Living room decor ideas

Living room - this is the room that makes the first impression on everyone who comes to your house. That is why this room everyone tries to make the most presentable and demonstrating features of your taste. In order to revive the living room and make it more attractive, you can use different types of decor.

Style in the interior

First of all, choosing small elements of decor, you need to take into account the style of the interior in which it is made.


The time-tested style is a classic. A room in this style should be decorated with the highest quality decor so as not to “cheapen” the interior.

A classic-style room can be decorated with carpets or tapestries, paintings in massive frames or mirrors that resemble a richly decorated portrait.


This style can even be used in an apartment with small rooms. It is this approach that will allow both to decorate the living room at the same time, and to keep all the necessary stuff there. Eclectic style room combines details from different styles. You can turn your living room into a cozy place to relax or a mysterious oasis decorated with fresh flowers. In this style it is appropriate to do little things with your own hands, which at first glance are inconspicuous, but still make the room many times more comfortable and homely.

Country and Provence

Both of these styles can be called rustic. It is believed that this style is the easiest to use for the design of the living room. There will not have to think too much about the selection of small decorative elements. You will come up with cute painted plates, clay vases with flowers, live plants in pots and so on.

Also in this room there is a place for little things that are dear to your heart: family photos, donated by close knickknacks.


This style can definitely be called the cheapest. After all, you do not even have to buy any additional decorative items - everything you need can be found in an old apartment or house with your parents.Retro style perfectly complements the old posters, worn pillows and other things that once adorned your nursery, and now will become a stylish addition to the modern interior.

Designer Tips

The main advice that is useful to all, without exception, is that you should not rush to the choice of decorative trinkets. First, determine the location of the main things, the color of the walls, the ceiling and so on.

The decor should complete the overall picture and fit perfectly into it. Contrast details look beautiful too.

If the whole room is decorated in white or beige color, then bright accents in the form of soft pillows or colored flowerpots will dilute the interior and make it more alive.

In some cases, the decor is recommended, on the contrary, to avoid. First of all it concerns the minimalism style familiar to many. However, even minimalist apartments should not be boring. Do not throw away all the decorative stuff, trying to make the room as fashionable as possible. Just restrict the minimum number of decorations.

In addition, the room may simply not enough space for decorative trifles. If you live in a small room, and you want it to remain as light and spacious as possible, avoid unnecessary décor. All jewelry should be functional, and not just occupying free space.

Also, experts advise when decorating small rooms to use small decorative elements. A neat frame with a photo on the table will look much better than a big picture on a half wall. And the place will take significantly less.

In large rooms, you can choose the decor at its discretion.

Interesting decor ideas

The hall in modern style can completely change its appearance, if you pick up the right parts.


Decorate a room can not only placed on shelves and tables things, but also textiles. One of the easiest ways to add a touch of coziness to a room is to choose beautiful curtains that will emphasize the desired style and, if necessary, divide the room into the necessary zones.

In the living room, decorated in a simple style, it is appropriate to look long curtains to the floor. The most suitable material is velvet or silk. Such curtains will immediately decorate the room, even if they are the only expensive item in the whole interior. To such curtains it is pertinent to pick up ties with tassels or even lambrequins.This will give the interior solemnity and presentability.

If you do not have enough lightness, then look at the short, up to the window sill, curtains of thin fabrics. It can be chintz, linen or cotton. Figure choose unobtrusive and light. You can also pick up thin translucent blinds, or even limit yourself to thin tulle.

You can choose curtains, focusing on the size of the room. So, for a small room, bright monochromatic curtains that are combined with the colors of the walls are best suited. This is the simplest technique that allows you to visually expand the space.

Fabric with large patterns and contrasting prints are better suited for spacious rooms.

Wall decor

Even in a small room where there are no shelves and tables, and, it would seem, there is simply no place to put all sorts of trinkets, you can find a place for a wall decor.

The simplest ways to decorate walls are paintings., photos in frames or mirrors with an interesting design. In the room in the retro style looks interesting traditional colorful carpet on the wall. In other styles, it can be replaced with a beautiful tapestry or even upholstered with colored fabric panels.

Wall lights can also be used as decoration. For example, in a room in a classic style, vintage sconces with a forged base or stylized candlesticks in which instead of real candles simple lamps are used look good.

You can also hang on the wall narrow shelves, where it will be possible to arrange other additional details.

The original interior can be decorated with old posters or vinyl records hanging on the walls.

And if you are a creative artistic person, you can simply use your own drawings as wall decoration. This will emphasize your individuality and will immediately demonstrate to the incoming what you are interested in in life.

Aquarium and live plants

If you love nature, you can decorate your living room with pots with fresh flowers, hanging baskets with plants that are woven around, and also use a large aquarium with colorful fish in the design.

You can not only place an aquarium on a table or shelf, but also mount it into a wall or niche. This is an interesting design solution for zoning space.Creating such an angle with wildlife will not only decorate the room.

You will get a place where you can relax under the quiet splash of water and watch the colored fish. This will definitely help relieve stress after a hard day’s work and set you up for a peaceful mood. Also, it should be noted that the installation of an aquarium with water will not allow the air in the room to dry up even at the height of the heating season.

Beautiful examples

For simple examples of real living rooms, decorated in a particular style, you can make sure that the decor is appropriate everywhere, with whatever stylistic direction you may work.

Luxury classics

This is a living room decorated in a classic style. The light wooden base of this room serves as an excellent background for antique details. This is not only a luxurious white fireplace and a massive chandelier on the chains. All the details in the room were chosen perfectly - vases, pillows, antique clocks, wicker baskets and even a colored carpet that gives the interior such necessary brightness. This living room is a good example of the fact that a room in a classic style can be fashionable and cozy at the same time.

Navy style living room

This example is completely different from the previous one.It uses the minimum amount of detail. Primary colors are white, blue and gray. The décor was also made in the same color scheme. Beautiful chandelier, modern floor lamp, glass vases and small figurines on the coffee table. An empty white wall is decorated with one single painting on the marine theme. There is nothing superfluous, but at the same time the room looks thoughtful and comfortable for life.

Modern minimalism

A minimalist room requires a particularly careful approach to the selection of details. Cushions in tone of sofa, neat marbled table, decorated only with a vase with artificial flowers. And the wall behind the sofa is complemented by hanging drawers of light, light-reflecting material. This allows not only to store all the necessary things in one place, but also visually expands the space.

A well-designed living room is not just a passing room, but a place where you can gather with your loved ones and have a good time. Therefore, choosing a decor for this room, try to take into account not only fashion trends. Create an atmosphere in which you will be really pleased to be, and not a single trinket will seem superfluous and inappropriate.

How to decorate the living room, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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