Wardrobe room area of ​​2 square meters. m

More recently, one could only dream of a separate dressing room. Today, this dream is becoming a reality. Almost everything can be stored in it - from clothes and shoes to jewelry, accessories and household items.

The larger the room, the more functional the wardrobe can be. But even in a small apartment Khrushchev can allocate a corner of 2 sq. M. and turn it into a complete, comfortable and practical dressing room.

Features and benefits

Before developing a design project for future housing, the owners often consider the option of using a separate dressing room indoors. This room performs several functions:

  • optimal sorting and quality storage of clothes, shoes, hats and other things;
  • storage of all necessary in one place and in a free access zone;
  • all things located inside turn out to be hidden from prying eyes by a door, a screen, a curtain (a great advantage over open shelving);
  • for arranging a dressing room, you can use a previously unused space (under-gadget space or even a closet);
  • the wardrobe helps to hide irregularities or other imperfections of the wall.

A large mirror installed inside the dressing room instantly turns it into a convenient place to dress and try on.

The features of a small dressing room include the following points:

  • inability to install in the room too large cabinet. The best option would be shelves or open shelving;
  • the room can be closed on swing doors or sliding doors or dispense with them;
  • the layout should be carefully thought out so that the person entering the room can easily find everything he needs;
  • the lighting should be sufficient so that the room is not dark;
  • a lot of things such a room does not accommodate.
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A small room, in addition to these features and disadvantages, has a number of noticeable advantages over large dressing rooms. Among them:

  1. Budget.Creating and decorating a small room will be much cheaper than arranging a large space.
  2. Good capacity. It all depends on proper planning and optimal use of free space.
  3. Save space in other rooms. Creating a dressing room will save on the purchase of a separate cabinet, dresser, bedside table.
  4. Neat appearance.

Choosing a layout and location

As for the layout, the dressing room should not have a very complex geometric shape. The best options:

  1. Corner room. This layout is perfect even for small areas. Shelves, shelves and other furniture can be located in the form of a triangle, a trapezoid, or in the form of the letter "G".
  2. U-shaped room. Perfect for a rectangular, elongated room. On both sides of the room are shelves and shelves, here there is a place for a large mirror.
  3. Linear room. The furniture is located along one wall. In this case, it is necessary to use the useful area as competently as possible so that the room does not turn out to be too elongated.This will create certain difficulties in finding the right things.

Compact space in 2 square meters. m. does not give a large number of options for placing furniture and options for decorating a dressing room. Usually for this is used the most suitable corner in the apartment.

Dressing room can be placed in the hallway, bedroom, living room, children's room or even on the balcony. Ideal - available in the apartment pantry.

When choosing a suitable location, you must consider the following room requirements:

  1. Its width must be at least 1 meter, length - at least 5 meters. This is the minimum size of the space in which you can arrange the necessary racks and hang the shelves.
  2. A room of 2 sq.m. It is best to use it for storing clothes, things and accessories. Tools, equipment, household appliances will only make the already small space, turning it into a regular pantry.
  3. Must be thought out the issue with the ventilation device. The accumulation of a large amount of clothing in a small space (especially closed and unventilated) can lead to an unpleasant smell.
  4. Be sure to have a mirror.It will add room light and turn it into a real dressing room.
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Now you can proceed directly to drawing up a design project of the future premises.

  1. On the schematic drawing outline the location of racks, shelves, boxes. Do not forget about communication, lighting and ventilation.
  2. It is conditional to divide the room into 3 zones (clothes, shoes, hats and accessories). All of them must have different widths and depths.
  3. Outline the location of the mirror and additional light sources if necessary.

How to organize the space?

For the most optimal organization of a small space, it is necessary to carefully select the furniture for room arrangement. Among such functional items can be identified:

  1. Weights (one or more at different levels for a neat and compact placement of shirts, dresses and other clothes).
  2. Shelves (used to store bedding and underwear, T-shirts, shoes, bags).
  3. Mesh baskets.
  4. Mirror.
  5. Special accessories (skirts, trousers, shoes).
  6. Poof or a small sofa for easy fitting.

The middle zone is engaged in open shelves, mesh baskets, barbells.The top shelf is suitable for storing hats or things that are rarely used. The bottom tier is ideal for storing shoes.

Design and lighting

An important role in the arrangement of the dressing room plays and its design. For the interior decoration, mostly practical, durable materials are chosen that do not “eat up” an already small space, for example, plastic, glass and paint. Light, light tones will add room light, lightness and airiness.

High-quality lighting not only allows you to quickly find the desired item of clothing, but also makes the room more spacious. Small closets often do not have sources of natural light, so you have to resort to using artificial light. Bulky chandelier or heavy sconces are not recommended for use in dressing rooms. It is better to consider the option with LED strips. If the wardrobe assumes the presence of closed boxes, then you can use a local lighting system.

The main source of light should be located in the center of the ceiling, and the perimeter of the room can be arranged with dotted lights or LED tape.

Options in the interior

In order to compactly and beautifully place a lot of things, it is not always necessary to have a lot of space. This tiny wardrobe is a perfect proof of that! 4 bars allow you to sort men's and women's clothing. Shelves suitable for storing shoes. Closed drawers of different sizes - the perfect solution for storing bed linen, socks, underwear, T-shirts, T-shirts. Several baskets of different capacity suitable for storing other things.

U-shaped dressing room allows you to select a separate rack for storing shoes, and take two walls under the placement of clothing for the whole family. Several bars will easily cope with household clothing. Open shelves are suitable for storing bed linen or towels. In closed boxes you can store underwear and socks. The upper part of the structure is used as a mezzanine for storing bulky items. Shelves can be used to store jewelry boxes and accessories.

To a small room did not seem even smaller, for its arrangement it is best to use metal structures. They do not take up much space, are durable, reliable and very elegant.Transparent containers are used to store laundry. Several small rods located at different levels allow sorting clothes by type (separate dresses, shirts and skirts).

In the open sections perfectly placed shoes, and handbags are located on the top shelf. On the mezzanine "hid" suitcases and travel bags. Neat and tasteful! From prying eyes, the dressing room "hides" behind a dense textile curtain.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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