Dressing room, its design and content

 Dressing room, its design and content

A dressing room is not just a room for storing clothes, but a real boudoir for a woman in which you can try on clothes, do makeup, cosmetic procedures and even relax from everyday worries.

In order to feel as comfortable as possible in the dressing room, it is important to take care of the beautiful design and functional arrangement.

Features and benefits

Dressing room is a separate room for storing clothes, shoes and accessories. Although it will be small, it will still be much more convenient than any cabinet.

Usually, for its arrangement, a separate room is allocated in the house, for example, it is converted from a storeroom or a loggia. Sometimes the dressing room is mounted from scratch, highlighting a place in the bedroom or hallway.

The advantages of a storage room are obvious - all your clothes will be visible, neatly folded or hung over hangers, you will always have instant access to everything you need.

It is only important to choose the right number of shelves, hooks, hangers, drawers and other filling elements, so that in the future it will be really convenient for you to use it.


The purpose of the dressing room will directly depend on where you decide to place it, and what you plan to store in it. For example, if the location is a hallway, it is most often used to place shoes and outerwear.

A dressing room located in the bedroom will also play the role of a boudoir - there you can put a dressing table, a mirror, an ottoman, make room for storing cosmetics and perfumes. It is only important to take care of good lighting so that you can apply makeup without any problems.

Among other things, it serves as decoration for your apartment, eliminates the clutter of cabinets and chest of drawers, allows you to unload space.Perhaps that is why almost all owners of modern apartments are trying to make room for a dressing room.

Types of wardrobe


A good option for a very small apartment, in which there is no possibility to allocate a separate room. Metal frames are installed, aluminum racks and shelf holders serve as filling. On top of the shelves are placed themselves, in the middle - hangers, and below install various lockers.

The peculiarity of such a dressing room is that all its contents are not static, but mobile elements - pantographs, drawers and rolling out modules. Things that will not hang on hangers will hide in the drawers.

The only drawback of such a dressing room is that it requires careful maintenance, and it will have to be cleaned regularly in order to keep the system itself and the clothes clean.


Dressing room for these aesthetes, because it has a non-standard shape with smooth curved lines. She has no sharp corners, so she looks very unusual and original. In addition, under the order you can make a radial dressing room of any shape that will please your eye.

With window

Since one of the requirements for a dressing room - is the presence of good lighting (the window will be an invaluable gift). In an ordinary apartment to find such extra space is not so simple.

The most common option - a balcony or loggia. You can also make room in the bedroom, in the part where the window is located, but then little light will penetrate the rest of the room.

However, if you put a dressing table in the dressing room or use a window sill as a dressing table, you can apply make-up there. Installing a mirror will help you choose the right outfits. Well, the rest of the room can be taken under the bed.


A good solution for a small apartment, especially a small hallway, since the mirrored doors of the dressing room will visually expand the space. Most often, it is made built-in, like a sliding-door wardrobe, only its doors will not necessarily be sliding - they can be opened in the traditional way.


This category can be attributed wardrobe of various types. It can be mobile hangers, wardrobe on wheels, which are easy to move around the apartment, and if necessary or moving simply folded in a box.

Also whole modules-transformers will be suitable, when one piece of furniture performs several functions at once. For example, a high bed, which is a box with a rising sleeping place, inside of which there will be a small cozy dressing room.


Such wardrobes are most often done in the bedroom, sometimes at the exit from the bathroom, if they are next to each other. Thus, opening the door of the room, you first get into the dressing room, and through it go directly to the bedroom.

Most often they are made of an open type, so it is important to isolate the space with a screen or curtain so that the clothes on the shelves are not gathering dust and are hidden from prying eyes.


The shape of the dressing room most often depends on its location. For example, a corner is a compactly equipped corner, which may be L-shaped, semi-circular or triangular. The latter option is the most common, due to the ease of construction of such a structure.

If it is a direct dressing room for which a separate space is allocated in the room, then it will be rectangular or square, depending on the layout.In this case, its filling can be both linear and U-shaped.

The main advantage of this dressing room in its spaciousness and spaciousness, compared with the corner. However, it will have to find enough free space, which is not always there in a regular apartment.

Design project development

A design project is the design of a dressing room in terms of its functional, technological and aesthetic component. Most often, the development is entrusted to a specialist, but it can be done independently.

First of all, you need to decide on the amount that you are ready to allocate for the creation of a dressing room. If the budget is limited, some ideas may have to be abandoned. But it is better to know about it at the stage of creating a project than during direct construction.

First you need to decide on the form and concept, according to your wishes and the layout of the apartment.

Then a detailed floor plan is drawn up. Since the size of the dressing room is rather limited, every centimeter should be used as efficiently as possible. You will need to think about the style, choose the colors and content.

According to the available data, a 3D project is being created that will give you a clear idea of ​​what the finished dressing room will look like after all the manipulations done.

If you are developing a design project yourself, it can be a detailed plan-scheme to which you can navigate during construction.

Interior arrangement


Wall decoration is an important component with which the arrangement of the dressing room begins. These can be plastic or wood panels, paint or traditional wallpaper. They are the most common and affordable option because they are easy to use and look very attractive. However, try to choose not cheap paper, but vinyl or bamboo, which will last you for a long time.

Curtains may be necessary in two cases - if you want to use them as an alternative to the doors or if there is a window in the dressing room.

In addition, the curtains can be used as a partition, securing them to the eaves and isolating the space for fitting. This is true for those who have a common dressing room for all family members.

The design of the curtains must be selected in accordance with the interior of the entire premises. They can be traditional, straight, with lambrequins or in the form of Roman blinds.


An important aspect is the filling of the dressing room, which should be as functional as possible, especially in conditions of limited footage.

The obligatory component is a metal tube for hangers-hangers, several drawers, a shoe case or shelves for shoes, shelves for clothes, a separate place for seasonal clothes and several drawers for jewelry and accessories.

For those who have a lot of clothes hanging on their hanger, a moving conveyor is suitable, which, moving, will provide maximum access to any thing.

If you have a lot of business trousers in your wardrobe, you will also need to install a bristle piece. Some consider it a mandatory component, but there are people who simply do not wear business clothes, so they do not need it.


Good lighting is very important, and the best solution in this matter is the installation of built-in lights. If the height of the ceilings and the size of the dressing room allows, there will be a large chandelier that will serve as a good light source.

Install a backlight on each shelf, you can also make the backlight on the walls and even on the floor to make it easier to find the right pair of shoes.

If this is a small-size dressing room, use lamps with a flexible base, which are often on clothespins. They can be rotated and fastened where you need.

Additional elements

A dressing room is not for nothing called a room; it is not just a wardrobe that has enough shelves and coat hooks. Therefore, among other things, it is important to make it cozy and comfortable. For this purpose, various pieces of furniture and other design elements are used.

Virtually charming components of any dressing room - this is a mirror and a stepladder or a handy ladder that will allow you to reach the upper shelves located right under the ceiling. If you want to install a full-fledged dressing table, you will also need a ottoman or a comfortable chair.

Sometimes, an additional bench or bench is installed on which you can sit in the process of choosing a dress or fitting shoes.

If the dressing room is located in the hallway or is combined with a bathroom, it is convenient to install a washing machine in it, since you will have convenient access to plumbing communications.It is important that it is not above the living room of your neighbors below!

Nearby you can install an ironing board and laundry basket. In doing so, you will need to take care of good ventilation to avoid the appearance of stuffiness and mold.

Choosing shelves


Represent a monolithic structure with many shelves. The disadvantages include the impossibility of attaching additional elements to them or detaching unnecessary ones. Therefore, you need to choose them very carefully, so that they are as functional as possible for you.


This type of wardrobe is often called the designer for adults. It consists of shelves, drawers, fasteners, racks and rails, from which you can assemble almost any design. They can be made of metal, wood, chipboard, plastic and other materials.

There are several types of modular walk-in closets:

  • Cabinet. The filling of this dressing room consists of cabinet cases, hence the name. Usually several copies are placed along the perimeter along the wall; you can choose the cabinet configuration as desired. In addition, they can be rearranged during operation.If the apartment has curved floors or walls, pay attention to the built-in models of cabinets, which will allow to hide it.
  • Mesh Usually they are chosen for small apartments or rooms of irregular shape. It is easy to guess that all the structural elements of the mesh, they are lightweight and compact, and you can construct anything from them. First, brackets and guides are fixed on the walls, and functional elements are already mounted on them, the location of which can be easily changed at will. The advantage of such a system is that things are constantly aired and are constantly visible. In addition, they are inexpensive and easy to install, even with their own hands.
  • Frame (column). Type of structures that will perfectly fit into an apartment with a modern industrial interior. It has metal columns-columns, which are fixed between the floor and the ceiling without gaps. Then all drawers, hangers, shelves, etc. are attached to the columns. As in the previous version, the design can be rearranged at will. Since the shelves are most often made of wood or its analogs, a very beautiful mix of metal and wood is obtained.To enter such a dressing room can be in the interior of almost any color, just choosing the right shade of wood.


In the dressing room it is not necessary to have only one type of shelving; it is allowed to use not only various designs, but also materials.


Shelves made from this material with their own hands, so they are the highest quality and exclusive. Drywall is easy to process, it is easy to bend and cut even to a beginner. There is a moisture resistant version of this material that is suitable for a dressing room even with high humidity, which, for example, is combined with a bathroom.


Wooden racks are considered the most beautiful, though, at the mass of the tree is very impressive value, given that you have to fill a large space.

In order to save, you can use chipboard or laminated chipboard. However, these materials have their drawback - they are not very durable, so it will not be possible to install heavy objects on the shelves, for example, a washing machine.


Metal racks are considered the perfect solution for any dressing room.It’s quite difficult to make them yourself; it’s better to give preference to ready-made modules offered by many manufacturers.

You can still buy a special wardrobe system made of pipes, it is a designer who will need to be assembled by hand.

Included are pipes and various connecting structures, which can be used with each other at will. You can add them shelves of chipboard, glass and other materials.


Dressing room, completely made of glass - a rare phenomenon, most often this material is combined with any other. For example, glass doors and partitions that look great in combination with wood or metal are popular. For example, if you use metal structures, you can install frosted glass shelves on them, which will create a stunning tandem.


Fabric wardrobes are created for those who are accustomed to travel a lot or move from place to place. It can be used in the country, in a dorm and even in nature.

It consists of a precast metal frame on which fabric shelves are tensioned, and then this design is covered with a fabric cover.Several zippers are sewn into it, thanks to which it can open and close, like a suitcase.

The advantage of such a dressing room in low cost, ease of assembly and transportation, but it can hardly be a permanent option for storing clothes.

Color solutions

The choice of colors depends on your chosen style and design adjacent to the dressing room.

It is also important to consider the size - if it is small, then it is better to use light pastel colors in the design, which visually increase the space. Most often for decoration choose white, cream, beige, or pastel shades of pink and blue.

If it is spacious enough, you can focus on your own preferences by choosing brighter colors — red, crimson, dark blue, brown, and others.



The classic style is out of fashion and time, it is a luxury, wealth and aristocracy. It is preferred to give preference to people, whose wealth is above average, since all filling should be done only from natural wood, there can be no question of any fakes.

For the manufacture of used ash, oak, poplar and other breeds, sometimes the surface of the cabinets are veneered. Accessories should also be classic, often prefer artificially aged handles and fasteners.

Classic is a good investment in the future, because it will not lose its relevance and will not lose an attractive appearance.

Great luck, if the dressing room has a window, because it can be draped beautifully. For curtains used organza, patterned silk, satin - classic textiles. It will be well combined patterned carpet on the floor.

Of course, the classic dressing room should be beautifully furnished. The easiest option is a pair of easy chairs, a coffee table and a floor lamp. Chairs can be replaced by an elongated bench with a quilted surface.

If the owner of the dressing room is a woman, be sure to take care of the presence of a dressing table and a padded stool, matched to the rest of the upholstered furniture.


This style is now at the peak of popularity. If you decide to give him preference, for the design of the walls, use brickwork, plaster, or just paint them in a light unobtrusive shade.

The advantage of the loft is that the irregularities of the walls, roughness and other drawbacks turn, if not into dignity, then they definitely do not spoil the interior and look organically.

Well, if the floor is wooden, but also fit laminate with the effect of aging.

Metal racks, supplemented with wood or glass, are suitable for filling. You can experiment on your own, you have complete freedom for creativity. For example, pipe racks in combination with mesh shelves and baskets will be an excellent solution.

Try to have nothing extra in the dressing room - it will be enough to have stools made of worn leather and a metal lamp.


This rustic style is famous for its simplicity and ease, it is dominated by light colors and shades that are donated by nature - cream, lavender, terracotta, light gray, soft blue, sand.

The wall decor should be antique, it can be wallpaper with a floral pattern or plaster with decoupage elements, which will also be duplicated on the furniture.

Filling the room should be made of natural wood.There will be very opportunely open wardrobe systems, which, if desired, can be enclosed with a screen with a small floral print - Provence welcomes an abundance of textiles.

Be sure to install an elegant chest of drawers with numerous drawers, complemented by wrought iron hardware. Do not forget about the dressing table, made in the same style. Nearby you can install a carved wooden chair with a soft pillow on it.


Dressing room in the Scandinavian style - it is practically nothing extra, a kind of cozy minimalism. Its main features are a lot of white, light wood, boxes and perfectly organized shelves with clothes.

A prerequisite - the presence of pots of flowers, because without green there is simply impossible to do.

As in the case of a loft, there should not be anything extra. It will be enough to have a large mirror and a few simple pictures in neat frames.

Accommodation options

The dressing room can occupy both the whole room, and a small portion of the space in the apartment.

If you decide to take a separate room in the usual “Khrushchev” room, you can arrange it on the balcony, on the loggia or in the storage room.

In a one-room apartment, as a rule, there is very little space, so the dressing room should be as compact and functional as possible. Often it is placed in a niche or behind the headboard, and, although it cannot be called a full-fledged room, the presence of open shelves is much more convenient than the closet, because all things are in your sight.

In a private house to accommodate a dressing room are many more options. If the house is two-storey, it can be conveniently placed under the stairs. Of course, it’s good if you have the opportunity to allocate a separate room for it, and if not, a good solution would be to walk between the bathroom and the bedroom, hall or living room.

Remember that the main criteria when choosing accommodation is the area of ​​your apartment or house, the number of people who will use the dressing room, and your chosen style of interior.

Wardrobe as an alternative

Under the dressing room it is necessary to allocate enough space, which, unfortunately, is not in every apartment. An alternative can serve as a wardrobe, which a priori takes up less space.

It can be mounted even in a narrow and long corridor or select one corner in the room.It looks stylish and aesthetic, and, thanks to its beautiful facade, can turn into a real interior decoration.

Tips for choosing

As you can see, the variety of dressing rooms is huge. Having considered most of the possible modifications and materials, in the end it is worth considering a few of the most popular brands, among which you can choose the one that suits you best.

Swedish wardrobes - Elfa and Ikea are in great demand. The first is the ancestor of all mesh systems, up to the dryer for dishes. It is a set of nets and baskets that are attached to the base. They are very convenient and easy to assemble, but since the brand is elite, not everyone can afford it.

An alternative can be the Russian brand "Aristo", which is a complete analogue of "Elves". They are made at one plant, but the Russian system is slightly modified, taking into account the layout of domestic apartments, which is only a plus.

Wardrobe systems "IKEA" is no less popular. They have high functionality, and great layout features that allow you to adapt the system to any room.It can also be supplemented with accessories of the same brand, having received, as a result, a modern and stylish interior.

Do not forget about Italian dressing rooms, which are associated worldwide with reliability and high quality. Traditionally, they are considered elite and expensive, however, among the large range of manufacturers you can find beautiful options for the economy segment.

For example, the Poliform factory is very popular, which offers ideal wardrobe systems, the filling of which consists of almost imperceptible modules on a metal frame. A distinctive feature is the four door configuration options that fit the room with any layout.

With the right approach, the dressing room will become the embodiment of comfort, beauty and impeccable taste, making your fashionable fittings as comfortable as possible.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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