Sliding doors for dressing room

 Sliding doors for dressing room

Dressing rooms are an excellent means of organizing space. They allow you to place clothes and things most practical, thereby simplifying their use. In addition, wardrobes, playing the role of comfortable wardrobe, remain in demand. And there and there are installed sliding doors, which for a long time have been not only practical, but also a special detail of the interior.

The variety of decor of such sliding doors allows you to make them the central image of the room, underlying all other design decisions.

Features and benefits

The main advantage of sliding doors is convenience and space saving.For example, for the use of swing doors, additional space is required to open them, and it is not required for sliding doors.

Visually, sliding wardrobe doors allow you to achieve a large number of effects. This is especially true for small rooms, the space of which must be visually expanded. Sliding doors can be decorated in such a way that they will be externally indistinguishable from the wall. Such a solution will hide the whole room.

In addition, there is a huge variety of materials from which these doors can be made. Their wide range allows you to choose the optimal solution for any room.

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The main advantages of sliding doors are as follows:

  • space saving;
  • security;
  • relatively simple installation;
  • decorative


There are a large number of types of sliding doors and they all have their own design and installation features, and their functionality is different.

Door case

The principle of their work is based on the canvas, which can be hidden in the wall when moving.Their main component is a cassette installed in the doorway, also called a canister. Doors are suspended in the opening. The case can be sheathed with plasterboard or covered with plaster. The dimensions of the pencil case should naturally be sufficient to completely hide the door leaf.

Sliding case doors have two varieties:

  • odnopolnye (in the construction there is only one door);
  • double-faced (two canisters, each of which hides one canvas).

Coupe doors

One of the most sought-after species. This sliding system works in the same way as wardrobe doors. Installed inside the guide blades are moved on special rollers. The doors run parallel to each other and do not touch. This system is most convenient if used in walk-in closets with a relatively narrow entrance.

Best of all, when no more than three doors about half a meter wide are installed in such a system, otherwise their use may become inconvenient. In the case when the dressing room is organized according to the type of built-in wardrobe, in which practically the entire wall of the room is involved, it is possible to install more doors.


Sliding doors of this type are not used as often, but the design has its positive aspects. The system is similar to the type of coupe. A distinctive feature is the absence of bottom rails, since all fastenings are made in the ceiling part. This option allows you to move freely around the room, not thinking about the danger of damaging the lower rails, stepping on them or stumbling.

Folding doors for cloakroom

Such a system occupies a slightly larger amount of free space, since the doors in it do not move along the guides, but fold in half and move apart. The advantage of this option - a spectacular appearance. If the interior of the room is made in the style of minimalism, then folding doors for a dressing room can be the best option.

Doors accordion

The design is similar to the previous one and differs from it only in the number of wings, which can be much larger. The reason for this - the division of the panel into a large number of narrow slats. In the dressing room can be installed one door-accordion, completely closing the doorway.This design will be folded only in one direction, instead of two.


Another unusual design option, the uniqueness of which lies in the presence of a swivel mechanism that ensures the rotation of the door around its axis. This principle is due to the ability to open such a door from any side: both the left and the right. This solution looks very impressive, but it has its drawbacks: the mechanism is quite expensive and takes up a lot of free space in the room.


When choosing sliding doors for a dressing room, one should take into account not only their design, but also the material from which the canvas is made.

Plastic doors

It is quite simple to care for a plastic cloth. Installing it is also not difficult. It is possible to decorate plastic doors with the help of posters or stickers or simply to paint. Plastic is neither durable nor prestigious, but for this very reason sliding doors from it are in demand among young people who do not like static interior.

Wood doors

As a rule, they are made of chipboard or MDF.They can differ in colors and texture, as well as be combined with glass or mirror surfaces, and be supplemented with details made of leather or plastic. It is a common misconception that the use of wood panels has a stylistic framework.

In fact, to date, any design solutions are available for sliding doors made of wood. Particularly impressive will look products made from natural wood.

Wooden doors are not only a stylish and versatile solution, but also environmentally friendly. They perfectly complement any interior. The surface of wood panels is durable, which allows them to maintain a good appearance for a very long time.

When installing panels of natural wood, it should be borne in mind that they have a rather large mass and therefore require the presence of appropriate fittings. Its reliability should be sufficient to sustain their weight.

Glass and mirror doors

Such sliding doors are made of glass and mirrors with large thickness and high strength. They are installed in the same way as wood doors.On the reverse side of the canvas there is a special film that will hold fragments of the canvas in the event that it is broken. Mirror and glass doors are very popular, which allows to speak about their versatility.

It should be noted that there are several types of glass cloth:

  • frosted;
  • glossy;
  • color.

Another important feature of glass or mirror doors is a wide range of different decorations, the techniques for which can be different. One of the most common and affordable ways to decorate glass doors is to glue a special film.

Photo printing is quite popular, the application of which resembles the principle of printing on a printer. This method allows you to transfer to the surface of the canvas almost any image or photograph.

Another option is to apply a sandblast pattern on a glass or mirror sheet. Patterns on which the drawing is applied can be made individually. The advantage of sandblasting pattern is greater resistance to sunlight and mechanical stress.

An interesting way to decorate glass doors are stained glass windows made of polymeric materials.

Plexiglas doors

This option is a possible alternative for glass panels. Plexiglas has many advantages, including: increased strength, a wide range of color solutions, and also the material's non-susceptibility to tarnish and darkening. Unbreakable plexiglass differs not only in a variety of colors, but also in various degrees of transparency. Also, it is different in texture: corrugated, matte, transparent or colored.

Bamboo and rattan doors

These materials today are very popular among both buyers and furniture manufacturers.

The intensive development of modern technologies has provided a wide range of applications for bamboo and rattan materials. In addition, their environmental friendliness and safety for human health is currently one of the most important requirements.

High, about 40 meters, the bamboo stem has a heterogeneous structure, which is different in its density. The tree thus allows to receive from it the materials differing in the characteristics. An important feature of bamboo is its excellent resistance to moisture.

The rattan texture is similar to bamboo, with the difference that the bamboo trunk is hollow inside. The inner part of the rattan trunk is a solid and dense spongy fiber, which moves the sap of the plant. After this substance is treated with hot steam, this juice becomes an adhesive that has powerful binding characteristics. Thus, rattan materials are particularly durable.

Sliding doors of a wardrobe made of bamboo or rattan will perfectly fit into the interior, made in the now popular eco style. The strength of these materials will ensure durability, and the elegance of their texture will look extremely impressive. Especially impressive will be the combination of such panels with other elements of the interior, made in the same style.

Sliding system materials

For the manufacture of a sliding system, manufacturers most often use steel and aluminum. Both materials have their own characteristics and have both positive and negative sides.

Sliding steel systems are less costly. At the same time, they are much heavier than aluminum structures, and from an aesthetic point of view they do not look so attractive.

The aluminum profile, in turn, has a greater thickness, lighter weight, as well as reliability, which is due to some features of its design. The ease of the sliding system from aluminum makes it possible to make the doors themselves larger in size and weight. However, you should not install doors that are heavier than 80 kg, since this weight is the maximum possible for them.

With all the obvious advantages of aluminum, a large number of manufacturers make sliding systems from steel. By increasing the thickness of the steel profile, manufacturers are seeking to strengthen the structure and increase its reliability.

Color solutions

To embody a comfortable interior, a correctly chosen color solution is of great importance. In order to stay in the room was pleasant, the combination of colors should be harmonious. In order to correctly choose the color of sliding doors for a dressing room, you must take into account the color of the floor, ceiling, walls, as well as other interior elements.

In addition to the combination of colors, the color of the panels itself is of great importance. Dark colors have the ability to visually narrow space, whereas light shades, on the contrary,expand it. Sliding panels look more harmonious if they are a color continuation of the floor.

White color of panels is a universal option for expansion of space. If you combine white doors with white walls, then you can completely disguise the entrance to the dressing room. In a room with a dark floor, you can use the gray-brown color of sliding doors. The beige color of the panels will help to harmoniously combine them with a brown floor and light walls.

For a more avant-garde style, you can use panels of bright and catchy colors. This will give the impression of a peculiar color spot. However, the color of the panels in any case should be combined with any element of the interior.

Where to place?

If a small room is set aside for a dressing room, then sliding doors are installed in the doorway as interior doors.

You can install them and if a part of the room stands out for the dressing room. Sliding panels in this case will serve as a partition performing zoning.

By installing sliding doors in a niche, you can equip from this space a small dressing room.

In any case, the issue of placement of sliding panels must be addressed on the basis of specific problems. If it is necessary to expand the space, then an ideal option would be to install a mirror panel on the whole wall in the room.


Almost all buyers who have installed sliding doors for a dressing room, speak positively of their purchase. They note both the ease of installation of the panels and their high practicality.

The optimal ratio of price and quality of consumers mark the wardrobe "Todalen" brand IKEA, while emphasizing its capacity and ease of assembly, combined with a relatively low cost.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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