Dressing room in the apartment

 Dressing room in the apartment

Storing things is one of the most common problems of every modern person.. Solve it with a variety of auxiliary furniture items that form the dressing room. This functional element of the interior allows you to optimize the location of all things for their quick search.

Features and benefits

A dressing room is a separate room or a functional area used for storing clothes, shoes, linen, etc.

It should be noted that the design features of this attribute allow you to put a lot more things than can be done in a closet or regular shelves or hangers. It should also be noted that the dressing room is a great design attribute that can be used to decorate any home.

Experts divide conditionally this construction into several zones. The upper tier, in most cases, is used to fasten hangers. In the middle and lower tiers store underwear, shirts, shoes and other things that a person uses every day.

A separate dressing room has many advantages:

  1. Things are located in specific places, which speeds up their search and folding.
  2. Large capacity. This is achieved by using the entire space. In the wardrobe cells can be located directly on the ceiling itself. The size of the individual sections also varies depending on the needs of the owner.
  3. Dressing room can be used not only for storing clothes and shoes. Very often, a washing machine, small exercise machines, an ironing board, etc. are installed in this area.
  4. The design features of the dressing rooms are so original that they can be used to create any style. These products are made to order, which always allows you to "tailor" the design to your needs and tastes.
  5. Everything can be used as a base material - from wood to high-quality plastic. Beautiful products usually combine several types of materials.
  6. Optimization of space. All things will be stored in one place, which eliminates the cluttering of other rooms with small dressers or cabinets. This free space can be used for other tasks.


Wardrobe rooms are individual systems that are customized for specific operating conditions. Depending on the design features, they can be divided into such types.


This type of product is very common, as it is practical and original. Case designs assume combination of several elements reminding usual sliding wardrobes. To connect the individual parts use special furniture ties. Such products are made from laminated chipboard or natural wood.

Hull structures are characterized by increased strength. This is achieved due to the shelves resting on the rear wall. Among the main drawbacks of this type of dressing rooms are the complicated manufacturing process and the minimum parameters for cell review.

Panel systems

Such dressing rooms consist of a special wooden panel placed along the wall. Hangers, shelves and other elements are attached to this frame. These designs are perfectly complemented by shelving, which is very important for small spaces. Such wardrobes are relatively rare, as they have a great value. This is explained by the use of natural wood (Angara pine), characterized by durability and environmental friendliness.


Constructions of this type are several separate modules that are installed next to each other. Their distinctive feature is the use of a metal rack as a support, which excludes the installation of the rear wall. These modules are fully functional, so their location can be changed depending on your needs.


Such systems have already appeared a long time ago, which made it possible to find their optimal dimensions and features. When developing it, the practicality and availability of all cells is considered the most important. The wardrobe is characterized by several classical parameters:

  • The width of the zone or room must be at least 3 m. The minimum depth should reach 1.7 m. This is due to the presence of cabinets that will take up such space. A room with these parameters looks practical and convenient.
  • The optimal area for a dressing room is 6-8 sq.m. Experts say that with proper planning, you can get full-fledged functionality and greater capacity even in an area of ​​up to 4 sq.m. Such approaches are very often found in small apartments, where space is strictly limited.

Accommodation options

One of the main problems in the arrangement of dressing rooms is the choice of place for her. It should be noted that in the apartments of modern buildings can allocate a special zone and immediately equip it. It all depends on the project of the house and the layout of the apartment.

It is possible to equip a wardrobe in a regular apartment in various places.


The area of ​​this room is usually small, but this is enough for shelving. The main thing - to choose the right furniture. Everything in the pantry can be used - from ordinary drawers for shoes, and metal shelving. If the style of this place is important for you, then give preference to light-colored furniture. This will visually increase the room.

Corner of the room

For such purposes, you should use only large rooms, as the design will take quite a lot of space. Shelves in such systems are installed in the form of the letter "G". If space permits, it can additionally be fenced off with another partition, running from the ends of the wall structures.

Niche one-room apartment

This is an excellent option to separate the dressing room from the main room. To do this, use both glass and wooden partitions. Sometimes niches are simply fenced off with the help of curtains or decorative fabric. Inside it, you can install full racks and many different shelves.

Built in wardrobes

It is easy to turn similar designs into a small dressing room. You only need to remove or add a few shelves to optimize the storage space for various items.

Loggia or balcony

Please note that you can install lockers or shelves here only if the room is insulated. Often, this approach is found on the loggias, which are combined with the common room.

The formation of partitions in the bedroom

This option is suitable for large rooms.Zoning for a dressing room produced using sheets of plasterboard or chipboard. The shape and size of this place is chosen individually in such a way as to ensure maximum capacity with a small area.

It should be noted that the choice of a place for a dressing room is a personal approach that includes the features of the living room and the volume of stored items. Many owners of wide corridors can install shelves immediately upon entering the apartment.

Interesting design solutions

One of the latest trends is the location of the so-called island in the middle of a small wardrobe - a chest of drawers on which you can put different accessories.

The original addition can also be a few mirror surfaces on the walls of the dressing room, decorated in white, and light crystal chandelier in the color of the furniture.

Another original idea is the addition of a dressing room dressing table. Install it in spacious rooms that have good lighting. The table is made under the basic style of the zone, but it is decorated with classic carving, decorative handles and a large mirror.

A dressing room in country style is good, but it is appropriate if the rest of the premises in the dwelling are decorated in the same style.

For spacious walk-in closets, a wooden cabinet system is acceptable, and in the center - original puffs fitted with castors, which constitute a kind of ensemble. It looks quite strictly, but this arrangement is convenient for users.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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