Sectional doors: advantages and disadvantages

To ensure the proper level of garage security and not worry about the possibility that intruders might enter, you should consider purchasing a sectional door. Of course, you can purchase designs easier, but then you should not rely too much on the high level of their quality, safety and comfortable use.

However, before this, it is necessary to study the types of these structures, evaluate their advantages and learn about possible shortcomings, as well as familiarize themselves with their manufacturers, who today hold leading positions in the market.

Special features

The main function of sectional garage doors is to insulate the room, as well as protection from intruders. Such constructions make it possible to ensure these conditions, since they have one distinctive feature. It is about the maneuverability of the canvas.

In addition, with the help of sectional doors for the garage, space expansion can be achieved.

This is also important for the owners of such buildings.

The design itself consists of a certain number of sections, which are assembled from the so-called sandwich panels. Those, in turn, are fastened together by means of loops.

It is worth noting that such panels have excellent thermal insulation properties.

In order to prevent the appearance of corrosion, they are treated with a special composition of polymers.

In addition, the buyer will appreciate the wide range of these products. Everyone will be able to choose the design in accordance with their requirements.

Most people give their preference for gates from German companies. They are satisfied with the ratio of price and quality, as well as the presence of all the necessary components.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any mechanisms have certain pros and cons, which should be paid attention to before buying. Sectional doors in this respect are no exception.

The main advantage of this type of gate is its anti-burglar.

When installing them, it will be possible to get inside only when the fabric is cutting through. However, doing all this without noise will not work.

The next positive criterion is the durability of the structure. But in order for it to last a really long time, you should buy gates made from high-quality galvanized metals.

In addition, as indicated above, they provide insulation of the room. At the same time, the size of such structures leaves more free space than other species. This parameter is selected when measuring the opening. After that, the selection of the appropriate type is made. The next advantage can be considered ease of management. To do this, some owners install automatic for sectional doors.

In general, this type of design has incorporated all the positive qualities of rolettes and swing gates. However, in comparison with roller blinds, sectional doors have a higher reliability index.

Despite all these advantages, such products still have certain disadvantages.

Here is a list of some of them:

  • Great weight. This is not the main disadvantage, since almost all such constructions are quite heavy;
  • Slightly overpriced consumption of materials;
  • The possibility of a certain difficulty at the entrance to the garage. To open the gate, you will have to get out of the car at a distance of about 1.5-2 meters from the line of the installed structure;
  • In the open state, they take about 30 centimeters of height in the opening;
  • In case of serious damage to the web, complete disassembly is required.

It should be noted that these shortcomings still do not change the attitude of users to such mechanisms. They are credible and are considered to be a very practical and convenient solution.

Types of designs

Sectional doors for the most part can be found on the garages of private house owners. However, they are widely used in other areas. For example, they are common at car service stations, car dealerships, hangars and other places.

That is why experts have divided sectional designs into two types:

  1. For home use;
  2. For industrial operation.

Concerning the latter, more serious demands are made, since the gates installed in such places are used much more often. Accordingly, their durability should be at a high level under increased load. In addition, we must not forget about the fire characteristics.Also, special attention should be paid to the fact that when installing such constructions the threshold is small, which means that there are no obstacles to the free entry and exit of cars.

For domestic use, buyers pay attention to the rubber seals and prefer insulated models. In addition, it is important that the device is comfortable to use.

Type of lifting mechanisms

The type of lift at the gate is determined depending on the height parameters.

There are several options:

  • Standard. The curtain in this case has a height of 35 to 60 centimeters. With such a lift, standard equipment is used. The highest width of the gate with such characteristics is 7 meters, and the height reaches 9.

The main advantage of such lifting is a low cost and low load on the springs. The latter improves the quality of work.

  • Reduced. The height of the lintel varies from 15 to 35 centimeters. In this embodiment, the lower section overhangs, it closes the opening at the top.
  • Tall. The height of the lintel must be at least 60 centimeters.To connect the automation in this mechanism is used exclusively axial drive type. This type of lifting implies a higher cost of components compared to others, as well as a more labor-intensive installation process.
  • Inclined (high or standard). This option is provided in cases where there is an increase in the ceiling to the rear wall of the room. The height of the lintel can be from 0.5 to 1.5 meters. This type is considered the most expensive among the rest. Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible to do without such a recovery.
  • Vertical. It is divided, in turn, into two types according to the location of the spring: above and below. In any of the options for automation use an axial drive. It should be noted that this type can only be used on canvases whose weight does not exceed 1 ton.

The measurer or consultant will help you choose the type of lifting required during the order of the structure. For this it is necessary to carry out careful measurements of the opening. To choose the most suitable design, you should draw up a diagram of your opening and put down the numerical values ​​on the paper.

Sometimes customers resort to this method of “fitting” the opening for a standard lift, such as a false panel.

That is, if the height of the lintel is insufficient, then you can slightly increase it. For this purpose, a false panel is installed, which has the necessary parameters, on top of the opening. This trick saves the budget, since the cost of a standard lift is much lower than the price of unconventional options.

Lifting sectional doors is carried out with the help of spring tension.

There are two types of this mechanism:

  • With tension springs. They are located on the sides of the product. During lifting, they are stretched, and at the time of lowering, they return to their previous position.
  • With gross springs (torsion). A special shaft is installed above the opening. When the door is closed, the springs are fixed. When the lifting of the canvas occurs, they curl. When this occurs, the accumulation of elasticity. Its release is carried out at the time of lowering.

To determine the choice of lifting mechanism, you should consider some factors. For example, the main one is the presence of heating in the garage.For heated premises, it is more expedient to use a torsion type mechanism, although its cost is somewhat higher than the price of a mechanism with tension springs. The high price is compensated by excellent performance.

In addition, you can always install an electric drive, with which the lift control will become even easier.

Automation capabilities

In today's world, with its speed, time is above all appreciated. When it is necessary to have time to work in the morning, there is no time to spend it on opening the locks or bolts of the garage door. Save precious minutes will help sectional doors. With them, just get rid of unnecessary trouble. And for even greater comfort, automation of the process of opening and closing structures has been created.

But as with the choice of any other device, many criteria should be considered regarding the purchase of a drive for automation.

Automation is designed not only for comfortable use of this type of door, but also to protect the car and the garage as a whole from unwanted guests. This effect can be obtained using the specified settings.To increase security, you can program self-closing.

Of course, you can use the design in mechanical mode. However, only with the installation of such an additional element you will be able to feel all the advantages of a sectional door.

To date, there are several types of automation:

  • With bulk drive. The main feature of this device is a high rate of power and intensity. It can be easily purchased by the owners of large gates, which can be installed, for example, in a car-care center. In addition, they have a simple principle of operation.

This device has a reinforced chain device. Therefore, when a power outage it can be run in manual mode.

  • Ceiling automatic. This appliance is great for home use. Its power allows you to open and close more compact gates. However, its cost is much lower than that of the bulk drive. The installation of this device is also different from the previous one. It is placed on the ceiling in the center near the opening.It is worth noting that such an automation option is easy not only to install, but also to continue to use.

The main advantage that unites both devices is the presence of a security system.

Due to the built-in locking disc, which works in unexpected situations, you can not worry about the fact that your car or the family that is in it, may suffer.

In most cases, an automatic drive is supplied as part of a sectional door set. If the gate was purchased separately or you made it yourself, then you can additionally buy an automation device and adjust the gate.

When buying this device should take into account certain factors, namely:

  • Gate area, as well as their weight. These two parameters are the most important in selecting the right mechanism. On drive packages there are these indicators. In order to avoid mistakes in this matter, you need to make careful measurements of the gate. In this case, you should look at models that have a power reserve of about 30 percent.Thus, the fixture will serve you longer and you will not have to worry about the load.
  • Brand and manufacturer. It is worth remembering that a device for automation of a sectional type gate is a rather serious thing. Its assembly is carried out through the use of modern technical developments. Although the technologies of almost all firms are the same, the materials used for products may differ. The most budget option are Chinese models. However, they are short-lived and become unsuitable after a short period of time.

Therefore, experts recommend not to spare money and purchase products from European brands.

  • Additional functions. Any automation device has certain specific functions. For example, it is very convenient to have photocells that react when moving, as well as signal-type lamps or antennas that allow you to control the device from a long distance.

After examining all the parameters and determining the choice, you should think about the place where this product will be purchased. Do not rush and make such a serious purchase in unverified points of sale.

Very often, wanting to save money, buyers can get to unscrupulous sellers who, under the guise of one of the famous brands, can offer a device from Chinese manufacturers.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to distinguish a fake product from a genuine one. To notice this, unfortunately, is possible only during operation.

That is why you should trust the stores that specialize in such products. In this case, you can get advice from a specialist and buy a device that meets all your requirements and expectations.


Sectional doors are not only reliable, but also stylish. Manufacturers have taken care of the diversity of textures and shades, so that metal structures harmoniously fit into any style of design of the facade.

So, the design of the panels can be very diverse. Among the wide range you can find several options for surfaces. They can be smooth, rough or imitate wood.

There is also the possibility of staining with a protective paint.

Of course, its main purpose is to protect it from corrosion and weather conditions., but at the same time a large selection of color solutions allows you to give the product an original look and make it stand out from other design elements. Although this is not the most important factor when choosing a sectional door, it still deserves some attention from the buyer. And since the operation of the structure implies a long period, it is impossible to underestimate this criterion.

Locking methods

Sectional doors have 3 different locking options:

  1. With the help of a spring bolt. This fixture comes complete with the entire structure. This method is suitable for garages, in which there is an additional passage, since the locking occurs from the inside.
  2. Through the built-in lock. This option resembles the principle of closing the roller shutter. The lock is transom and is equipped with two handles, as well as a turnkey hole. Handles are located in the center of the canvas. Thus, by pulling them, it is possible to carry out the process of closing / opening the gate unhindered.
  3. Automation. This method was described above. It should be added that the locking process takes place through automatic locking of the drive.She reacts to the lowered cloth. In addition, such devices provide for emergency emergency unlocking.

From the written it is clear that the latter method is suitable for an automated process, and the first two - for the mechanical. In addition, you can always install an additional valve. It can be very useful in the long absence of the owner.

Criterias of choice

Many are interested in the issue of proper selection of sectional doors. After all, I do not want to waste my money and get a poor-quality product. Therefore, there are certain selection criteria. Thanks to familiarization with them you will be able to find a good option for both home use and, for example, for a car wash and even freezers.

Of course, you can look at the swing gates, which are very popular. However, to ensure comfortable operation, it is still better to give preference to the section type.

The main characteristics that should be considered when buying a sectional door are:

  • Compliance with quality standards;
  • Price category and manufacturer;
  • Ability to isolate heat and noise;
  • Properties of the seal;
  • Surface view;
  • Optional accessories.

There are certain security requirements. They are governed by quality standards. All of them were approved by both European and domestic countries.

They stipulate certain criteria, among which there are such points:

  • Is there a special protective mechanism that will protect the user if the spring is damaged and the sheet is self-omitted?
  • Whether the user is protected from injury when using the structure.

It is precisely the last point that must be taken with due responsibility, since neglect of this factor can have undesirable consequences.

Hence the need to choose a manufacturer. Today the most popular are companies from Belarus, Germany and Russia. The products of their production have some differences in size, external data, as well as in the functional set. In addition, the warranty period for the product may vary.

Russian companies make good quality constructions, but at the same time give them a guarantee of up to three years.Belarusian companies also come. Their warranty is 2 years.

As for the German manufacturers, they offer their customers not only high quality products, but also warranty service for a rather long period - 10 years.

However, all firms offer a wide range of models. Therefore, everyone can find for themselves the best option.

It is worth noting that Germany provides all the necessary accessories for its components. Thus, you do not have to search for any additional item separately.

The provision of thermal insulation is also quite an important criterion in the selection of sectional type gates for the garage. It should be remembered that in this room you can be for quite a long time, doing repairs to your car during the cold season.

To reduce heat loss can be achieved by installing a device for automation.

In this case, you can not worry about the possible gaps that produce heat and help to cool the floor. In addition, they allow you to get rid of external sounds that are heard from the street.So, you can work in a relaxed atmosphere, without being distracted by background noise.

When choosing a sectional door, it is important to pay attention to the thickness and internal filling of the leaf.

Manufacturers offer two designs: double-walled and single-walled. In the first case, a canvas with insulation. It contains polyurethane foam, which has a high level of density. As mentioned above, each company offers gates with different parameters. But on average, the thickness of the product is 4.2 - 4.5 cm.

To ensure complete sealing of the sectioned product, a closed loop is located above and below the panels. Its presence helps to increase the service life of the whole structure, and also prevents the possible separation of material from mechanical and climatic influences.

This condition is also provided with a seal. Due to this, the heat output from the room is reduced. There are two types of material used. In the first variant it is presented with one petal, and in the second - with two. The latter is considered to be more effective. That is why it is used more often for the purpose of total sealing.It is made from polymer rubber.

Before buying it is recommended to check in practice the section of automatic type. To do this, you need to press your hands on the canvas from the outside and inside. If you notice the occurrence of cracks on the sides, then such a product is poor quality and suggests a possible outflow of heat from the room.

Another important factor is the corrosion resistance of the structure. The thickness of the galvanized metal is 0.4 millimeter. In order to protect the outer surface of the canvas from possible damage, a special polymer-decorative layer is applied to it. Such a manipulation allows to increase the duration of operation many times. Therefore, choosing a sectional door, it is important to clarify what material is made fittings, as well as the thickness of the coating.

Virtually any serious product can not do without additional accessories. So, a wicket door is often added to the movable sash. Such a solution is considered appropriate when installing long structures. The sash itself can be panoramic. It is not necessary to choose a solid canvas.Also, if necessary, users purchase grilles that provide ventilation.

Such additional elements make the garage not only lighter, but also safer. The grilles remove accumulated gases from the room, thus making the air cleaner.

When installing an automatic control for a moving sash, some devices may be required. For example, a remote control or transponder card. Of course, there are still a lot of other components that will add useful features for easy operation of sectional doors.

If you follow all the instructions and study all the characteristics well, then it will become much easier to choose the design. In addition, you can always consult with experts and express their wishes regarding this product.


After you have decided on the choice of sectional doors and purchased the model that suits your requirements, you should learn about the intricacies of its installation. Of course, it is possible to entrust such work to a master, but most owners prefer to do it with their own hands. In addition, the installation of structures does not take much time and is quite understandable, providedThat you have experience in such occupations.

First you need to prepare all the tools and check the availability of the necessary elements.

Here is a list of what should be cooked:

  1. Laser level. It is needed in the event that the width of the gate will be above five meters. When assembling sectional doors are not allowed any errors. Therefore, the level of the water type for such work is not suitable.
  2. Electric drill. Required for mounting some elements.
  3. Perforator. Its power should be 1.5 kilowatts. It is needed in order to make the required holes in the concrete.
  4. Other tools. These include pliers, wire cutters, and a screwdriver.
  5. In addition, you may need a variety of elements for fasteners and corrugations.

After you have prepared all the necessary tools, it is important to measure the opening and the lintel.

Of course, it is more prudent to carry out these actions before the purchase, but re-measuring the parameters does not hurt. This will allow you to more accurately tension the fabric and provide increased comfort during use.

This task is performed in several steps:

  • First you need to determine the height of the opening.The indicator is taken not a certain height, but the place that is required to enter the car.
  • Then go to the lintel. This value determines the type of the structure itself.
  • Next, the width is measured. In this case, the resulting figure must be added to 2 cm from all sides. This is a kind of reserve for future installation.
  • Then there is the definition of the technical gap. It can not be less than 8 cm. Its presence is necessary for unhindered access to fasteners during repairs.
  • The latest is determined by the depth of the room. This indicator should be slightly higher than the height, since the principle of operation of a sectional door implies raising the canvas to the ceiling.

Further required to carry out the preparation of the opening. Once you have ordered the design, you have time to perform this task. The manufacturing process takes about two weeks. This is quite enough for preparation.

It is also performed step by step:

  1. First of all, you should plaster the ceiling and walls. If you have not done this before, then it's time to do this work. This is important because after installing the guides you will not have access to some places.
  2. Next, we check the plane of all the walls in relation to the neighboring ones. Gates have the exact shape horizontally and do not tolerate any errors. Although in some cases it is possible to install the design on an uneven garage. However, in such a situation one cannot be sure in the absence of undesirable consequences.
  3. At the end of the preparation you need to finish the lintel and the walls with a metal corner. It is more appropriate to entrust this work to the master. Since the slightest mistake can lead to the fact that in the future the owner will often have to face various problems during the operation.

When all the conditions are met and you received your order, you can proceed to the most important thing - the installation.

It is worth noting that the process of installing all the canvases is quite laborious. This can be done only by experienced professionals. Therefore, if you decide to do the installation yourself, it is better to order finished products.

The installation itself is carried out in several stages:

  • The first thing is to remove or strengthen all fragile surfaces, as well as checking the flatness of the floor. If no shortcomings have been identified, the panels can be prepared for installation.It is important not to forget that the cost of construction is quite high, so it is necessary to handle it with extreme care.
  • After that, you need to make a markup. It is required to fix the guides. The first with the help of screws mounted profiles of the vertical direction. And only after that you can proceed to the installation of horizontal.
  • The next stage is the assembly of the panels (provided that you ordered a structure that is not ready for installation, otherwise you will have to stretch the canvas yourself). If you still decide to install the gate in the wrong built garage, you will have to level the distortions. It is best done through iron pads. However, their thickness should be different.
  • Then you can begin to fix the control and lifting mechanisms. In addition, at this stage you should not neglect the installation instructions offered by the manufacturer.
  • After the installation of the main elements is completed, the installation of additional elements (locks, hinges, handles, cables, etc.) takes place.
  • The last mounted springs. They are responsible for raising and lowering the web. And the final chord of the installation work becomes limiters.They provide the required limitation of the movement of the web.

Adhering to the planned scheme, this work will take only one day, with a stretch - two.

Particular attention should be paid to the torsion shaft and rollers. Otherwise, the life of the structure may be reduced.

When the installation has come to an end, certain checks must be performed again. This time regarding the already installed and ready to use structure.

The main indicator of proper installation is the gap, which may or may not appear when the sash is lowered.

If it is absent, it means that you did everything right and the seals will fully perform their function. In addition, if the seals are visible from the outside of the canvas, then most likely an error was made during measurements.

Then you need to inspect the bottom. The seal that is located here must be completely adjacent to the floor covering.

Lastly, the balancing (spring) check is performed.

Repair and maintenance

There are cases when sectional doors become faulty.It may also be necessary to replace individual parts that have failed. To prevent some problematic situations, it is recommended not to neglect maintenance.

This test should be carried out regularly - at least once every 12 months.

In addition, this applies to all types of doors: swing, sliding, sliding, etc. This is especially important if the doors are installed in places with adverse weather conditions and are often exposed to them. Also, this test is recommended for structures that are used in industrial production.

During maintenance, the loops are lubricated, various elements are checked for damage, and the locking function is also checked.

Of course, any malfunctions can be avoided. But if it did happen, then first of all, you should seek the help of professionals. If they decide that you can fix this damage yourself, then with the help of step-by-step instructions you can proceed to repair.

You can also carry out the replacement of some elements yourself, if the case does not concern any serious devices.In addition, after a certain period of time you will learn to do a lot on your own. And with proper care for the structure you will be able to extend its service life.

Manufacturers and reviews

Currently, there are many manufacturers on the market for the sale of sectional doors. And it can be both foreign and domestic firms.

However, there are three companies that stand out from the rest:

  1. Hörmann (Germany);
  2. Alutech (Belorussia);
  3. Doorhan (Russia).

The greatest trust of users unconditionally causes the German brand. The company made sure that customers were satisfied with their products.

Indeed, the products have a high level of quality, and are also presented in a fairly wide range. In addition, a long warranty period attracts buyers.

However, Russian and Belarusian firms are quite capable of providing worthy competition to this manufacturer. Their peremptory advantage is a more affordable price. At the same time you can be convinced of quality of goods and be surprised at the level of operational characteristics.

The products of the manufacturers can be purchased from dealers, whose branches are located throughout the territory of our country. In addition, turning to such stores when ordering sectional doors, you will be sure that you have purchased a really high-quality product.

The main feature of these three companies is that they have developed their network in all regions, in contrast to Novosibirsk Zaiger, which possesses good qualities, but at the same time only residents of Novosibirsk and the surrounding areas can assess its advantages.

There are also other manufacturers that are worthy of attention to one degree or another:

  • Nice;
  • Protrend;
  • Rsd02;
  • Came;
  • Ryterna.

All these brands are constantly improving and strive to gain recognition from users. However, today they are not competitive, therefore their positions are not included in the lists of the first.

For those who want to save their money, planned for the purchase of sectional doors, there are Chinese companies that make them.

Unfortunately, at low cost, the quality level of such products is appropriate. That is why they are not recommended to buy when frequent use is expected. That is, they are completely unsuitable for exploitation for industrial purposes.

Before buying any product you should always familiarize yourself in advance with not only the characteristics, varieties and criteria for choosing a product, but also study the opinion of those people who have already experienced it.

As for the sectional door, then about them the owners have left many different reviews.

Of course, most of them are laudatory. This applies particularly to the three manufacturers mentioned. The owners say that they are easy to use, as well as satisfied with the kit they received when ordering sectional doors. In addition, some praise the ease of installation due to clear instructions.

The purchase of a sectional type gate is a very responsible and serious event. In order to continue using this design, you would not have to regret the money spent, you can not neglect the advice on the selection of such a product. Therefore, it is necessary to objectively assess the necessity and possibility of installing sectional doors, think over all the nuances and carefully study their features. Only in this case, you get the desired result. And the design acquired by you will serve you for many years.

So that in the future you will not be disappointed, it is better to buy sectional doors at dealership points of sales of famous brands. Such enterprises care about their reputation and treat every client with due respect. In addition, you can get all the necessary answers to your questions from real professionals in their field. It will also be a certain guarantee of quality and you can be sure that in the event of any malfunction you will not be left without help.

Step-by-step instructions for mounting sectional doors, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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