Radiator Enamels: Composition Characteristics and Selection Guidelines

 Radiator Enamels: Composition Characteristics and Selection Guidelines

In the modern world there are many colors and shades, thanks to which you can paint the battery so that it blends harmoniously into any interior. Heating radiators are painted in order to bring them into a presentable look and protect the battery from rust. Before you buy the right paint, you need to familiarize yourself with all types of compositions.


Products used for dyeing batteries come in different consistencies and are used to coat different metals.Many of them are used to cover the outer part of radiators, and the rest - for the inside. Each type of paint is distinguished by its features and qualities inherent only to it. So, it is necessary to deal with the main types of coloring compositions.


A few years ago, oil paints were the most common means of painting radiator pipes.

Today, no one uses such compositions due to the following disadvantages:

  • have a sharp unpleasant odor;
  • after some time they will turn yellow and crack.

Repeated staining of the radiator still does not betray his old look.


The composition of this paint has a so-called polyacrylate - a substance that forms a film. If you want the colorful product does not have a strong smell, then the coating on the polyacrylate will be the best solution. Such products, for example, “Universal”, are often used in living rooms, since they have almost no smell. The main advantage of this choice is that acrylic paint can be diluted with plain water. After drying it will not crack and will not be erased, it is easily cleaned from dust.There are glossy and matte varieties of the composition.


Products made of powder are considered the most resistant to mechanical stress and are characterized by a long service life. This radiator paint will have to be heated, after which it polarizes and a homogeneous substance is obtained. The average polymerization temperature of such compounds is + 200–350 degrees. These products are not used in homes due to the fact that painting will have to heat the base. Cars are painted the same way.


This version of paint creates a film on the metal surface. It is high strength and brilliant. If you properly prepare the surface of the battery, the alkyd coating can last up to five years.

There are various substances in the composition of alkyd enamel, therefore the characteristics of this paint often differ.

  • Paint based on organic thinners. This composition has an unpleasant odor and high heat resistance. The main color of this paint is white, however, adding the desired dye, you can get any color.
  • Alkyd enamel on water acrylic. The main plus is the absence of sharp odors.During the purchase of such a composition should pay attention to the scope, as not all options are suitable for painting metal pipes
  • Alkyd enamel on silicone. This version of paint is super quality, rarely used and can withstand a critical temperature of up to +600 degrees. This enamel can be painted absolutely everything - from batteries to stoves.

Attention! If you buy white enamel, then you should pay attention to the fact that the composition was not chalk. If the description on the package will be chalk, then this composition will quickly deteriorate and will turn yellow at elevated temperatures, so it will not be suitable for painting batteries. In high-quality formulations are titanium white. These paints are very reliable, but they are twice as expensive as ordinary paints.

Colorful products in cans

Over the past few years, spray can painting has become very popular. To work with this paint does not need painting skills. When choosing a paint also do not forget about the degree of operation.

Compositions and general characteristics

Products used for batteries are somewhat different from all other paints.

Before you purchase them, you need to familiarize yourself with all the characteristics of such products.

  • The paint composition should not contain any toxic substances that can harm human health. That is, the coloring agent must be clean. Attention! All foreign manufacturers are regulated by the European standard, and Russian must comply with the standards of the GOST. If any other standards are found on the paint can, which differ from state standards, then most likely this product is of poor quality.
  • Paint, which will be painted battery, must withstand temperatures of more than +70 degrees. Lower rates of heat resistance of the composition entail the peeling of paint or yellowed color. It should be noted that +70 degrees is the minimum allowable temperature.
  • It is advisable to buy paints that dry quickly, thereby significantly reducing the battery painting time. This item is not considered mandatory, however, it is recommended to choose this option.
  • Absolutely all such products must be anti-corrosion. Due to this property, the radiator will be more resistant to external influences.
  • There are compounds that, after coloring the metal, begin to emit a sharp unpleasant odor, and it persists until the product is completely dry. This option is worth buying for apartments that are well ventilated.
  • Each composition created for application to the metal must be moisture resistant. This property is mandatory so that pipes can be cleaned with a damp cloth in the future.
  • In addition to all other points, these paints should be quite heat-conducting so as not to lower the heat exchange between the radiator and the air in the room.

Recommendations for selection

Before acquiring the color composition of the radiator, you need to decide what surface to paint. The surface as a result happens from gloss or opaque. Glossy products easily reveal uneven places, therefore, are not suitable for any type of surface.

Almost always, the radiators are made of cast iron and are not smooth.therefore it is better to use matte colorful products. Matte shades also have negative sides. For example, white paint after some time will become darker due to the fact that in these compositions there are microcracks in which dust accumulates.Such dirt cannot be washed off, so it is advisable to resort to the use of dark shades. The ideal color of the battery - the color of the rest of the interior in the room.

Stages of painting

Painting the radiator consists of several stages.

  • Before you start painting, you need to lay unnecessary paper sheets, cardboard or material on the floor so as not to stain the floor and walls.
  • You need to buy a pair of brushes and special gloves. Brush bristles should not be hard. The first brush may be normal, and the second - arched. The second brush painted inaccessible places.
  • The main rule: you need to paint from top to bottom (from the top half of the pipe to the bottom). At first internal overlappings are painted, and then - all other parts in order not to get dirty by yourself.
  • After applying the initial layer, it is worth waiting until it dries, and paint a second time.

The battery can be painted with any kind of paint, as long as it is heat resistant, and you should not forget about the technology of application.

On how to paint the battery yourself, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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