Wardrobe systems Elfa

 Wardrobe systems Elfa

A modern, comfortable, compact wardrobe system allows not only to organize the placement and storage of clothes, shoes, linen and other things, but also to decorate the interior of the home, as well as, to a large extent, simplify the procedure for choosing clothes.

The optimal version of the internal filling wardrobe systems Elfa allows you to sort clothes by color, season, functionality, size and weight of other criteria. Thanks to them, the question of what to wear today at work (walk, party) will disappear by itself. Everything you need is always at hand and freely available. Moreover, such systems are very dynamic and mobile: they can be modified, expanded and interchanged depending on the appearance of new clothes.

Little about the brand

The company Elfa International AB appeared in 1947 in Sweden and first produced mesh dryers for dishes, which soon became so popular that the range of the company began to expand rapidly. After some time, the company became the world leader in the production of stylish, modern and multifunctional systems for the placement and storage of clothing, footwear, household and sports equipment, office supplies, household goods.

Now the Swedish systems for the arrangement of wardrobe are very popular all over the world, thanks to its original design, impeccable quality and carefully thought-out filling. The company has developed and implemented its own technology for the manufacture of baskets and shelves.

To create them, steel wire with epoxy coating is used. An individual order can be created a combination of any functional elements presented today for the hallway, children's room, office space, pantry, repair shop, garage and other functional rooms.

Today, the company's subsidiaries are located in several European countries and the USA (the head office of the concern is located here). All products are manufactured in Sweden.

In Russia, the products of the brand appeared in 1999. The official representative of the company LLC "ElfaRus" supplies in all major cities of the country, working with design studios, architectural workshops, developers.

Features and benefits

The advantages of the Elfa brand systems include:

  1. Mobility. Wardrobe systems are easy to increase or decrease in size by adding / removing / replacing / swapping existing elements.
  2. The optimality. The system allows the best possible use of space from floor to ceiling. This significantly saves space even in the smallest apartment.
  3. Durability and durability. Epoxy coated steel provides high structural resistance to mechanical damage and deformation. In addition, the elements of the system are lightweight, water resistance, resistance to temperature changes.
  4. Versatility. Wardrobe Elfa look great in interiors,aged in different stylistic directions due to the classic design and neutral colors.
  5. Rationality. Competently thoughtful filling wardrobe allows you to cope with a large number of clothes, linen, shoes, accessories, equipment and other things. For all things there is a certain place, and mesh baskets, deep shelves and spacious drawers will keep them always in the zone of free visibility and access.
  6. Aesthetics. Not every wardrobe system is distinguished by such decorative appeal as Elfa. Correct geometric shapes, clear, graceful lines, beautiful, modern design allow you to beautifully complement the interior of any room.

Other advantages and features of the system include ease and simplicity of installation, as well as compliance of the appearance of the structure with the latest fashion trends.


Elfa offers several basic storage systems.

  • Freestanding. Stand-alone system that is perfect for any room. Things are placed sectionally, no need to use the wall. Such a net rack can be placed in front of the window, on the balcony, in the corner.
  • Utility. The best option for maximum use of the plane of the wall. This system is perfect for equipping the garage, utility room, a small workshop. Tools, garden and sports equipment will be in perfect order laid out and fixed in special cells, baskets, hooks.
  • Décor. An amazing combination of functionality and elegance. When creating this system, wooden elements are used, which give the dressing room an aesthetic and complete look.
  • Classic. Classic option suitable for any interior. By using different elements you can assemble your own dressing room as a designer.

The wardrobe system can be general (for storage of all kinds of things, clothes, accessories, inventory) and individual (for certain groups of goods):

  • Transparent retractable and hinged baskets useful for storing underwear and bed linen, T-shirts, shoes, tools, accessories for needlework.
  • A business man can not do without the system bryuchnitsy. It allows you to place the required number of pairs of trousers or jeans, without leaving creases on them.
  • Special racks are available for storing large quantities of shoes., consisting of inclined shoeboxes, cellular and usual shelves, boxes.
  • For a beautiful and neat storage of clothes we offer bars for hangers., shelves, pull-out baskets, drawers, etc.


For the placement and storage of things can not do without the basic elements of which are equipped with Elfa system:

  • bearing rails, mounted and wall guides, by means of which various elements are attached to the wall and a frame is created to accommodate other elements;
  • wire and mesh baskets for storing books, linen, toys;
  • baskets with a fine mesh for storing useful details and details;
  • pods;
  • basket shelves with low sides;
  • bars for placement of coat hanger;
  • shoeboxes (allow you to simultaneously store up to 9 pairs of shoes);
  • shelves under shoes, bottles;
  • holder for office folders, documents, books;
  • shelves for computer disks.

Creating the ideal individual wardrobe systems, based on their capabilities and the size of the hallway, is simple. To do this, you must use a special program - the scheduler.It contains data on the dimensions of the room, the material from which the walls, the floor and the ceiling are made, the number of shelves, drawers, baskets, bristles and other elements.

The program will design the best option for a dressing room in a graphic, three-dimensional image, based on the specified parameters. Up to a centimeter will be placed elements Elfa. In addition, the program will offer articles of the necessary elements and calculate their number.


With the expansion of living space, the emergence of children, the creation of a family in each apartment each year a lot of different items of clothing, household goods, sports equipment and other things are added. All of them need careful placement and storage. And if earlier cabinets, dressers, cabinets, racks were used for this, today it is enough to order a modern storage system that will perfectly cope with the tasks assigned to it.

The advantages of the Elfa system have already been appreciated by hundreds of thousands of buyers in all corners of the globe. Many of them leave their feedback, share their opinions, impressions, give recommendations or express wishes via the worldwide network.

  1. One of the most important advantages mentioned in the reviews is the ideal order, which can be obtained almost instantly through this system. Numerous shelves, baskets and drawers allow you to place large and small items of clothing so that they are always at hand.
  2. The optimal solution of the involved space. Almost every millimeter of free space is used for hanging hooks, rods, shoemakers. At the same time, the assembled structure does not look bulky, massive and heavy at all. Due to the light colors and cellular structure, a feeling of airiness is created. Wardrobe as if suspended in the air. All structural elements are distinguished by elegance, which in no way affects their strength, roominess and functionality.
  3. Easy and clear installation - also a tangible advantage. Do not invite masters, everything can be quickly and simply done by hand.
  4. The possibility of additions - such a need often arises when acquiring outer clothing, overall equipment, household appliances. The finished system will not need to be disassembled, just add a new shelf (box, hook to accommodate a new thing).
  5. Free planning - the ability to create an exclusive version of the dressing room, based on your own taste, preferences and desires. Shelves, hangers, racks can be placed in the order in which it is required in each particular case.
  6. Ventilation. All clothes are ventilated with natural ventilation. No moth, musty and stale smell!
  7. Visibility. All elements are mounted in such a way that even the smallest objects are always in the field of view of an adult and a child.
  8. Convenience in operation. Loaded drawers, baskets and shelves come out very easily, which is not the case with the drawers of ordinary cabinets and chest of drawers.
  9. Practical care. Constructive elements practically do not collect dust and dirt on themselves. The design always looks very neat and tidy.
  10. The wardrobe system is easily dismantled, if you want to transport / move it to a new place.
  11. The presence of specially designed structural elements for the placement of accessories, umbrellas, belts, jewelry.

Among the few drawbacks: the relatively high price and the lack of a facade.


Swedish storage systems clothing brand Elfa have a lot of advantages and have virtually no drawbacks, but the high cost. Of course, this is a conditional "minus" of the system, but for those who are not able to purchase it, you can pick up a similar version of the Russian production at a much more affordable price.

Domestic manufacturers offer various options for wardrobe systems. One of the most convenient, compact and inexpensive is the Aristo system.

Among its advantages:

  • quick and easy installation (installation of the structure will not take more than an hour even for a person who does not have experience in assembling such systems);
  • impeccable appearance, design elegance;
  • lack of side walls (this greatly facilitates access to things and clothes);
  • resistance to moisture (steel lacquer coating allows you to use this system even in rooms with high humidity);
  • system - the designer (it can be improved independently, without resorting to the help of experts);
  • affordable cost;
  • high quality;
  • safety, durability and durability.

All systems undergo multi-stage quality control and are subject to mandatory certification.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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