the exhibition sample of the goods to ensure its quality. Real doors "Volkhovets" have no defects on the canvas, the color lies exactly, the direction of the wood fibers coincides with the tint. All parts are carefully processed, including the bottom edge, which allows you to be sure that the door will not fail during operation.

Since all the glasses are made directly in the factory of the brand, they do not have vagueness and are distinguished by careful study of the smallest nuances of the ornament. If you buy a door leaf from the Decanto collection, you need to make sure that there is a company engraving on its edge.

It is also worth knowing that all the products of this factory should be packaged in branded paper with the Volkhovets logo, with a coupon with the batch number, date of production and stamp of the Quality Department. On the top bar of the door leaf, all this data should also be indicated. In addition, in order to see the color of the door leaf, there are cutouts at the corners of the package.

Upon receipt of the goods, you should make sure that these signs are present before signing on the absence of claims

Customer Reviews

Since the Volkhovets factory has been operating in the domestic door market for over 20 years, there are quite a few reviews about the products of this company. Mostly positive reviews, although there are dissatisfied buyers.

The general impression of buyers can be described by one expression: “these are doors for centuries”. So characterize users of doors from solid oak and beech, belonging to the luxury category. It is noted that the materials used in their manufacture are of the highest quality, and the price is noticeably lower than imported, for example, Italian door panels of the same level.

The design and style decision of such doors is called European, they approve of a large number of light shades. Many people write that they could choose white doors only in the Volkhovets salon.

Doors of the middle price segment, which are covered with veneer of valuable species, also have a lot of positive feedback. According to customers, such doors can be installed even in bathrooms, but it is important to monitor the level of humidity in the room and wipe the door leaf if drops are deposited on it. Most reviews saythat in the domestic market there is no equal in the domestic market for the beauty and variety of color shades of the Volkhovets doors, but they complain that the price for veneered doors could be lower.

Doors with a coating of plastic films Ciplex and laminate, judging by the reviews, can be covered with whitewash stains when used in wet areas, so it is better not to put such doors in bathrooms.

There is a very noticeable comment on the discrepancy between the shades of veneer on three door linens ordered at the same time, the author of which tried to return the unsatisfactory door, but could not do it because of the store. On the whole, quite a lot of complaints are expressed on the work of the Volkhovets door sales offices, ranging from the lengthy delivery time and ending with the fact that talking to dealers on the phone doesn’t bring almost any results.

The work of the installers from the company is satisfied by all, without exception, as well as the fact that the door panels are supplied with holes for fixing handles and locks, which speeds up the installation process.

Options in the interior of the apartment

A feature of the door systems of the brand is the fact that they can harmoniously combine with almost any of the stylistic directions of the modern interior.

For example, a door from the Toscana Plano collection, made of solid beech wood and having a noble shade of “pearl beech”, will look great in a classic interior with high ceilings and huge windows, chic mirrors in heavy white frames and light soft furniture. The presence of a fireplace will help to make a note of unpredictability, and natural shades of parquet, ash-gray walls and openwork curtains will help to give a classic interior completeness.

For veneered doors, the Galant collection has been developed, the door leafs of which can be in color from “black ash” to “frosted pearls”. Classic strict lines without frills complement the interior in the style of Provence, Art Deco, Gothic.

In the same room, both normal swing systems and double sliding doors-cases can be perfectly combined, since they are made in a single color and with inserts of identical glass.

Dazzling white color of the door enamel will refresh the walls of any shade, but it will look especially delightful in the same snow-white design. Natural wood flooring and leather upholstered furniture underline the status of the owner of the room.The overall impression of thoroughness and wealth will create a blazing fireplace and a luxurious crystal chandelier.

Modern hidden doors are one of the new products of the Volkhovets factory. They can reach a height of up to three meters, and thanks to the coplanar box and the special structure of the hinges, they completely “sink” into the wall, merging with it. This is facilitated by the fact that the color scheme of such a door can be made in full accordance with the wall decoration, as the door leaf comes from the manufacturer with a primer coating, which can be painted, decorative plaster or wallpaper is pasted.

A similar door from the Neoclassic collection of the Wall Door, painted in aquamarine color, completely merges with the wall of the same shade, and at first glance looks painted. Upholstered furniture of beige and sand shades, decorated with luxurious maroon cushions, elegant bright chandelier with crystal pendants and carpets with an abstract pattern create a perfectly harmonious combination.
At the same time, the door leaf does not overload the interior of the room due to the coplanar installation system.

Browse collections of interior doors "Volkhovets", see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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