Wardrobe hanger

 Wardrobe hanger

Perhaps one of the most common, convenient and effective elements of the wardrobe system is a regular hanger. Easy, convenient, compact - it helps to cope with shirts, dresses, skirts, suits, underwear and outerwear.

Without it, it is impossible to imagine an apartment, office, medical or educational institution, an enterprise in the sphere of consumer services and production.

Wherever you need to quickly and accurately hang clothes, there is a dressing room hanger. However, this element is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Numerous models and configurations allow this accessory to completely replace a small dressing room.


Hanger - the basic element of any dressing room. This item owes its popularity and indispensability to the following advantages:

  1. Mobility. If necessary, models on wheels can be moved to any convenient place. And the usual simple hangers can be used not only in the wardrobe, but also in the bedroom, nursery, office, living room, kitchen, bathroom and other rooms.
  2. The convenience of use. The unique design features of different models allow you to avoid time-consuming installation and installation work. The hanger is immediately ready for use. Each model is usually multifunctional. It allows you to hang skirts, pants, shirts, hats, and umbrellas at the same time.
  3. The wide model range allows you to easily choose the ideal option for a particular dressing room. All models look stylish, elegant, elegant, perfectly fit into any interior.
  4. Hangers can be made from a variety of materials. Their weight, durability, cost, functionality, decorative properties depend on it.


All models differ from each other in location, design, size, functionality and other parameters.

At the location of the hangers can be floor or wall. The floor model is often used not only in residential but also in public spaces. It is not fixed rigidly and can be rearranged / carried / transported to any place convenient for this. All things are arranged in such a way that free and easy access to any of them is provided.

Such a design can have a round, rectangular or other shape, made of different materials. Models on wheels are very popular.

Wall hangers for clothes are used for arranging corridors and hallways of small size, where it is not possible to place an overall floor model. Wall options can have every possible form and be equipped with a different number of hooks.

Another model is a bar, which is mounted in wardrobes or wardrobes. It accommodates the required number of hangers for casual and outdoor clothing. Its length and diameter can be different, depending on the number of clothes placed on it.

The choice of a suitable model depends on the functional tasks of the room, its size, the availability of free space.Models of various designs can significantly unload the wardrobe closet and facilitate access to certain types of clothing.

Hangers can be for children and adults. Children's models have a smaller size and thickness of parts, they weigh less accessories for adults, can be made separately for girls and boys (the main difference is the color).

Hanger on wheels. This model is good for its versatility. Usually it contains one or more crossbars to accommodate the hangers, hooks for outerwear or bags, shelves for shoes or other things. The wheels greatly facilitate the process of movement of the loaded structure.

Many models are supplemented with covers to cover clothes from dust.


Hangers differ in the manufacture of materials:

  • The metal model is very popular today. Metal is one of the most durable, resistant, durable and practical materials. Ideal option for massive designs under outerwear. Most often for the manufacture of such accessories used chrome-plated aluminum. It perfectly gives in to coloring, therefore such construction will perfectly fit into any interior.

Metal hangers are notable for their good capacity and aesthetic appeal. Often, models are decorated with forged decorative elements, giving them a special aesthetics and elegance.

  • Wooden products are also quite often found in modern interiors. Beautiful, noble wood has good strength and durability, flawless decorative properties. Wooden hanger harmoniously fit into a classic and modern style. Different types of wood can be used to create models for placing clothes.
  • Plastic is an inexpensive, practical, lightweight material that is suitable for hanging light clothing. It is unpretentious in care, aesthetically attractive, environmentally friendly and safe. Plastic products are suitable for placing a small amount of things.

The size

The size range of wardrobe hangers is very wide. The choice of a suitable size model is determined by the correct placement of clothes on it. Upper and casual clothes during storage should not touch the floor. This moment must be considered when choosing the appropriate option.

  1. The height of the hanger must exceed the length of the longest dress, coat and other clothing.
  2. Overall dimensions of the hanger must be selected exactly according to its location so that the design fits into the selected corner.
  3. The number of hooks must meet the needs of people living in the house or in the room.

How to choose?

When choosing a suitable floor model, it is advisable to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. The hanger must match the color scheme and the chosen style of the interior.
  2. The model must be sufficiently stable not to tip over, deform or break under a large amount of clothing.
  3. The model should not clutter the room and prevent free movement around the room.
  4. The hanger must hold all things, so when buying a model, you must take into account the number of people in the room.
  5. The material from which the product is made must be sufficiently durable, safe, reliable.
  6. The cost of the wardrobe structure is usually low, unless we are talking about exclusive models, which also serve as expensive, stylish interior decoration.For such models used valuable wood or forged decorative items.

When choosing a home (floor or wall) hangers for the dressing room you should definitely consider the following nuances:

  1. The height of the bar for the bulk of adult clothing should not be less than 165 cm.
  2. For shirts, jackets, jackets, children's clothing barbells may have a small height. Another option is a pantograph for hangers, which allows you to lower the bar to the desired level and lift it back.
  3. A hanger with a cover is necessary for storing clothes that are not worn often. This may be seasonal clothing (sheepskin coat, fur coat, jacket) or an elegant dress, suit. The cover perfectly protects clothes from dust.
  4. Retractable structures are ideal for storing trousers or jeans. Their height should not be less than 60 cm.
  5. For storage of accessories you can purchase designs with special hooks and fasteners for umbrellas, belts, scarves, handbags. They can be made in various designs and shapes, have different size and number of hooks.

A special hanger allows you to accurately place all the necessary little things in the public domain.

Where to place?

Depending on a design, a form, the size, wardrobe a hanger can be established in different points of the room. It is necessary that the following rules be followed:

  • The design should not be located directly at the entrance, so as not to interfere with people entering and leaving the premises.
  • On the other hand, the wardrobe should not be too far from the exit. On the hanger is placed outerwear, which is worn immediately before going out.
  • Dressing room should not prevent the free movement of people around the room, the transition from room to room.
  • Most often, the wardrobe is located in the corner.
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Options in the interior

An elegant, compact metal hanger will easily handle the placement of casual clothes and shoes. To store the handbag, you can provide a separate lock. This hanger does not take up much space and looks great in a bedroom.

The original floor hanger due to the curved shape occupies a minimum of space even in the smallest hallway. Hooks located at different levels are suitable for placing adult and children's clothing. Umbrellas can be hung on small bars.Shelves are suitable for storing glasses, keys, jewelry and other accessories.

A wrought-iron floor hanger serves as a magnificent decoration of the hallway interior. Freakishly curved branches play the role of hooks for fixing hangers under clothes. 2 lower shelves neatly place home or outdoor shoes.

The elegant visor can be used as a place for storing handbags or as an additional plane to accommodate hangers.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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