The best design ideas of the hall area of ​​20 square meters. m in modern style

The living room is rightfully recognized as one of the most functional and important rooms in any home, be it a city apartment in a high-rise building or a cozy cottage. It is necessary to approach the design of this space as responsibly and carefully as possible, since it will be you who will constantly see it not only you, but also your guests. Today we will talk about the modern style of the interior in a cozy room of 20 square meters.

Special features

It's no secret that the living room is an indispensable room in the home. It often combines several functional zones at once, which makes it a practical and multitasking room. So, today, many designers have in the halls small dining tables with chairs or equip a compact work area with a computer desk.

An area of ​​20 or 19 square meters. m completely allows the owners to place on it all the necessary furniture, decorative items and accessories. Such spaces are considered to be quite spacious, which is why additional zones (dining, play or recreation areas) often find their place in them.

Currently, modern stylistic trends are in trend, and they are chosen by many owners. Such popularity is due to progressive and futuristic strokes inherent in such styles.

Designers recommend to fill such a situation with a large amount of natural lighting, supported by high-quality artificial sources (lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, spotlights).

If there is a lot of light in the living room, then you can feel free to turn to dark pieces of furniture or finishes that are permissible in modern styles. You can also refer to several levels of lighting.

Try not to mix styles with each other. This is especially true of such trends as high-tech and English classics. By combining them in one ensemble, you risk making the room disharmonious and "incomprehensible", so these combinations should be avoided or to be as careful as possible with them.

Experts say that at least two window openings should be present in such living rooms. Firstly, it will provide a sufficient amount of natural light, and secondly, it will not limit the free space for the installation of high stylish furniture.

One of the important features of the modern style in the interior is that it looks great in any conditions. For example, it may be a cozy room in a private house or a standard city apartment. In both cases, the owners will have the opportunity to create a truly fashionable and complete interior.


As mentioned earlier, in the living room are often combined various zones. They are usually divided so that the space looks neat and organized, and not overloaded.

A room of 20 squares allows quite a few people to be in it at once without feeling cramped. Such spaces can be furnished not only with standard sofas and coffee tables, but also, for example, with dining sets. Of course, much depends on the layout of the room.

Most often in one room there is a fireplace and a TV viewing area.In the second space there is a large TV set (hung on the wall or placed on a special cabinet), a large and cozy sofa (corner or rectangular straight). It is permissible to replace such upholstered furniture with several chairs that are suitable in style, occupying less free space.

The design of the fireplace area is more solid and “serious”. As a rule, it has a small table (round or square) and several neat chairs / chairs arranged around it. In this zone, an atmosphere of peace and complete calm should be maintained. Many owners use it to read newspapers and books or to talk with friends over a cup of tea.

In addition, there may be an additional dining area in the living room. The fashion for such a tandem has been around for a long time, but it was remembered by people with the appearance of studio apartments in our country, in which the dining room is most often combined with the reception area. For such options, you should carefully choose the shape of the table. For example, for the square part of the room you need to buy a “softening” round specimen, and for an elongated layout - a rectangular one.

If you do not plan to dine in the hall all the time, and are only going to get it from time to time for friendly gatherings and holidays, then you should get a folding model that, when folded, will not be difficult to remove away so as not to occupy free space in the room.

Many designers in the development of a harmonious project of living rooms of 20 square meters organize in them a separate cozy corner for reading books. In such zones, you can have roomy and built-in niches that create the visual effect of a freer and more spacious room. Despite the fact that 20 square meters. m - this is not the smallest footage, experts still advise to apply to open structures without swinging doors and shutters, which in the open state take up additional space.

It is better to give preference to open structures or models with sliding compartment doors.

Often in the living room and have a working area. As a rule, it has a computer desk, a chair and special shelves (roll-out drawers or pedestals). The table top can be both rectangular and angular.The second option is considered more compact, despite the seemingly impressive view.

Unusual looking living rooms, in which there is an additional sleeping area. Most often, this arrangement is found in a pentagonal room or a room with a balcony. If you choose the second option, then you should take into account that the balcony should be insulated and finished to the highest quality. Poorly insulated and waterproofed space will prevent comfortable living in the living room, as well as harm the quality of finishing materials during bad weather and temperature changes outside the window.

Additionally, you can select different zones in the living room by using the direction of light sources, finishing materials or different colors. It is also possible to divide the space with the help of special mobile screens, curtains or panels. However, in this case it is not recommended to buy too large and bulky options, otherwise they will make the hall less spacious and bright.

Not bad look room in which there are multi-level floor and ceiling, which can also divide the space into zones. Such designs can be completely made by hand.If you doubt your abilities and are afraid to take on such work, then it is better to entrust it to specialists, so as not to spoil the room. Also making zoning, do not forget about the location of the room. There are such plans in which the living room is a passageway and is located between the two other rooms and must be furnished so that they do not become too cramped and uncomfortable.


For the design of the living room you can apply to a variety of stylistic directions. Consider the most popular and attractive options and their distinctive features.


This style will never go out of fashion and will always enjoy the love and respect of the owners of apartments and private houses. The following are inherent in this direction. characteristics:

  • luxurious notes, devoid of excesses;
  • combination of light / pastel colors and natural wood;
  • furniture made from natural and high quality materials;
  • the presence of details of noble bronze (lamps, chandeliers, decor);
  • curtains from natural good-quality fabrics;
  • curved lines of legs, armrests and backs of furniture.


This style is the complete opposite of the classics. It is always present non-standard and even shocking decor, details of geometric, asymmetric and abstract forms, as well as juicy and rich elements that attract special attention in the interior.


The name of this stylistic direction already speaks volumes. The living room in this design should be filled with high-quality furniture and textiles made from environmentally friendly and safe materials.

Not bad in such ensembles look wallpaper under the brick or natural brickwork on the walls. Of course, in eco style can't do without live plants in neat pots and vases. This area is perfect for an area of ​​20 square meters. m, making it more fresh and "live".


This harmonious and low-key style in our time, many owners choose. The popularity of the Scandinavian style is due to its characteristic features related to its positive qualities:

  • this style is moderate, practical and "calm";
  • it contains a minimal set of furniture in light and pastel colors;
  • bright colors in the Scandinavian style are also present, but are more often found in decorative objects;
  • the presence of soft and soft shades of finishing materials on the walls, floor and ceiling.


This modern style involves the use of a minimal set of furniture and decor in the living room. In such ensembles you will not find objects with noticeable decorative elements, carved inserts or relief ornaments. In minimalism, everything should be as simple and clear as possible.


This "attic" or "garage" style is distinguished by its unusual appearance, expressed in the combination of the incompatible. For example, in such a living room there can be brick walls, rough wooden beams under the ceiling, slightly sloppy concrete floors and elegant light curtains with a bay window, complemented by a beautiful library with shelves made of natural wood, as well as glossy side tables and coffee tables.

Such interiors look both modern, and industrial, and elegant, which once again confirms the non-standard style of the loft and its versatility.

High tech

This insanely popular and progressive style usually includes the following constituent elements:

  • stylish furniture and decor of simple, angular, geometric and futuristic forms;
  • monophonic objects of simple colors (most often gray, white and black);
  • laconic environment, close to the minimalist direction;
  • furniture and decor items made of glass, metal, steel (chrome-plated and painted in different colors) and plastic;
  • metal lights (the most popular - track);
  • inconspicuous floor carpets;
  • high-tech equipment and furniture with remote and touch controls.

In such ensembles it is not recommended to have things as close as possible to classical or historical styles. For example, the living room in the direction of high-tech will look ridiculous if you put in it a good old wardrobe made of natural aged wood with carved side lines and large handles in bronze.

Color solutions

Designers claim that the living room with two windows is considered ideal, and it is completely unimportant whether it is located in a two-room or one-room apartment. In such rooms there will always be a sufficient amount of natural daylight, which allows the use of not only light and pastel colors in the hall, but also dark colors.

The area of ​​20 square meters.m allows owners to turn to almost any color. The most popular, of course, are light colors. Their popularity is due to the fact that they visually make the room even fresher and more spacious. Moreover, against such a background, both the furniture and the decor look a little brighter and richer, especially if they are made in contrasting “rainbow” palettes.

Do not be afraid of the snow-white finish on all surfaces in the large living room. They will look too cold and annoying only if you do not beat them with contrasting furniture and bright objects of decor.

It is worth noting that against such a background even budget furniture, for example, small woven sofas and armchairs of red or black color, will look expensive and attractive.

Pastel palettes will look very well in this room. Experts recommend using them, as they have a calming and pacifying effect on the psyche of the household, balancing emotions and helping to cope with the stresses accumulated during the day.

On a gentle pastel background, many objects look organic.

For example, these may be:

  • elegant porcelain tableware (painted);
  • cozy fluffy carpets;
  • furniture made of wood and metal;
  • decorative pillows in contrasting tones with patterns and prints;
  • light fixtures;
  • light curtains of different shades (the most popular are linen brown tones).

The trend of recent years is the surface under the brick red "rusty" shades. Most often this way the walls in the living room get off. Natural or artificial brickwork looks great in many styles, but, as a rule, loft and hi-tech are found in modern directions. Such interiors can be supplemented with both scarlet and snow-white or gray "bricks".

In this way, not all the walls in the hall can be trimmed, but only one of them (accent). For example, it may be overlapping behind soft furnishings or a fireplace area. It all depends on the preferences of the owners.

Fans of spring and rich colors can safely refer to your favorite palettes, but do not forget that you can not overdo it with them. Some simple rules should be that as a result the interior of a modern living room does not turn out to be annoying and too colorful:

  • if you decide to buy bright and rich furniture, it is recommended to put it on a neutral and calm background. For example, in modern styles, snow-white walls look great, and in their surroundings the rich colors of the sofa, armchairs and bedside tables will stand out well.
  • If your choice fell on the variegated decoration of saturated colors, then its background should have furniture and decor of calm and neutral scales. Otherwise, the ensemble will turn out to be too intrusive and "oppressive to the eyes."

The use of dark colors is acceptable in modern halls. However, they can only be accessed if there is a lot of natural and artificial lighting in the room.

If the room is dull and muffled, then dark paint can make it look like a closed closet or a large storeroom.

Beautiful examples in the interior

At present, modern styles are enviably popular, and many people, making repairs in their home, turn to these areas. Consider a few thoughtful and spectacular options living, made in a similar vein.

In a modern narrow living room of 20 square meters.All walls and the ceiling can be finished with plain white plaster, and the ceiling behind the sofa can be covered with plastic relief panels with a wavy ornament. Place in front of such an accent wall a coffee sofa with beige-maroon pillows and a white coffee table with chrome legs. Complete the interior with a TV opposite the sofa, fluffy gray carpet on the floor, fresh flowers and soft brown curtains on the windows.

Fans of non-standard solutions will appreciate the ensemble consisting of frayed brick walls, white ceiling, wooden floor, complemented by a large carpet with black angular patterns, and a blue rectangular sofa, wooden table and chair. Hang track lights on the ceiling, and thick green-brown curtains on the windows.

In the elongated living room, the walls and ceiling can be finished with beige plaster and supplemented with shallow niches with dark chocolate edging at the edges. Put in such a room a light coffee corner sofa, a white wardrobe with frosted glass doors, an orange rounded high chair and a dining rectangular table with chairs in walnut wood.Complete the ensemble with a glass coffee table, spotlights, set in a circle on the ceiling and light caramel curtains.

Simple, stylish and tasteful, it will look like a living room with a glossy white ceiling, a semi-gloss black wood floor and snow-white walls. Put in such a modern room an L-shaped leather sofa of white color, a dark coffee table and a console console of a milk-colored wall under the TV. The central part of the hall can be finished with a light semi-gloss gray or milky laminate. Hang soft brown curtains on the windows, and behind the sofa, place a tall floor lamp with a metal base leg and a large rounded canopy.

In the next video, a few more ideas of design hall area of ​​20 sq.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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