How to make a wardrobe room with your own hands: design projects

Currently, huge walls, massive cabinets and all kinds of bollards fade into the background, remaining in the shadow of modern design solutions. To help rationally decompose and fit a large number of different things can such a functional area as a dressing room. It was she who absorbed all the functions of a regular wardrobe or closet.

Dressing room, as a rule, is not universal, since such a room requires special attention. It must match the taste preferences of the owner. In order for this zone to really suit the owners, it is necessary to consider some of its features and properties.


In order to personally create a dressing room, you need to make sure whether it is really necessary for the available space. Such a zone is undoubtedly the dream of every girl and not only.It accommodates a huge number of things that can not be accommodated in a regular closet, things in it are put in order and laid out in plain sight, and here you can also change privately.

Also, the dressing room has a huge number of features that need to be mentioned.

  • In it, you can easily find any thing, because the clothes are arranged in specially designed shelves, hangers and drawers.
  • This zone is the focus of absolutely all things, depending on the typical characteristics.
  • Objects or things that are rarely involved in everyday life, easily fit on the most extreme shelves and do not distract attention.
  • Having made a dressing room, you can save a lot, because the question of purchasing several cabinets and shelves is postponed.
  • If such a functional zone is selected with the calculation of all characteristics, it will serve the owner for one year.
  • It adapts to the interior of any room and can be located both in the entrance area and in the attic.
  • Its internal content is planned individually.
  • It can accommodate fairly large items, such as an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner or a clothes dryer.


Few who do not want to have a dressing room in their apartment.Many believe that it is an unaffordable luxury luxury, but this is only a delusion. Currently, anyone can afford a room that saves space and connects all things that have not found a place in a small closet.

To choose the right layout you only need to decide on the design of the dressing room and choose one of the appropriate types.

  • Linear. This type of appearance is very similar to the large and long wardrobe. Such a wardrobe is fenced off by a wall of plasterboard and doors - with ordinary sliding doors, thick curtains, or it is not fenced off at all.
  • Angular. This type of functional area will perfectly fit into any free corner and will be no less practical. Here you can fit shelves, drawers and hangers that were placed in a separate dressing room. In addition, the addition will be the corner personally ordered boxes.
  • Parallel. This type is suitable only for walk-through rooms or for a wide corridor. It provides for the parallel arrangement of two cabinets filled with clothes. A large number of things will enter here, the outerwear of the whole family will fit into it.
  • U-shaped. This option is suitable for those who have a long bedroom. It can be visually divided into two parts: in one there will be a built-in wardrobe on the whole wall, in the other - a bed with bedside tables. Arranging everything in this way, you can balance the room, make it more symmetrical and maximally tightly furnish the room.

It should be noted that when drafting a dressing room, it is necessary to divide it into several parts:

  • for outerwear;
  • for casual wear;
  • for shoes;
  • for private dressing


Ordinary cabinets visually appear large and massive, unlike wardrobes, which have sufficient capacity and non-load appearance. They can be located both in the bedroom and in the living room, or, for example, in the corridor. Thus, in one place you can collect the entire family wardrobe, even if this zone is small.

This is not to say that small dressing rooms are useless and optional. They also hold a certain amount of clothing, but it all depends on how much and what will be placed in them.

There is a long-established shape in the form of a rectangle. Such a zone is designed for dressing one person and, in fact, the things themselves. When arranging this small room, it requires special attention, because you need to take into account the location of the mirror and the pouf so that they do not interfere.

The most successful and practical placement of a mini-dressing room is a bedroom or attic 2x2. With the help of her room will be easy, harmonious in all plans and, importantly, comfortable. It will be perfectly located in a niche in which hangers and various boxes for shoes or other items can easily fit.

Also, the original option will be placement around the perimeter of the wall. Sliding doors for this small space can be made of glass or wood.

In order to save extra square meters of the bedroom, the dressing room can be installed in the corner. This will be not only a practical and rather convenient option, but also quite stylish and textured. If a small amount is allocated to such a zone, the perfect solution would be to divide the room in half by means of a thick curtain, behind which there will be a special place for storing clothes.

For a room with 4 square meters. m or 3 square meters. m, space for free circulation is limited. It can comfortably accommodate only one person. With such dimensions, you need to pay attention to every detail in order to complete all items as much as possible. A taboo on this small space is superimposed on bulky items, since they simply cannot find a place. You need to use everything from floor to ceiling. And to keep a couple of free centimeters will help shelves, located almost under the ceiling, which fit things that do not find use, but sorry to throw.

For those who love order, an open wardrobe of 2x2 is suitable, it will help to save the budget, because there is no need to spend on a partition in the form of a door or a curtain. And for those who store heaps of things and try to fit them in the same space, a closed wardrobe will become an excellent assistant, and no one will see a huge pile of clothes behind the door.

It is possible to construct a functional area for things even indoors in 2 square meters. m, because and for him you can make a practical and comfortable dressing room.The main thing - to calculate everything to the smallest detail and properly staffed.

A great solution would be to place a dressing room in a room of 18 meters, and this is usually a bedroom or a living room. It is necessary to create the design of this zone in accordance with the interior of the room itself, it is necessary to take into account every detail and responsibly approach the color solution and light. If you want to increase the available space, you can attach it to the sliding doors of the dressing room mirror, thereby visually adding a couple of square meters to the room.

The functional area of ​​3x4 meters is quite spacious. It accommodates various bars, drawers, hangers, breeches, baskets for shoes, shelves, sections for such items as an ironing board or vacuum cleaner and, of course, a mirror. The layout here should be comfortable and convenient, and an additional piece of comfort can add a soft pouf.


With the acquisition of a dressing room, a huge number of problems are solved: saving space, the appearance of a place for changing clothes and keeping personal belongings from prying eyes. Such a comfortable and multifunctional zone can be made by hand,the main thing is to study the construction technique in detail, read the basics of the organization and disassemble what exactly this construction is made of.

From plasterboard

To build a plasterboard dressing room is quite a bold, but at the same time, a reasonable solution, because with this material you can choose any size of the planned zone, fill it with a different number of shelves. In order not to make mistakes in the manufacture, you must strictly follow the steps:

  • To begin with, measure the area chosen to house your future dressing room.
  • Decide for yourself or write down a list of ideas and concepts that you would like to implement.
  • From a number of all the listed options, choose one and modify it so that the design of this functional area fits the interior design.
  • Execute compiled schemes and calculations.
  • Purchase drywall sheets according to size and markup.
  • Cut out the main parts.
  • Make a frame of metal structures.
  • Sheathe the framework with cut-out parts of plasterboard.
  • Finish the installation by decorating the outer part of the resulting zone.


For those who want to quickly arrange and change the space of the room, the construction of mesh dressing room is suitable. This way of solving the problem of lack of space for clothes is less expensive and very fast. Mesh zones are able to bring lightness and airiness into the room, which, sometimes, is so lacking. Outwardly, this design looks quite original, since it consists of many small compartments in which most of the available clothes fit.

Such wardrobe have a number of advantages and features. They are widely used because they are attractive and affordable, have many modifications, colors, are very easy to install, can be understaffed and, in the end, they look stylish and original.


An area made of chipboard or laminated chipboard is convenient, but not universal, since the shelves are already mounted in a frame and cannot be rearranged. But despite this, this design has many features. DSP is a relatively inexpensive material, unlike aluminum frames. You can also save well, for example, on the leg, replacing such a branded accessory with an ordinary barbell or a shelf.

The wooden structure looks gentle, besides, it can be chosen in different colors.


This material is very durable and wear-resistant, and is often used for the manufacture of partitions. It has a low price, so anyone can afford it. In addition, plywood is easy to use, and for its cutting does not require experience and professional materials. It is universal and easily changes shape without even deforming.


Wooden wardrobe system has an aesthetic and rich look. It is nice and comfortable to be in it. Such a zone is usually separated from the main room by sliding doors that are capable of hiding everything that is there. In addition, the tree - an environmentally friendly material, it does not harm health and, thanks to its characteristics, will last for many years.


Such material is produced by gluing and pressing shavings of coniferous trees. It is resistant to fire, has no defects, has excellent sound insulation characteristics. OSB is very often used in the decoration, because it has an inexpensive cost and, importantly, does not react to moisture.


These are thin sheets having a woody structure. Since the tree has a rather expensive cost, an excellent replacement will be the veneer, which is as close as possible to it. It is worth noting that natural veneer is also not cheap.If the budget for the acquisition of material is modest, help will be able to artificial veneer, which looks no worse.

Accommodation options

In order to properly and intelligently arrange a dressing room, you need, first of all, to navigate and compare the area of ​​the room in which this zone will be located. Even if the room is small, it can fit such a functional system.

In order not to wonder where all the same to equip a dressing room, it is necessary to consider several options for a successful placement.

From the pantry

It is possible to build a spacious dressing room from an ordinary pantry, since it is already separated by a door and equipped with electricity. The advantage is that you do not need to think about where to place such a zone, because the space for the former storage room has long been predetermined in terms of the apartment. A typical storeroom has an area of ​​2 square meters. M, that would be great for a spacious dressing room. If you have decided to change the space in the apartment this way, it means that this is indeed the right and right decision.

In the bedroom

A bedroom, like any other room, requires free space.To do this, you need to plan the placement of a dressing room so that there is enough space for a comfortable stay. If the room is spacious enough, a large functional area for clothes with sliding doors will easily fit in it.

If the bedroom is small, you can resort to zoning. It is an open system that does not visually reduce the space and will help save extra meters. Hangers and shelves, nailed to the wall, will add comfort to the room, and decorative drawers will make some neatness.

You can also fit a dressing room in a niche, this option will not look massive and heavy. Internal content for this type of solution can be chosen and designed independently; everything depends only on personal preferences and taste characteristics.

Optionally, you can make a multifunctional partition in the form of a screen, which can be completely removed, thereby making the dressing room open.

In "Khrushchev"

Apartments built during the colorful Soviet statesman are distinguished by the presence of a niche. Its alteration in the wardrobe room becomes the original and practical decision.Usually such a room is very small, and standard furniture is unlikely to fit. Exit this position will help custom furniture, in which each owner can translate any design idea.

In the hall

If this room has a small area, it will turn out to be a great corner option for a dressing room in which a sufficient amount of clothes for the whole family will fit. The same practical solution would be to create an open zone in the corridor, but if there is a niche for this. Shelves, drawers, hangers or decorative metal tubes can be placed into it.

In a private house

It is necessary to place such a functional area next to the bedroom, as it is very convenient. It is also necessary to take into account that it is desirable to arrange it so that every member of the family does not feel discomfort and can freely get into it. As a rule, frequent houses have a sufficiently large living space and the same spacious rooms that can accommodate a dressing room of any type and size.

And if the building has two floors, such a zone will perfectly fit under the stairs and save space.

In the bathroom

The bathroom, as a rule, has a rather small area.In order to make the most of the available space, you can independently build a small open-type dressing room. In its creation will help the metal rod, which you can hang towels and other things, and a lot of decorative boxes, which fit various cosmetics.

In the panel house

The panel house is not distinguished by the presence of large and roomy rooms that would be able to accommodate a huge functional storage area, but it is quite possible to equip a small one. It is important to know and remember that it is necessary to equip it with ventilation so that clothing does not acquire a specific smell, and good lighting. For the location of the desired number of things you can draw a layout plan that distributes them correctly.

In the attic

This type of room has a specific shape, because of it, it is necessary to think through every detail of the dressing room in order to avoid mistakes. One of the best locations is the location under the slope of the roof, since it is practically not used and, in most cases, simply empty. The corner option which will be able to save as much as possible the area and so small-sized space becomes the same excellent decision.

If the attic is large enough, the dressing room can be placed by the window - this will make it comfortable for dressing and very comfortable.

In a one-room apartment

Many owners of such apartments prefer functional wardrobe system, rather than ordinary closets. It can make the room textured and stylish, but you need to take into account the key points. Depending on the geometry of the room, it is necessary to choose one of the types of existing systems, as long as it looks harmonious. The dressing room in light neutral colors with the existing mirrors will help to expand the already small apartment. With proper design, it will be possible to fit not only things, but also household appliances (for example, a vacuum cleaner)

In the country

With the help of a functional zone located in a country house, you can not hide things in suitcases, but put them in their places or hang them on hangers. With it, they will have a well-groomed appearance and will not hesitate, even if the stay in the house is short.

Under the stairs

Such a zone, located under the stairs, will help make the most of the space of a house or apartment.Inherent advantage is that in such a room you can put not only clothes, but also objects that are used quite rarely, as well as large household items.

Size planning

Many people think that arranging a dressing room in a small apartment is an unacceptable solution. But it should be noted that the usual cabinet in a small room, looks much more massive. In order to avoid such an erroneous judgment, it is only necessary to correctly design and design the design of the future functional area. If the apartment consists of large rooms, for the dressing room should take a separate spacious room.

At the initial stage of creation, you need to know the rules that will help to plan its placement correctly. Next, you need to make a drawing of the desired dressing room on paper, pre-dividing it into four zones. The first must be designed for outerwear, the second for short, the third for hats and the fourth for shoes.

When creating such a space, it is advisable to look at the finished schemes and plans that are as close as possible to the zonal arrangement of the rooms in your apartment.Push to the right decision and various samples of wardrobe, as well as ready-made ideas that are as close as possible to your taste preferences.

Arrangement and filling

Currently, there are a huge number of ways with which you can equip any room. The zone in the form of a dressing room saves space in the whole apartment, deprives it of huge heavy cabinets, leads the whole space of the apartment to order. You can decide which design will be used and acquire the necessary equipment by yourself, but not without learning some of the ideas and tips presented below.

Very original and interesting in the dressing room will look compartment door. It will create a structure that visually separates the room, but at the same time resembles a cupboard. Sliding doors, as a rule, have many advantages and advantages. They, unlike hinged ones, do not take up much space, since they have a roller mechanism that moves towards the right or left.

In addition, it can be easily decorated and decorated by resorting, for example, to photo printing or airbrushing. Another important aspect isthat such doors are safe and easy to install.

Storage area can be made in various variations and in any room. But whatever it is, its content should be the maximum number of necessary devices. These can be shelves, various boxes or a separate rack. Among the storage systems are the main ones:

  • corpus;
  • panel;
  • frame;
  • mesh

In general, the design is a separate room with departments and sections for different types of clothing or footwear. It should be noted that the most practical and multifunctional system is a panel, because it hides various defects of the walls, moreover, it can be easily moved.

In order for the inner filling of this zone to be maximally involved, it is necessary to calculate the number of racks placed in it, besides, mini-cabinets that help save space will be an excellent addition.

How to do it yourself?

If the family consists of more than three family members, it simply needs a functional area such as a dressing room. A great option would be to assign a separate room for it, but,if the area of ​​the apartment does not allow it, you can fence a certain part in one of the rooms. As is known, ordinary cabinet furniture, old or new, is not suitable for such a zone, a combined modular variant that can be assembled and disassembled independently will look more rational.

Also, to save space, sliding doors, curtains or screens covering the inner filling of the dressing room are perfect.

There are various ways to create such a functional area. For example, a great option would be to make it out of plasterboard.

This is one of the functional options that will make a separate room from the dressing room and will hide all things from prying eyes. In order to independently carry out construction at home, it is necessary to take into account several useful points:

  1. The outer compartment should be 110 cm high.
  2. For warm clothes - more than 140 cm.
  3. For shoes, the height and width of the seat is calculated by the formula - the height of the largest accessory plus 10 cm.
  4. Shelves for linen should be 40-50 cm.

It is impossible to miss the aspect that the inner content also has its own characteristics and schemes.The following options for the proper placement of shelves and other parts will help to maximize the use of space.

The placement of the structure around the perimeter of the wall, U-shaped and L-shaped placement will be able to make it as comfortable as possible.

In order to build a dressing room, it is not necessary to seek help from the masters. It is necessary only to gain a deeper insight into the essence of the matter, and step-by-step instructions will help in this.

  • First you need to mark the roomreserved for future storage space for clothes. Further we strengthen the profile frame with self-tapping screws.
  • We attach plasterboard sheets from all sides to the resulting structure., we hide for them various communications.
  • We putty holes. Next is the decorative finish in the form of painting the interior walls or wallpaper gluing.
  • We put the acquired floor covering. It may have a different structure, it all depends on the personal wishes of the owners.

How to make a dressing room - in the next video.

When the finishing work is finished, the dressing room is supplied with various drawers, shelves and hangers.

  • Install the door or a screen suitable for interior design.
  • The next stage is the installation of lighting and ventilation. so that the clothes don't get a musty smell. Window ventilation is also necessary, moreover, it has many advantages. It is in a closed space without ventilation that microorganisms are formed in the form of a fungus due to which the air acquires a fetid odor. After wearing, things and shoes acquire a specific smell, and in order for it to disappear, daily ventilation will help. It should be borne in mind that if the air circulation is incorrect, wet clothing tends to deteriorate.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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