Wardrobe "PAX" from IKEA

 Wardrobe PAX from IKEA

Wardrobe today can be found in any apartment or private house. More capacious and convenient place to store and place clothes has not yet been invented. Such cabinets can have a different shape, size, color, content, material of manufacture. However, it is not always convenient to purchase standard furniture models. In such cases, the real find will be the PAX design cabinet from IKEA.

Features and advantages of the system

The PAX system from IKEA allows you to assemble an individual wardrobe, based on your own preferences and wishes. With the help of the scheduler, you can assemble an exclusive version of the cabinet, using any of the proposed options for doors, frame and facade. At the same time, the cost of the finished product will remain affordable even for a middle-income family.

If there is no possibility to collect an individual option, you can always use one of several standard options for organizing the inner space of the wardrobe. They are offered in the company's product catalog.

The undoubted advantages of the system include its full compliance with modern quality standards. The furniture is characterized by high strength, durability, and excellent decorative characteristics. All products manufactured under this brand are subject to the most severe control by the manufacturer. When buying furniture, the buyer receives a 10-year quality guarantee, which also applies to manufacturing defects and defects.

Types and models

Today, IKEA offers various options for completing cabinets of the PAX system, designed for every taste, wallet, interior design and room dimensions.


New season - textile wardrobe. The kit includes 2 hooks and a clothes rod under the hangers. Allows you to place clothes, bag, other things. Compact and practical "marching" version of the wardrobe.


A small, light wardrobe of chipboard allows you to place bedding and underwear, a few hangers with clothes,footwear. Due to its compact size, it fits perfectly into the interior of a bedroom or hallway.


Three-door wardrobe with a mirror insert, which can be placed on the left, right or in the middle. The set includes removable and non-removable shelves, a bar for hangers, accessories. And effectively thought-out interior space will cope with clothes and bedding for 1 - 2 people.

Compact dimensions allow you to place a closet, even in the smallest room.


White single-door cabinet with three compartments. To accommodate the shoes there are several lower drawers, clothes are hung on the included barbell. Adjustable legs allow you to install the cabinet, even on a not very flat floor. The material used chipboard with melamine coating.


The single casement cabinet is made in combination of white and light brown color. The model is equipped with a clothes rod and drawers for shoes. Adjustable legs. Material - chipboard with melamine coating.

Corner wardrobe will help to optimally equip even a small room. The cabinet does not take up much space.Removable shelves allow you to organize the internal space in different ways. Doors can be hung on the right and left side. For the manufacture of cabinet used chipboard with melamine coating.


One of the most stylish and beautiful wardrobes. A snow-white wardrobe with frosted glass inserts or a dark brown model with blind doors unite at once two cabinets isolated from each other. The wardrobe is equipped with drawers, mesh baskets, rods for hangers located at different levels and shelves for linen, accessories, hats or other things.

This option is very convenient for a family of two people.


Dark brown wardrobe with sliding doors and drawers. The best option for the bedroom: drawers suitable for storing bed linen, the interior of the closet - to accommodate clothes, purses, useful things.


Wardrobes from IKEA are designed for use in different areas of the area. They not only have a stylish, modern design, but also very practical and perfectly fit into the "Khrushchev" or other small apartment. For example, the smallest textile version has dimensions of only 74x51x149 cm. Such a wardrobe can be “hidden” under a staircase or in a corner of a hallway.

There are even more miniature options with an area of ​​60x50 cm and a height of 192 cm. Such models are ideal for meeting the needs of one person. Wardrobes are equipped with a dressing bar, shelf and wire basket. For more spacious rooms are offered 2-and 3-door wardrobes size 120x58x202 cm or131x57 x190 cm.

The range of wardrobe “Pax” is quite wide and includes many other options.


The classic color ruler, in which wardrobes are made, includes different shades of natural wood. It is white and black, and all shades of brown. Such models are universal, they are perfectly combined with other items of interior and furniture, are not subject to fashion trends and always look fashionable and relevant.

Fans of more extravagant and fresh options will certainly pay attention to the wardrobes of green, turquoise, blue, blue, yellow, olive and other colors. The facade can have a matte or glossy finish, decorated with glass or mirror inserts,have a smooth or textured surface, decorated with various ornaments and patterns.

Assembly instructions

Wardrobe "Pax" - a sample of furniture, with which there will be no problems during assembly. The fact is that the instructions are written in a very simple, understandable language, supplemented by illustrations and provided with useful recommendations.

Each stage of the work is described in great detail, simple drawings show in detail each step, starting from connecting the corners with fasteners to the side walls of the cabinet and further along the plan. Separately, recommendations on the necessary tools.

The manual also describes the main errors that should be considered when self-assembling.


Furniture from IKEA is very popular among buyers. First, due to the affordable price. Secondly, modern design, optimal filling of clothes, quality materials and excellent performance indicators. Therefore, in the World Wide Web, you can often see a variety of responses to the model of the Pax system.

Buyers celebrate a stylish, modern design and beautiful decorative elements and facade coatings.

The next plus is the ability to complete the wardrobe, based on personal wishes and needs. Meet two identical wardrobe "Pax" is almost impossible.

Excellent quality - note buyers, who bought such cabinets a few years ago. Facades do not lose their beautiful decorative appearance, shelves, baskets and drawers are not deformed and do not break.

How does it look in the interior?

A neat white two-door wardrobe looks perfect in the interior of a bedroom or any other small room. Shelves, drawers and a bar under the hangers help neatly and compactly place a sufficiently large amount of clothing and other things.

A small wardrobe with sliding doors is decorated in dark color and decorated with frosted black glass inserts. Hangers, located at different levels, help to perfectly accommodate the wardrobe of a business person. All things are in perfect order and freely available.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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