Wardrobe Aristo Systems

 Wardrobe Aristo Systems

Dressing rooms are great solutions for storing clothes, shoes and various accessories. They can be installed not only in a separate isolated room, but also in the living room, hallway or pantry. Very beautiful and multifunctional dressing rooms are offered by the Russian trademark Aristo.

Special features

Many people today face a catastrophic shortage of free space in the home. In such conditions it is very difficult to find a place to install a spacious and functional cabinet. Famous brand Aristo offers a variety of variations of comfortable wardrobe, which can be placed even in rooms with the most modest areas.

It is not necessary to allocate an entire room as a dressing room.Aristo's high-quality and practical designs will find their place in a small pantry, living room, bedroom, bathroom or attic. Often, such options are purchased to change the filling of an existing wardrobe.

A distinctive feature of branded products are durable metal structures that are able to withstand heavy loads. For this reason, they are addressed not only to supplement living rooms, but also to be placed in a garage or workshop. In such cabinets you can store a lot of different tools and fixing materials.

Often, athletes turn to Aristo walk-in closets. They note the excellent spaciousness of such systems, since they can easily accommodate all sports equipment and uniform.

All this speaks of the multitasking of branded walk-in closets, as they can store not only shoes and clothing, but also various tools, household accessories and professional inventory. They are also distinguished by the fact that all things in them are clearly visible. You will not have to search for the desired item for a long time, making a mess in the inside. This is due to the lack of deep walls, shelves and partitions in the structures.

Aristo wardrobe has mesh baskets and shelves that have excellent ventilation characteristics.. You can safely keep any clothes in them, as it will not acquire unpleasant odors.

Installation of branded dressing rooms is simple and affordable. The design can be adapted to absolutely any niche or openings.

Storage systems can be transformed and staffed at their discretion, so you can purchase additional parts and replenish the internal content, making it more functional and useful.

Wardrobe systems from the Russian brand are mobile. If you move, they can be easily disassembled and assembled in a new place.

It is worth noting the fact that these roomy designs are made according to the Swedish technology. This explains the unsurpassed quality of dressing rooms, their attractive appearance, versatility and durability.


Aristo company produces a huge number of different wardrobe. They have different modifications. Let us consider in more detail the types of products from the Russian brand.

  • Very strong and reliable are the racking designs for decorating wardrobe rooms from Aristo. Such systems consist of durable metal guides that can withstand heavy loads. Complete with similar parts are mounted rails and carrier rails. Shelves and drawers are selected at its discretion.
  • The number of functional shelves and baskets directly depends on the modification and dimensions of the racking design (base). For ease of selection, the brand provides a list of possible options that are acceptable for installation in a selected system.
  • Systems with pull-out baskets are in great demand. The company produces structures in which there are parts of different heights, widths and depths. You can choose the appropriate option in accordance with personal requirements and the amount of free space.

Baskets in such systems are mesh and well ventilated. They can store a lot of things that will always be in an air-permeable space.

Most often, such structures are installed in the premises of a small area. They do not take up much space, as there are pull-out mechanisms in the baskets.

  • There are Aristo in the arsenal and wardrobe systems for different rooms. They differ from each other kitting. In most of the options there is a wall rack, carrying rails, vertical guides, mesh shelves, baskets and tubes hangers. For example, structures for hallways are equipped with several shelves, carrying rails, hinged rails and rods. In such models there are often compartments for storing shoes. As a rule, they are located at the very bottom and have a sufficient height, designed for storage of pairs with high tops. For a very small hallway, you can choose a narrow wardrobe system with high hinged rails, shelves and rods for hangers. Similar options can be set in the corner so that they take up less space.
  • Aristo offers beautiful bathroom wardrobe designs - laundry. Such kits are ideal for storing household chemicals, towels and cosmetics. In most instances, there are bars on which to hang hangers with home or bath robes. Such systems are in great demand, as they significantly free up space in the bathroom.Things and household items will not lie in different places, creating a visual mess. They can be carefully laid out on metal racks embedded in the wall.
  • Excellent performance characteristics differ systems for dressing rooms. In such structures there are more stationary shelves and rods for hangers. In these systems, you can store a large number of different things.

Visually, such systems can be divided into three main zones. Top mezzanines and shelves most often stand out for rarely used things. In the middle zone is the largest amount of storage space for clothes. There are also shirts or long items stored on hangers. The lower zone is designed for placement of shoes.

In all designs there are frame profiles with shelves and baskets attached to them, which can be swapped at their discretion.

Color solutions

In all wardrobe systems from the famous brand Aristo there are strong metal guides. They can be both painted and unpainted.

  • The systems painted in black are very popular. They look bright and attractive against the background of light or bright walls. Such a contrast looks expensive and modern.
  • Laconic white kits look fresh and easy.. They are great for both dressing rooms and bathrooms. These options are recommended to apply if the room has small dimensions. In the conditions of small rooms dark designs will look too hard.
  • Aristo's branded wardrobe systems may include wooden shelves of different colors.. Such details should be selected in accordance with the overall interior and the style of the room.
  • Neutral appearance is characterized by unpainted designs.. They easily fit in both dark and light interiors.

What is a dressing room planner?

Aristo wardrobe system scheduler is a proprietary development of a well-known company, which is a simple and easy-to-use tool for designing wardrobe systems of varying complexity.

With the help of a special computer program you can recreate the room of absolutely any layout. It can be a separate room or apartment with several rooms, doors and windows.

Place in one of the rooms your favorite version of the wardrobe system, relying on all the nuances of the available space. At the end of the drafting project revive the room with various trifles: umbrellas, bags, briefcases, piles of things and so on.

At the exit you will receive a ready-made project that can be safely used for realization.


Today, high-quality wardrobe systems from Aristo are very popular. The demand for such structures is due to their multifunctionality and durability. People who have bought such systems, note their durability and reliability. Strong and strong materials do not require special care and easily withstand heavy loads, so you can keep everything in them that your heart desires.

Over time, Aristo dressing rooms do not lose their appeal. Paint from steel profiles does not peel off and does not fade, so they permanently preserve the original appearance. This is indicated by all buyers who turned to painted systems.

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Attracts people and the fact that high-quality wardrobe systems are easily assembled and disassembled. You can take them with you to your new place of residence.Possible in such designs and various additions. Often, the owners of Aristo wardrobe systems buy more shelves, baskets and drawers for storing added items and pairs of shoes.

Owners of such systems mark their high capacity. Things can be decomposed very neatly and orderly. Externally, these wardrobe look attractive and modern.

You can choose the right set for any wallet. The company offers consumers not only expensive, but also very affordable options.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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