Subtlety design living room area of ​​16 square. m: proper space delimitation

The hall should perform its functions both in a spacious room and on a scale of 16 square meters. His responsibilities include receiving guests and creating coziness to the owners. This task is quite possible even in a small area.

Special features

The main feature of a small living room is its size. In most cases, rooms of this type are found in panel houses designed during the time of N. S. Khrushchev. Thin walls with poor heat and sound insulation, close planning are typical for apartments of this period.

Hall in the 16 square. m - not a reason to be upset, because modern building materials will help to turn it into perfection of design ideas.

You can start a grand renovation with the destruction of the walls and complete redevelopment,but the task is the ability to organize a beautiful functional interior in a small area. Any arrangement in a small room should obey a single rule - to make it visually more spacious. Many factors work on this rule: color, lighting, furniture, textiles and various trifles.


Style reflects the inner world of man. People will not surround themselves with objects that they do not like, because they will have to live with them for many years. Sometimes on the situation in the room you can understand the nature of the owner.

A lover of luxury will choose Baroque. Ascetic nature prefers minimalism. Those who lack the rustic comfort will equip their interior in the style of country, Provence or Scandinavian. Some people like urban (urban) motives. Connoisseur of modern comfort and real beauty will enjoy modern. Emotional bright personalities will prefer pop art, a style that captures all the colors of the world and an explosion of energy. Lovers of travel will enjoy the ethnic style, and young people will choose high-tech.

Making repairs, acquiring furniture and creating an interior, you need to think about style.Even before the start of construction work should have a clear idea of ​​the final result. If the living room is to be used by several generations of a family, their preferences are sure to become clear. They may turn out to be radically opposed. Satisfying everyone's taste means getting a collage of furniture and decor instead of a stylish interior.

There is only one way out - the golden mean between laconic techno and the underlined luxury of baroque. You can converge on modern, classic or modern style, they are functional, beautiful and devoid of excessive excesses.

As for the premises of 16 square meters - a simpler style will do. The room can be furnished with concise furniture of light colors, not to overload with small objects.


Simplicity, perfection and comfort were valued at all times. In the interior - expensive wood, furniture of elegant proportions, massive curtains with airy tulle, natural textiles in bedspreads and pillows. The classic decor is stucco, bronze, crystal, stone. Currently enough materials are being produced that can replace expensive wood, such as laminate, and natural textiles with synthetic fabrics,that will create an interior with a small budget.


The style of the south of France is loved by romantic people. It does not have bright colors, only pastel, muffled, delicate tones. The interior is overloaded with furniture: bedside tables, dressers, cupboards, ottomans. It resembles a grunge style - sloppy elegance. The same saturation in the decor: statues, candlesticks, knitted tablecloths, curtains with ruffles, indoor flowers.


Prefers white color or pale beige. The furniture is simple, but functional, with features of the storage system (baskets, drawers, boxes). In creating the interior, you can use the furniture Ikea. A special place is given to light. In the decor there are bright dishes, animal skins, candlesticks, products made from natural materials.


The main task is to create a comfortable multifunctional interior. This style is loved by many, but not everyone can afford it. Appliances, furniture, decor - all the best. In the whole stop, the embodiment of beauty and comfort is felt. The interior must be completely original.

Pop Art

A style of riot of colors and explosive emotions for positive people, with good imagination.In the decor can enter various strange things, made in the form of handicrafts with their own hands.


Displays the traditions of ethnic groups (Africa, Asia and others). The interior carries elements of the exotic. It is safe to use rattan furniture, animal skins, textiles with folk patterns, masks, sea shells, ivory.

High tech

The interior has a lot of shiny metal and glass. Furniture of clear forms, rationally involved in space. The room, made in white, black and gray, reminds, rather, a drawing. Allowed bright color in the form of accents.


The predominance of simple large furniture with smooth surfaces, a lot of light and emptiness, uniform color interspersed with neon. It is a mixture of constructivism and Japanese style.

Colors and decor

Having defined the style, the color scheme of the future interior becomes clear.


But not everything is so simple with the choice of colors on an area of ​​16 squares. Any designer, drawing up a project, will use the color palette to be able to visually increase the space.

You just need to know some secrets:

  • Light tones create volume, raise the ceiling.
  • Dark - land, but make the surface deeper.
  • White - blinds and dissolves, works by volume.
  • Orange makes room already.
  • Yellow increases space.
  • Gray and green are neutral colors.
  • Black narrows the room.
  • Brown - crushes, denotes boundaries.
  • Red - can create a cramped effect.
  • Blue - reduces space.
  • Blue - visually increases the territory.

In a small room walls, floor, ceiling should be bright and cheerful. Not only white or beige will do - all the subtle shades of the color palette.

It is better not to split the ceiling, to paint it in the traditional white color, or two shades lighter than the walls. The glossy stretch fabric is ideal, and the reflectivity of a dark gray gloss is much higher than white.

Light flooring can be done longitudinally, if the room is square, or transversely if extended. A similar technique will also work on the walls: a vertical wallpaper will pull the ceiling up, a horizontal one will push the walls apart.

It is not easy to arrange a room of 16 square meters, and if it is a checkpoint, reinforced by an excessive number of doors, you will also have to work on their color.In most cases, the door leaf imitates wood, but it can be painted in any shade. If he comes close to the walls, the borders of the room will simply dissolve.

Doors look good in harmony with the furniture or in contrast with the decoration. Here everyone decides for himself which option is acceptable.

An amazing example of optical illusion is stereoscopic wallpaper. More often they glue one wall, or part of it. 3D-drawing with the image of the door ajar, which leads away to the garden or the forest, not only expands the space, but also impresses.

For a small area are not suitable for heavy colors in the finish. They crush their gloom and create discomfort.

Furniture, if it requires style, can be black, blue, red and other shades, but the walls and the floor in a small room should be left light. Warm tones of slightly aged wood make the room especially cozy. The color of the furniture should match the chosen style. There is no living room in the style of pop art with a black and white wall or a model of a classic sofa with rainbow upholstery.


As well as color, decorative elements make their pleasant contribution to the surroundings.Filling the home with textiles, mirrors, carpets, photographs, paintings, statues, flowerpots with flowers makes the interior complete and comfortable. The decor is able to influence the space, for example, the accent picture distracts the eye from the size of the room. Even in a concise living room with clear lines and a black and white palette, bright spots of textiles will produce an emotional outburst.

In small rooms, it is better to pick up decorative items that carry a functional load: dishes, tablecloth, carpet, mirror, pillows.

As for the curtains: translucent fabrics will create a feeling of lightness and space, and dense, heavy - security and comfort. Long curtains extending into the floor will raise the ceiling. Given the small height of the room, you should abandon the pelmet, the window decoration can be braid, fringe, brushes, hooks.

Bringing in the interior pleasant things, you should always remember about style. For example, minimalism or hi-tech can do without accessories at all, but the principle of Provence: “there is not much decor”. Modern welcomes expensive items, antiques are possible. Pop art is able to take collages and crafts literally from magazines and plastic bottles.Ethnic, colonial style will fill the space with exotic in the form of corals, beads, overseas figurines and drums there and there.

Decorating a home with a decor, it should be remembered that for a good interior three or four colors are enough.

Designer Tips

In a small living room, any actions should be directed to the performance of two, seemingly opposing, tasks: make maximum use of every inch of space and work on the visual volume of space. Tasks are very real and solvable, you only need to listen to the advice of designers.

If the living room with a balcony or loggia is a good opportunity to expand the room at the expense of them. The window and doors are dismantled, and the radiators are hidden under the pedestal. When everything is ready, you can engage in warming the territory. The result is a separate working area, a winter garden, a recreation area, or anything that the imagination tells.

If there is no balcony, it is quite possible to sound out the hall, for example, with a podium or a corner sofa with a coffee table (seating area). This solution is suitable for a square square, in a rectangular room a sofa of a linear shape will do. In any case, upholstered furniture is better to have away from the entrance,to free up the center of the room.

As for the rest of the furniture, it should not be large and suppress its significance. It is better to use functional sets with built-in modules. Transformers have proven themselves well. If instead of deaf cabinets to use shelving (even partially closed), the space will become more airy. You can actively load the walls with hanging structures (shelves, TV on the bracket), the freed bottom of the room will make the room more spacious.

Everyone knows how to deceive the sight of a mirror. They must be introduced into the cramped interior. This may be a cabinet with a mirror surface, a zonal partition, and in particularly bold cases - a reflective ceiling.

Large glossy areas in the form of floor and ceiling work great for volume. Stretch ceiling with good reflectivity visually enlarge the room twice. For the bottom of the room will suit a glossy parquet, laminate floor or self-leveling floor. If the room is warm enough, decorated with a fireplace, you can lay the floor with marbled tiles and place a small rug or animal skin (depending on the style) in the sofa area.

The abundance of decor, small trinkets, psychologically reduce the space, it is better to confine a few expensive things.

A large window and properly positioned light sources will create the illusion of airiness and spaciousness. The role of lighting should not play only the central chandelier. Zone light for a small room has a special meaning. Placing the light along the walls, you can do without the chandelier, but if you need it, you should choose small elegant models.

In each zone, it is permissible to use their own group of lamps, for example, floor lamps are suitable for rest, a desk lamp for work, a wardrobe, mirrors, paintings, shelves with collections are zoned by spotlights or LED strips.

Beautiful examples of interior design

The style of the interior depends on the number of family members and their tastes. Young positive people who value communication, music and movement are likely to prefer minimalism, pop art or high-tech. In their environment there will be a minimum amount of furniture and the maximum - technology for sound and lighting solutions.

In the interior - either cold black and white tones with bright accent spots,either glass and shiny metal, or fireworks of color with a small amount of functional designs in pop art style. In the room there can be modules for appliances, small chairs, a bar for drinks, a small table or a bar.

Families with children can arrange the living room under the cinema. In this case, you will need spacious furniture in the form of a corner sofa or a soft modular composition with numerous poufs. Storage systems in such a room a little. There are slides for equipment and several designs that help to equip passive rest.

In the room, combined with a balcony, you can arrange a winter garden with birds in cages or an aquarium. You will need moisture-proof, but eco-friendly furniture. The greenhouse is well built into the colonial or ethnic styles. Attractive look large plants in combination with the decor of overseas countries.

There are many options for the design of a small room, you just need to choose an acceptable one for yourself and decide on repairs.

See the next video for the secrets of living room interior design.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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