Doors Zetta: advantages and disadvantages

Doors are a necessary element of any room. Every day we use certain types of them. In any room there is at least one door, so the question of quality, characteristics and advantages is relevant at all times. Doors for various purposes Zetta combine excellent quality, beautiful design and excellent burglar-proof qualities.

About company

Zetta was founded in 2009, starting with a small production. Gradually, the scope of work increased and the course was taken to expand the market. To meet the needs of any client, high-quality equipment was purchased, and the qualification level of the company's specialists was improved to the required level.

Over the past years, the company has introduced many innovations in the production of each type of door. The company produces entrance blocks and interior canvases.

Entrance doors

The manufacture of blocks of protective doors comes from reinforced steel. This type of metal has high strength at the same thickness, it allows you to make lighter designs with good performance.

Zetta doors are equipped with additional pockets in the places where the locks are installed, which greatly complicates unwanted access to the locks and provides additional protection against locking mechanisms for dust. This innovation is appreciated by buyers who purchased entrance structures to enter private houses and cottages.

Anti-detachable pins located on the hinge side make it impossible to remove the doors from the hinges. When closing the lock, the canvas is fixed on both sides.

Under the main sheet of metal are ribs. They are horizontal and vertical, respectively, are relatively long or short sides of the door. Such inserts give strength to the fabric both for breaking and for preserving the geometry of the structure.

Zetta metal doors are equipped with high-quality fittings from leading manufacturers, equipped with two types of seals: rubber and magnetic.The presence of several sealing contours helps to avoid the ingress of extraneous odors, smoke, dust and the formation of drafts into the apartment. The cloths themselves have insulation by the Knauf mineral plate, which is not only an excellent sound and heat insulator, but also increases the resistance of the door to heat.

This insulation can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees, does not emit harmful substances into the environment.

Voronezh Zetta doors are sorted by type of construction. The main product lines are represented by the following models:

  • "Standard". The thickness of the metal in the doors of this type is 1.2 mm, excluding the top coating. There are two stiffeners in the canvas, the thickness is 66 mm. This design has three seal contours, noise insulation designed for 33 dB.
  • "Comfort". In this design, the metal is used 1.5 mm, it also has two hardness sheets, three sealing profiles and mineral filling. The interior is trimmed with MDF board with a decorative film. The thickness of this model of input structures, taking into account the interior decoration, is 86 mm.
  • "Euro". Here, the thickness of the outer sheet reaches 2.0 mm, the number of stiffeners is 3 pcs., The seals are also 3 pcs. A feature of this series can be called an external pad of MDF.Thickness of a cloth taking into account finishing of 79 mm. Filling here is a little more dense than in previous versions. This design has a noise resistance of 38 dB.
  • "Premier". A feature of this series can be called the depth of the door, taking into account the finish it is 105 mm. Finishing consists of two MDF boards from the outside and inside. There is an increased number of anti-drift pins, 6 of them are installed, there are three seal circuits. Sound insulation index is 41 dB. Outer sheet metal thickness 2.0 mm.
  • A separate column can provide input doors with a mirrorlocated on the inside of the canvas. It is very convenient, such decoration fits perfectly into any interior, is especially welcome in apartments with a small hallway, where it is not possible to hang a separate reflective glass, and this option makes the room lighter and wider.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, in every product you can find your pros and cons.

Advantages of metal doors of the Zetta company:

  • The special steel possessing the increased durability. In the manufacture of this metal, special additives are used that increase physical performance by several points.
  • Preservation of the geometry of the canvas under the most stringent conditions.Manufacturing technology is designed in such a way that when creating a door there are as few places as possible subject to distortion and deformation. With proper installation, the design retains its parameters all its life.
  • System of protection against hacking. A pocket for locks, complicating access for intruders to the locking mechanisms, anti-pins fixing the canvas in the box closed, high-quality fittings with a high class of secrecy, the thickness of the metal - the main indicators of security doors and, accordingly, your property.
  • Quality coverage. External and internal coating of the proposed structures provides for a long service life and protection from certain environmental conditions.

Possible disadvantages:

  • Loose fit of the canvas. This problem occurs due to improper installation of the door unit. Installation should be done by experienced craftsmen. If at installation of a structure in an aperture technical conditions are not observed, then the form of a box, cloth, or both that, and another, can change over time.
  • Failure of locks and other accessories.The cause of such a malfunction is very rarely a manufacturing defect, most often it is a physical impact on moving parts. Handles, lever and cylinder locks are not designed for the application of great physical strength.

Mechanisms require periodic lubrication with proper lubricants.

  • The appearance of drafts. This trouble can happen due to abrasion of the sealing elements. To solve it is quite simple, the replacement of gum does not require special skills and takes very little time. To increase the life of seals, it is recommended to wipe them 3-4 times a year with a special silicone grease.
  • Spoiled look. The coating of any doors is not intended for cleaning with abrasive materials, it gradually leads to abrasion of the most resistant surfaces. Contact with direct sunlight can also negatively affect the appearance. Do not allow moisture to freeze on the surface of the door, especially with a rough coating, this can disrupt the integrity of the outer coating and lead to destruction.

It is not recommended to use for care and all kinds of solvents, even the most benign.

Cost formation

Of course, all types on the market differ in price. Zetta tries to reduce costs in order to minimize the final price tag of the door, while maintaining high quality. The cost of any product depends on many qualities. Main criteria:

  • The thickness of the metal. The more material is spent on the manufacture of the structure, the more the cost of the structure increases. This indicator is especially important for those who are worried about the quality of the burglar-resistant door. It should be borne in mind that this affects the weight of the product, and not all walls can withstand such loads.
  • Fittings. In the production of used components verified manufacturers, which also differ in classes of security. The cost of the castle alone can reach 40,000 rubles. Accordingly, this will be taken into account when forming the final price of the product.
  • Finish Depending on the wishes of the client and taking into account fashion trends, the company Zetta offers a great variety of options. Standard finishing panels are seldom made of expensive materials. But manufacturers can also offer customized solutions. Accordingly, it also affects the cost.Additional metal structures, sheets, forging, moldings can also be used as decorative elements. In some cases, this increases the strength of the canvas.

Choosing a protective structure for your home, decide on all desires and what criteria to leave in priority.

Steel doors from Zetta will be a reliable protector for you and your property for a long time.

Interior doors

In the modern world, sometimes there is not enough comfort. Some people need privacy to spend time alone with themselves, or separately from the company. Provide insulation inside the house helps interior doors.

Trends of modernity dictate their conditions to their choice. Zetta factory tries to keep up with the times and is constantly expanding the range of products offered.

Exterior coatings for interior doors Zetta differ a great variety.

  • Veneer. Thin section of natural wood, pasted on the base. It is made of wood of those species that are easy to process, but retain their properties well in the production process. A variety of shades, a wide choice of material processing, naturalness make such doors one of the most popular products.
  • PVC Artificial PVC coating.It is highly resistant to mechanical damage. Most often, the coating is smooth and, upon closer inspection, loses its natural material in appearance.
  • One of the modern materials that allows you to simulate as accurately as possible. natural veneer. Consists of 90% polypropylene and 10% wood. Environmentally friendly material, has an elastic structure. It is quite difficult to damage it, it is not afraid of chemistry and exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Lamination. The coating on the basis of printed pattern, followed by the application of a protective layer. Depending on the availability and thickness of protection, the physical properties also change. Usually - the cheapest production. Often, such coatings are susceptible to UV radiation, unless they have special protection.


Consumers who have chosen for themselves the products of the company Zetta, always leave the most positive feedback about the purchased product. Whatever criteria are applied to the design, they can all be satisfied in the company's product range.

If you choose a budget option, you can easily choose from the proposed ready-made models.Highlighting some kind of quality, sound insulation, burglary resistance, appearance, compliance with interior doors, everything is present in the finished structures.

Those customers who make an individual interior are offered a wide range of options for custom-made products. Perhaps it takes more time, which takes to manufacture, but it will be your door that meets all requirements.

Stopping the choice on this product, buyers are confident in the quality of the products. The Zetta company gives a guarantee for all manufactured entrance structures and door linings for interior doors, which is also noted by all who bought products.

See the next video on how to choose the right Zetta entrance door.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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