The subtleties of living room design in the "Khrushchev"

Modern housing market is represented by apartments of various layouts, most of which are "Khrushchev". Their main disadvantage is a small living area, complicating the process of finishing and arrangement of rooms. This is especially true of the living room, which in each house is not only a central place for holding special events and welcoming guests, but also a recreation area for all family members. An individual project is being developed for this, thanks to which the living room will become stylish.

Creating the interior of this room, it is necessary not only to take into account the basic rules of design, but also to provide comfortable conditions for living.

Special features

Previously, the construction of houses did not pay due attention to the layout of the rooms, so in the “Khrushchev-style” premises the rooms are not very functional, inconvenient and small.Often in such projects there are passage rooms, and the partitions between the rooms have poor sound insulation. Therefore, before beginning the renovation of the living room, it is necessary to think about its future design and, if necessary, to carry out the restructuring.

The modern interior design provides the maximum increase in space, economically using every square centimeter.

To expand the hall in the "Khrushchev" designers recommend to dismantle the walls, and to decorate doorways with beautiful partitions or arches. If the area of ​​the living room is 17 square meters. m, it can be connected to the kitchen or hallway. In addition, for rooms whose real dimensions are less than 18 meters, you will need to apply design techniques that allow you to visually increase the space. For example, it is best to install ceilings in the living room with a glossy surface, and dark fabrics, on the contrary, will reduce the room and make it dark.

The design of the living room in a 2-room apartment is easier to arrange, as extra square meters can be intelligently planned and divided into separate zones.Walls, ceilings and flooring should be decorated in bright colors, this also applies to furniture, carpets and textiles. The decoration of surfaces depends on the chosen style and can be carried out with various materials at the personal discretion of the owners of the house.

Look good in small living rooms, pasted over with wallpaper with vertically arranged stripes or patterns. A good option are considered and the walls, decorated with plaster or painted in solid color.


The layout of a small-sized living room requires a special approach to design, therefore, for its limited space, it is necessary to competently select the style. Huge scenery and bright colors in the interior of such a room will look ridiculous.

To date, for the halls in the "Khrushchev" the most suitable options are considered minimalism, Provence, Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

Japanese theme provides for the maximum amount of free space, exclusion of unnecessary items from the interior and convenient access to any place in the room. In the living room there should be small furniture of a simple form with a minimum presence of decorative elements.It is the best of all to choose all designs from a natural tree, preferring light scale.

A great choice for the living room is also Scandinavian design. The main color in this interior will be white. Due to this background, the size of the room visually increases, the room becomes spacious and gains height. To carry out the hall in the Scandinavian direction, it will be necessary to overhaul and completely replace the floor covering, and it is recommended to use natural materials for the walls and ceiling.

A nice addition to the interior in this case will be beautiful curtains, carpets and bedspreads, as the scenery you can use a variety of accessories, made with your own hands.

For minimalism peculiar freedom in everything. Therefore, choosing this type of design, you will need to completely get rid of unnecessary pieces of furniture and replace everything with a built-in wardrobe. As for the soft headset, its upholstery should be monotonous, without complex patterns and patterns. It is impossible to use surfaces with gloss and gloss, it is best to purchase pieces of furniture with a natural shade.

For a two-room "Khrushchev" fit provence. It is usually chosen for private houses and apartments with a spacious area. The living room, decorated in such a style, will delight with simplicity, comfort and elegance. The room in this case is trimmed with pastel and light tones. Add a zest to the interior will help a variety of floral motifs, decor items made of wood and glass.

Color solution and decor

A huge role in the design of the living room plays a choice of colors, as different shades are perceived differently and have individual aesthetics. Properly selected color will not only increase the space of the room, but also fill it with an atmosphere of comfort and home warmth. For example, individual shades contribute to a comfortable rest and recuperation, while others, on the contrary, can be overwhelmed by their brightness and variegation.

For the living room in the "Khrushchev" the most suitable are the following palette options:

  • White. The area of ​​the hall in these types of buildings is small, so they need to be lightened in every way. The idea of ​​using white or related shades is considered popular because it helps to visually expand the space, giving it a freshness.In addition, on a light background can be translated into reality any design projects.
  • Gray. At first glance, this tone may seem gloomy for the decoration of the living room, but using it in the form of separate inserts, you can emphasize the beauty of the decorative elements.
  • Beige. This is the most neutral and warm shade, thanks to which the living room is filled with comfort. For example, a brick of beige or brown color on the walls will significantly transform a room and make it stylish. You can also use this palette in the decoration of ceilings, flooring. Originally complements this interior and golden hue. Often in the hall on the walls is placed a family photo gallery, it is recommended to decorate it with golden frames.
  • Blue. Good for organizing a recreation area. Living in the "Khrushchev" due to the blue tones will be filled with coolness and will contribute to good relaxation.
  • Green. Being in the room of such a color, a person has the impression of immersion in wildlife. A green living room will help you relax after a working day. It can be diluted with individual pistachio compositions.
  • Red. For small rooms, this scale is considered to be excessively active, but if you choose more restrained tones, for example, burgundy or wine, then the room will acquire a beautiful accent in the interior.
  • Yellow. Often, small rooms do not have enough sunlight, you can fix it with the help of yellow paints. It is recommended not to use a pure tone, but to combine it with sand, gold or banana. White and brown inserts will help highlight important design details.
  • Violet. Violet or lilac tones are rarely found in the design of living rooms, but if you choose them, the room will truly be refined and original. It is good to combine purple with white, pink or light gray.
  • Orange. It is a representative of a bright range, so it is great for decorating a living room. Orange vases, pillows, sofas, curtains will give the room a cheerful atmosphere. The main advantage of this palette is its universal combination with all shades.

As for the decor of the hall, it is desirable to use simple elements in it, avoiding textured surfaces. Furniture should be functional, have a storage system for things and take up little space.Windows can be decorated with curtains, suitable for this product from a light and natural material.

To provide a room with good lighting, it is advisable to install spotlights on the ceiling. The final touch in the interior will be small paintings, souvenirs and figurines.


A small space of the living room can be made cozy and multifunctional, for the decoration of a small room in this case, the area is divided into separate zones. This design solution is suitable for apartments in new buildings, which are characterized by the usual layout, and in the "Khrushchev", where you need to solve the problem of passage space.

Most often, zoning is performed as follows:

  • With the help of furniture. Large sofas with an angular shape are well suited as a bed, and can serve as a comfortable area to relax with friends. It is recommended to furnish the room with chairs and puffs.
  • Installing partitions. There are mobile and openwork types of designs. Thanks to them, the decor in the living room is transformed and becomes multi-functional.
  • Placing a niche.
  • Constructing a podium or columns.
  • Performing different in color and texture finish.

As a rule, a stylish living room should not consist of many areas and corners. Therefore, in the room enough to allocate a place for rest and eating, or to organize a small working "room". To finish the working area, you need to apply a different floor covering and decorate the walls in a different color scheme. The distinction is also good to perform with the help of the ceiling, shelving and carpet.

Finishing materials

Today, from any living room in the "Khrushchev", regardless of its size and shape, you can make a multifunctional room, consisting of various zones. In order to create maximum comfort in the room, the walls are often dismantled, modular partitions are placed, arches are installed instead of doorways. In this case, the repair and design of such a living room is quite realistic to do it yourself.

It is best to design the interior of the hall using natural materials, preferring light and pastel tones. A good choice for finishing surfaces will be decorative stone, plaster, wood panels, laminate and textured wallpaper.

For a narrow living room, which resembles the view of the corridor, suitable wallpaper with a vertical pattern, which will slightly expand the space. To equip such a room should be lightweight models of furniture. Glass surfaces look great in design, to complement them, you should select glossy surfaces for suspended ceilings.


Modern design of living rooms provides various options for finishing the ceiling. Decorative plaster, painting, suspended and tension structures made of plasterboard are very popular. It should be noted that for small rooms in the "Khrushchev" is not desirable to establish multi-level composition. A great alternative to them is photo printing or original patterns and drawings printed on canvases.

A mandatory addition is the installation of spotlights, they can be different in color and arranged both sequentially and randomly.

Ordinary painting is considered a more economical way to decorate the ceiling: as a rule, water-based white paint is used for this. The original solution will also be the installation of wooden beams in the living room.


The interior of the living room should be calm and cozy, so for the design of the flooring in this room, designers recommend choosing a laminate flooring, floorboard or ceramic tile. Although not fashionable yet on the carpet.

A floor from a natural tree is not only the main decoration of design, but also reliably serves long term. In addition, the board from the array most harmoniously fits into any style.

As for ceramic tiles, it is usually used for the bathroom and kitchen, but recently it has also begun to be used in the decoration of the halls. A good option for this room is tile with imitation of stone or wood.


Recently, white and smooth surfaces have become extremely popular in living room design. At first glance, this design will seem simple, but in fact it looks amazing in a “Khrushchev”. In addition, white walls provide an excellent background for the implementation of unusual design ideas. Additionally, you can make decorations with plaster, paints or bricks.

Finishing surfaces with decorative stone or brick deserves special attention.Most often it is used for a classic style and loft. As for the wallpaper, they gradually lose their relevance, if they are chosen, they acquire mostly canvas on vinyl or non-woven base.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The most original way in the living room layout is to combine its living space with a balcony. Such projects allow you to give the room a modern look, and a cozy design creates all conditions for recreation. To translate this idea into reality carry out the transfer of doorways. The resulting space on the balcony can be used to organize the workplace, and make a small corner for tea drinking.

To finish the room you need to choose light shades, this applies not only to the design of the walls, ceiling and flooring, but also textiles. The decoration of the walls of dark wooden panels will help to add an expressive touch to this interior. Furniture should be a minimum: a small dark table, chairs, a soft sofa with white pillows and several hanging book-shelves.

To make the living room look stylish and beautiful, in its design you can also connect a zone for sleeping and relaxing, that is, you’ll have a room with a small guest corner and a place to sleep. A glass panel is suitable as a partition.The walls and the ceiling are best decorated in the same color, and the bright accent of the combined composition will be purple pillows and a coffee table with a glass surface. Walls can be decorated with paintings with abstraction and hang a small mirror.

How to issue a two-room Khrushchev look in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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