How to decorate a wall with a TV in the living room?

TV is an integral element in the living room or hall. In addition to the main task, this element performs a decorative function in the interior. Modern models of receivers are much smaller and more functional than their predecessors. Thanks to convenient dimensions, new ways of placing multimedia technology have appeared.

Accommodation features

To save space in the room appliances are placed on the wall. This option is perfect for compact rooms. The process of mounting a TV receiver is complex and requires special knowledge and adaptations. Before installation, you must decide on the design of the wall on which you plan to install the equipment.

Designers note that large models automatically become personal details.decor. If you choose the wrong design of the wall (color, finishing material), the overall interior can be damaged.

Before you hang appliances, it is necessary to properly distribute furniture and various decorative items.

It should accurately determine the following aspects:

  • The color of the wall and the texture of the material for decoration.
  • The choice of the most convenient and practical placement of the TV.
  • The effect of radiation on a person (load on vision).
  • The impact of external negative factors on equipment.

If the repair in the room is finished and the furniture is installed, you need to find the perfect placement for the TV.

  • You can hang the receiver over the chest, cupboard and other low furniture. This installation idea is widespread.
  • The second option - placing in front of the dining area or sofa. Ensure that the distance between the location of the viewer and the screen is acceptable. The larger the screen, the higher this figure.
  • The TV looks great over the fireplace, but only if it is artificial. The wall will become the dominant element in the design. The dimensions of the two elements should be almost the same, so that they do not overlap each other.

It is strongly not recommended to broadcast equipment near heating appliances, real fireplaces and sources of artificial light. Installing a TV in front of the window is also not worth it.

Wall design

To decorate a wall with a TV, you can use various materials offered by the market in a wide range.

Let's stop on the most popular and demanded options.

  • Wallpaper. This is a practical, affordable and stylish material that can have a different color. With it, it is easy to designate a specific zone, designed specifically for the equipment, or to organize the background from ceiling to floor. Experts recommend using canvas with volumetric 3D images. The theme of the picture should fit the style of the interior.
  • Enamel paint. The paint has a rich color, is inexpensive and keeps on the wall for a long time. This material is perfect for decoration of the wall. The area next to the TV is better to paint in color with a "warm" temperature. If you want to select an object, use bright shades. Each decorative direction represents a specific color palette.On the empty space around the TV, using paint, you can draw any image: flowers, birds, abstraction, and more.
  • Textile. To make a decor of coziness and comfort, use textiles. Give preference to natural fabrics. Color and texture of the material should be in harmony with the furniture and other elements of the fabric. Try accepting a contrast between the color of the TV and the textile canvas.
  • Plaster. Due to the decorative plaster wall can be given an extraordinary volume and texture. It can be used to divide the wall into zones that differ in texture. On a flat finish place the TV, and the textured part will decorate the technique from different sides.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo is a natural, reliable and cost-effective environmentally friendly material. Canvases from this plant are decorated with ethnic, Far Eastern and African stylistics. Bamboo combines perfectly with various pieces of furniture and modern appliances.
  • Brick or stone. The above materials are perfect for decoration of the wall with a TV. The wall, decorated with natural stone or brick, blends perfectly with the fireplace.

These are the most common ideas. The development of the design sphere presents new options for the decor with the use of natural and artificial materials.


When choosing a palette for a wall with a TV, remember that the shade should not be too rich and screaming. The optimal palette of colors: white, cream, pastel colors, beige, brown. If the size of the room allows, you can choose black.

How to fix the TV?

Installation of the TV requires not only skills, but also a preparatory process. During operation, you need to be as careful as possible, especially if the equipment has large dimensions.

Decide at what height from the floor the TV receiver will be placed. Find the optimal point from which to comfortably view video on the screen. The optimal height is at the level of the viewer's eyes or slightly lower. As for the distance, it depends on the size of the screen. Information about this should be specified in the instructions for the TV model.

It is contraindicated to fix the equipment on drywall. The material is not able to withstand the weight of technology. Even if the installation was successful, the TV may collapse at any time.

Do not attach the equipment tightly to the wall. Leave a small space for air circulation. This will allow the TV to cool during operation.

There are two ways to place plasma on the wall: a bracket and a support.


Special design. It reliably joins a wall, and on it the equipment fastens.

There are several types of brackets:

  • Inclined. With it, you can tilt the screen about 20 degrees from the base of the structure.
  • Hard. Reliable and durable fixation without moving parts.
  • Inclined and rotary. Using this option, you can not only tilt the screen, but also expand it to either side. Very convenient and practical. The price of this option is higher than other models.


The support is a device that attaches the screen to a solid strip of metal. It can be purchased at a specialty store or do it yourself.


Any element should harmoniously merge with the interior style. In some areas the technique fits easily and simply, but for others it is necessary to use special additional elements.


To achieve harmony between the decoration of the wall and the modern plasma in a classic style is very difficult. Strict forms and futuristic appearance of TVs contradict the main aspects of classical trends.

For the harmony of all elements, special carved frames are used, decorated with three-dimensional elements. Like the pictures, TVs are placed in them, making their appearance acceptable for baroque, empire or rococo. This element will decorate the overall decor. The frame can be several times larger than the TV model or just fit the dimensions of the equipment.

The second option is stucco. TV is placed on the wall, and around him make textured stucco. For greater expressiveness, it is covered with copper, gold or silver patina.


Gentle and cozy style. Perfectly fit a wooden wall, on which you will install a TV. If you can not equip the panel from the array, you can buy wallpaper with the image of the boards. Color palette: light and pastel colors. To fully comply with the decor, place the technique in a strict wooden frame.It can be decorated with the image of flowers or elements of antiquity (rubbing, faded paint, cracks).


Extraordinary and bold style that successfully combines both modern and classic elements. The wall with a TV can be decorated in light or, on the contrary, bright colors, in contrast to the decoration of the floor, ceiling and other walls.

Plasma panel in any dimensions perfectly fit into the interior in its natural form, without additional elements. The wall can have both flat and volumetric texture. Placing a black TV on a white background, it will become an expressive element of style.


Minimalism is known for rigor, brevity and simplicity. The crisp, rectangular shapes of a modern flat-panel TV will fit in easily. The standard black color of the model is universal and is often used to design this modern style. As a finishing material is recommended to use wallpaper or paint.

High tech

Hi-tech is a high-tech style, so modern plasma plays not only a functional, but also an important decorative purpose. This is an accent detail of the interior.Black color of the model, strict shape, glossy surface - all these aspects are characteristic of the above stylistics.

Volumes, enamels and glossy plastic panels, the dimensions of which are several times larger than the equipment, are used as a decorative material for wall decoration.

Also, the wall can be decorated with mirror tiles. These elements, along with chrome-plated surfaces, are widely used in high-tech decor. On the background of the mirror elements of the technique will look particularly impressive.


Stone or brick trim is the best solution for decorating a wall from a loft-style TV. Instead of natural material, you can use wallpaper with the same image. It is recommended to perform such reception only on one of the walls in order to create dynamics in the decor.

Installing the TV on the wall is a practical and convenient way to place equipment that will allow you to save space in the room. This option significantly reduces the intensity of human exposure to equipment and gives the decor originality. Installation of technology in this way can be used in both classical and modern directions.The main thing is to use the advice from designers for the harmonious combination of technology with style and its elements.

How to arrange a wall with a TV in the living room, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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