Corner wardrobe

 Corner wardrobe

Furniture plays an important role in the design of the interior living space. The small size of the room does not always allow to place the necessary furniture for a comfortable stay. For small spaces, the corner dressing room is the ideal choice.

Features and benefits

Corner dressing room can occupy only part of the room or all of its space. A wardrobe room is a room that contains all the necessary equipment for conveniently arranging things.

Create a dressing room is not difficult, since the walls are used as the inner surface of the dressing room. For its completeness, you need to put a facade. Usually the center of such a room is used as a dressing room, and all the walls are laid with wardrobes and shelves.

The corner dressing room is designed to save space in the house, because it allows you to compactly place all things. It helps save space. Such a dressing room can be put in any room, since it is universal.

Dressing room in the corner between the two doors to create the illusion of lack of furniture, since it fits perfectly into the corner. It is interesting and unusual to look at models with an open storage system.

If you decide to install an angular model, then it is worth knowing its shortcomings. Corner construction is rarely available, so it is not cheap. Dowels are used for fastening the structure. If you go to move the dressing room to another corner, then in the same place there will be holes in the wall under the dowel.


Today, designers offer a wide range of stylish, unusual and original models of corner wardrobe. They differ in design, construction, functionality and are made from various materials.

Wardrobe systems may have a variety of content, may vary in layout. The choice of model often depends on the area of ​​the room where it will be located.

Wardrobe frame type, located in the corner, usually has a metal frame that is attached to the walls. It does not require a large consumption of materials, and therefore attracts the attention of affordable cost. Typically, these models have an open storage system. They are characterized by versatility, since the filling of the dressing room can be made to your taste after the installation of the structure itself.

The penny-type version has a huge number of compartments, so it looks big and bulky. But it is ideal for interior decoration in high-tech style. This model includes a wide variety of shelves, drawers, as well as doors that provide convenience in use. Tightness is one of the advantages of this design.

If you like the style of a loft, then you should look at the mesh wardrobe. They can also be used to embody luxurious interiors in modern style directions. Such models have much in common with frame, but only mesh surfaces are used instead of boxes and shelves. Spaciousness and lightness are the undeniable advantages of such options.They are often decorated with glass doors, and there is also a combination of internal lighting.

The closet is an excellent choice to save space. It is characterized by spaciousness, and at the same time the doors open comfortably even in small rooms. The facades of models are often decorated with attractive and charming prints.

Corner wardrobe may be different in shape. It is worth remembering that the cabinet must be exactly angular. U-shaped or linear form takes up a lot of space. The differences between the models are well marked if an open storage system is used.

Semi-circular corner dressing room in fashion today. It attracts attention with originality and singularity. Almost everyone uses square or rectangular furniture, so even a semicircle can be called a bold choice. If you want to increase the inner space of the dressing room, then you need to use a dressing room of a round shape.

The built-in wardrobe room will perfectly fit into the interior of the room, since it does not take up much space and is complemented by stylish facades. They can be decorated with attractive drawings or mirrors.

Many buyers prefer the radius model. The absence of sharp corners is ideal for a child's room or hallway. Radial facades will help to give the charm of the living room. In addition to the beautiful appearance, they save room space.


The manufacturer of cabinet furniture offers different sizes of corner wardrobe to choose the best option even for small rooms. Compactness is one of the main advantages of this furniture.

The standard choice is a triangular corner dressing room. If space allows, you can use a rectangular shape, since it provides the ability to create separately organized spaces.

To create a small dressing room, you can use open shelves, as well as shelving. They are characterized by convenience and practicality. They can be used for various purposes. Compact dressing room allows you to intelligently organize the space, without taking up much space.

Internal filling

Corner wardrobe have significant differences in storage systems.

  • The wardrobe system of the case type is represented by classic content, which is used very often.. This option is affordable and has a robust design. It consists of hull modules, which are connected to each other using screeds.
  • You can use separate storage sections or specially built-in modules. The shelves are spacious - clothes will not fall out of them on the sides. The disadvantage of this system is the fact that each shelf acts as a carrier, therefore it cannot be reorganized.
  • Mesh system is ideal for storing clothes. It consists of frames and various hangers and rods, shelves and hooks. If desired, you can easily change the location of the shelves or other elements of its filling. This feature allows you to change the location of clothes when changing seasons.
  • Corner wardrobe frame type is similar to the mesh due to the presence of metal slats, which act as carriers. This system allows the use of drawers, closed cabinets and items of wood. This option is ideal for open clothes storage.Functionality and lightness are the strengths of the frame models.
  • Among the expensive options include panel wardrobe, including decorative panels that are attached to the walls.. Shelves, bars, drawers and hangers are mounted on the panel.

Usually, the corner wardrobe is divided into three zones: lower, middle and upper. Under the ceiling should be kept only those things that are used very rarely.. It should not be deep.

Shelves, drawers and rods are installed in the middle zone, where all the necessary, used clothing is located.. Specially designated space for outerwear should be high enough to fit a long fur coat or coat.

Shoes are usually kept in the lower zone.. Very often, the lower compartments are used under bed linen, blankets or blankets.

Popular models

Many manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of stylish and high-quality corner wardrobe. Among the proposed range of each buyer will be able to choose the perfect option.

Famous manufacturer IKEA furniture offers roomy and compact models for small spaces.. They can be used for convenient location of things.

The “Todalen” is an attractive and popular model. This version of the corner dressing room is in great demand because it is characterized by compactness and spaciousness, and also is inexpensive. The manufacturer offers several colors - white, gray-brown, brown and black-brown version. Wardrobe has a height of 202 cm, so it is better to use it for rooms with low ceilings. Inside, the cabinet includes four side, removable shelves and the upper fixed bar. Such content allows you to conveniently arrange a lot of things.

The “Todalen” model is notable for its simple construction, so it can be assembled on its own without special skills and abilities. The kit already includes all fasteners and parts.

Where to place?

Corner dressing room can be put in any room, as long as the corner allows you to do this. It can be placed in the hallway, living room, nursery or bedroom.

To install the corner model in the living room, its area should not be less than three square. In such a small room, such a dressing room would be more appropriate than an ordinary wardrobe.When determining the dimensions, it is necessary to take into account that an open cabinet must have a shelf depth of at least 55 cm, and a closed cabinet - 60 cm.

A wardrobe should be visually divided into two parts, which will allow to arrange drawers and shelves in one, and hangers for the hangers in the other. You can use sliding type doors or an accordion.

If the corner dressing room will be in the bedroom or in the living room, then you should prefer a model with a compartment door.

Mirrors with unusual prints will give the interior uniqueness and style. Very often, the models located in the bedroom are represented by an open type or covered by an ordinary screen.

If you want to save space in the room, then you should do the corner dressing room without doors, so that all the shelves and cabinets remain open. Small corner perfectly fit in those rooms where the closet does not fit.


Corner wardrobes are usually chosen for small rooms in order to comfortably place all things, and at the same time not to engage in much space. Wardrobe options allow each customer to choose the best option.

They are represented by different cost, so you can find a decent solution among low-cost models. Manufacturers use high-quality materials that give the model an attractive and stylish appearance.

Removable shelves allow you to adjust their height, so large boxes can be conveniently placed in the dressing room. The bar is intended for a comfortable arrangement of clothes on hangers.

Even after several years of use, the furniture retains its original appearance. Practicality and comfort are the undeniable advantages of corner walk-in closets.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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