Wardrobe closets are real finds for competent and organized storage of clothes, shoes and various accessories. One such piece of furniture can replace several ordinary models of cabinets at once. There are a lot of modifications of such products, therefore, it is possible to choose the ideal option for absolutely any dwelling.

Features and benefits

Today, such elements in the interior are turning more and more often. The popularity of wardrobes is explained by their versatility and practicality. They have different designs that allow you to install them not only in a large and spacious, but small-sized room.

Similar models of cabinets are mobile. They can easily be moved to another location.This feature will allow you to quickly and easily simulate a living space in accordance with its basic style.

Modern manufacturers produce a huge variety of wardrobe closets. They have not only different designs, but also differ from each other in external design. Consumers can purchase not only the classic model in the traditional performance, but also the original version in the style of Provence or Baroque.

Some models of dressing rooms can be customized. For example, in a multifunctional and beautiful closet, the inner filling is easily changed. You will be able to model the space as you wish.

Another decisive advantage of spacious wardrobes is the ability to accommodate household appliances. Many housewives keep them ironing board, iron, vacuum cleaner and other similar items.

Very popular lately mini wardrobe. Such options can be purchased even for a very small room. They contain well-thought-out designs, which allow to qualitatively zone the available space.

It is worth noting that such pieces of furniture allow you to create a complete and beautiful interior, without overloading the space with lots of different objects. For example, in a cozy bedroom you can put a double bed, a large wardrobe and a couple of bedside tables for table lamps. This will be quite enough to create a beautiful and fashionable ensemble.


There are several types of spacious wardrobe closets. Each copy has its own advantages and distinctive features.


Wardrobe cabinets have been popular for many decades in a row. They are relevant today. Such pieces of furniture are cabinet. As a rule, they are large.

Similar copies consist of several functional parts. These include a bar, shelves and drawers. A must-have element in such cabinets is a mirror.

Today, in furniture stores you can meet products, complemented by small tie holders, belt hangers and convenient modules for several pairs of shoes.

Wardrobes are of several types:

  • A toilet bag is a comfortable model that is suitable for a small bedroom. Inside these cabinets there is a minimum number of shelves and a small compartment for hanging storage of clothes. As a rule, a travel bag is used to place daily dresses in it.
  • Combined models of cabinets in which there are from 3 to 5 flaps are distinguished by their excellent capacity. The number of sections in such products depends on their size. The depth of such specimens is 60 cm, and the width of the sections is 50 cm.
  • Retractable hangers are equipped with wardrobe copies with end rods. The depth of such options most often is 40 cm.

Wardrobe closets

One of the most common and popular today are wardrobe closets. They are gradually ousting wardrobe models from the market. The main distinguishing feature of such constructions is the presence of sliding doors that open and close by moving parts along the upper and lower guides. Such modern constructions make it possible to equip a cabinet with doors of impressive dimensions.

There are two types of wardrobes: built-in and cabinet.

The first option is most often chosen for placement in a small room or a narrow corridor. Built-in models are built into the wall with niches and various fasteners. In terms of their functionality, they are very similar to compact mini-dressing rooms.

Case models of a compartment have a strong and reliable design. As a rule, they are large in size and are not always suitable for rooms of a small area. Most often they are placed in sleeping rooms or spacious living rooms.

Hull models are mobile. They can be rearranged from one place to another, since they do not join the wall, but are simply placed along it. Such pieces of furniture at any time can be disassembled and reassembled.

Modifications coupe models are the same as that of traditional wardrobe options: rectangular, angular, trapezoidal or g-shaped. Not so long ago, radial models of wardrobes appeared on the market. They have beautiful and interesting wave-shaped facades. Despite the short existence, similar versions of furniture managed to gain enviable popularity among consumers.

To date, wardrobes are rightfully recognized as one of the most successful options for storing clothes, linen, shoes and accessories.They contain drawers, shelves, pantographs, mezzanines and baskets (static and pull-out).

Today, people often turn to practical mini-wardrobe. For the installation of such structures should be allocated a niche, pantry or fence off part of the living room. Often, these wardrobe fully occupy one of the existing walls in the room.

But how do such options differ from full wardrobe rooms? They are more compact and there are no dressing areas, as well as a dressing table.

Mini wardrobes are cabinet, rack, corner built-in and modular. In most cases, the interior of such structures can be adjusted at their discretion. Shelves and drawers in them can be both open and isolated.

For a working environment does not fit a mirror wardrobe. The ideal option in this case is an office wardrobe. The most common are two-section copies, in which there is one vertical section for outerwear and parallel shelves for storing light items.

Of course, modifications to office wardrobes are different.In some instances, there are only vertical compartments and mezzanines, or only departments with shelves.

Height, depth, size

As a rule, wardrobe cabinets have a depth of not less than 60 cm. Consumers note the excellent capacity of models with a depth of 70 cm. Large and multifunctional wardrobes or wardrobe versions can boast of this interior.

They have internal equipment in which you can organize a large number of things in an organized and neat way.

According to European standards, the depth of the wardrobe should be 65 cm.

Narrow cabinets have a small capacity, the depth of which is 40-45 cm. Often these instances are installed in narrow corridors where there is simply no room for a large cabinet. In the role of wardrobe, such models are not the most practical, as they will not be able to place all the clothes and shoes.

The maximum height of the wardrobe is limited only by the ceiling. One of the most popular are floor-to-ceiling models. As a rule, their length is 278 - 300 cm. They are large and very capacious.

Such cases can be both case, and built-in. The second option should be addressed in the event that the area of ​​the room does not allow to put a functional cabinet with a cabinet design.

The width of wardrobes is limited only by the length of the rails along which the sliding doors move. On average, it is 4-5 m. These figures are directly dependent on the manufacturer to whom you turned.

There are also models whose width exceeds 5 m. They are divided into two parts with the help of an additional partition. Such detail is necessary for installation of additional guides and installation of doors.

The choice of the ideal option depends not only on your preferences, but also on the area of ​​the room. Do not turn to large cabinets, if they take a lot of free space. You can do not too wide or built-in version with a shallow depth.


Wardrobe cases are made of the most different materials. Consider the most popular options:

  • One of the most common are cabinets made of chipboard. They are cheap and do not require special care.In the composition of such models there are extruded wood sheets of different sizes. But the disadvantage of this material is that dangerous formaldehyde resins are used to bond wood pieces. Such components are dangerous to human health. Production technologies are constantly changing, but cabinets made of chipboard are absolutely not safe anyway. At high temperatures, they may emanate small but harmful fumes.
  • In stores at least found wardrobes of fiberboard. Such material consists of wood waste with the addition of paraffin, resins and special reinforcing impurities.
  • Safer is material like MDF. It contains wood fibers that are combined with the help of synthetic substances. Such raw materials do not harm human health, but it also costs more.
  • Some wardrobe cabinets are made of metal.. Such pieces of furniture will harmoniously look in a progressive high-tech style. The surfaces of metal cabinets are covered with durable polymer paints of various colors.
  • The most expensive products are made of natural wood.. They possess unsurpassed appearance and durability. The performance characteristics of such cabinets depend on the wood species.

Color and decor

The most common wardrobes are brown shades.. They are perfectly combined with other colors in the interior.

No less popular are black and white models. But they look boring without additional inserts and decorative details. Most often there are pieces of furniture in this color, complemented by glass inserts with frosted surfaces.

The cabinets painted in unusual colors look very original and attractive.. For example, it can be lapis lazuli, dark purple, green, blue, pink, yellow and other colors.

Often, these models are complemented by various elements of decor.. For wardrobe closets produced a large number of vinyl stickers. They may be small or occupy the entire area of ​​the door.

Such elements are applied not only on the mirror surface. They may have a contrast, bright, pastel or neutral colors. The most popular are matte stickers with patterned weaves of white.

Shelf layout options

The location of the shelves in the wardrobe depends on its overall design and variety.

In most cases, the interior of such furniture can be divided into three main areas.

  • On the upper section there can be shelves of medium length, forming rectangular boxes. Hats and rarely used items should be stored in such places.
  • In the middle zone are compartments for storing things on hangers and drawers. Between these parts, manufacturers often have small or narrow shelves for storing accessories or light clothing.
  • Sometimes a large storage compartment is not available. Instead, there are wide shelves, between which there is a lot of free space. There you can store not only clothes, but also different boxes or fabric covers (for example, with shoes).
  • Drawers and baskets are often located in the lower zone. The shelves in this area are meant for storing shoes.

Of course, the location of these parts may differ from the above - it all depends on the manufacturer of the wardrobe.

How to choose?

  • It is recommended to install built-in models of wardrobe closets with a shallow depth in the hallway.especially if this space is narrow.

If square meters allow, you can install a cabinet of more impressive sizes. For the hallway, you can choose a model with mirror inserts.

  • A large and spacious wardrobe will suit the living room and bedroom.. It can be angular, embedded or trapezoidal.
  • In the living room you can put a mirror cabinet, but you should choose such products that would fit the style of the surrounding interior.
  • A chic wardrobe or a spacious wardrobe is suitable for the bedroom.. But it is not recommended to choose mirror options if you are going to put them in front of the bed. Many people feel uncomfortable sleeping opposite their own reflection.
  • In the nursery should install a closet light shade. It can be decorated with beautiful vinyl stickers. If the interior is made in bright and rich colors, the wardrobe can be chosen more saturated and original.

Ideas in the interior

A chic wardrobe of white color with mirrors will look spectacular along the wall on the left side of the double bright bed. You can dilute the snow-white tones with the help of beige curtains on the window, brown laminate and chocolate cabinets.

A tall light six-door wardrobe with two mirrored doors will fit perfectly into the modern interior of the living room. Opposite this construction a small recreation area will find its place: armchairs, chairs or a sofa with a coffee table.

In the hallway you can install a trapezoidal wardrobe with mirrored doors and an open compartment for outerwear on the side. The brown model with built-in lights will be in harmony with soft yellow walls and a cream laminate. The front door should be selected in colors similar to the cabinet.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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