How to make a living room with a bay window?

The interior of the living room with a bay window can be arranged in different ways. Using the additional free space, you can place in it a working area, a place for rest, a play space for a child.

Advantages and disadvantages

Living room with a bay window is quite rare. Bay window is a kind of protrusion of the room behind the line of the facade, resembling a balcony. Houses with bay windows are located in high-rise buildings and private houses. Such premises have their pros and cons. The main advantage of the bay window is that at its expense, you create additional space in the room. Such an architectural move gives more light.

But there are some minuses here. First, the extra space of the living room bay window will have to be further heated.Secondly, it will be necessary to spend additional money on glazing the bay window. Yes, and the design must be further thought out, taking into account all the design features and the entrance to the special zone.

How to use?

Living room with a beautiful bay window makes the interior more interesting. You can use additional space in order to not only zone, but also expand the living room space.

Space for work

If you do not have the opportunity to equip a separate room under the office in your home, you can arrange a bay window for the workplace. You do not need to separate this area with a screen or partition. The work area connected to the main space will allow you to simultaneously go about your business in a comfortable environment and, if necessary, to communicate with your loved ones. This arrangement of the workspace will benefit you.

Natural daylight is necessary for a person not only in order to be comfortable working at a computer, but also to raise his mood and increase efficiency.

When setting up a working space in the living room with a bay window, pre-glaze the balcony. It is better to select windows not to the whole wall, but to the level of a table. It will be convenient and practical, so you will save on the glazing of the room. As for the desktop, it is better to order it for the particular bay space, or use a window sill for this purpose. It is usually located at a suitable height, so you can put a chair next to the window sill, you can install several drawers for storing papers and other necessary things under the window sill. The work space can be distinguished by lighter tones of the color palette, which help to concentrate and not be distracted while working.

Resting place

If you do not need a working area in an apartment, you can beat the free space in another way. For example, to arrange there a place for rest, where no one will disturb you. In the bay area you can arrange a soft sofa or a comfortable chair with cushions. If necessary, you can find a place there for a bookshelf or a coffee table attached to it. And to make it easier to read or watch your favorite movies, install a floor lamp with a soft light in this area or hang sconces over the sofa.

Dinner Zone

In the living room with a semi-power one can equip an ideal dining space. If the dining area is in the kitchen, it is not always convenient. You will constantly interfere with the aromas of cooking food, and the cooking process itself often leaves many traces behind. Therefore, I want to separate the place for dinner and lunch from the workspace.

If you have long dreamed of having a tradition in your family to always have dinner or dine at the same table, this is best done if you arrange the right space. So you will have more space for cooking these culinary masterpieces.

The dining area on the additional free space is simple to equip. You can choose a wide table with a set of suitable chairs or get along with one table and two chairs. It is possible to install a bar counter near the window sill. If the space in your apartment is not so much, you can buy a stylish folding table.

Mini greenhouse

If the previous options seem to you too banal, you can use additional free meters for the arrangement of the winter garden. Your living room, decorated in such a way, will please the eye, create a cozy atmosphere.

Plants in this room will be a great decoration of the bay areawhich is usually flooded with sunlight. The main thing is to provide a suitable temperature regime for your chosen flowers and trees. If there is enough free space in the room, a small fountain or small beautiful statues can be placed next to the living plants. To make the hand-made beauty more pleasant to watch, put a wicker chair or a soft sofa in this cozy corner.

Game for the child

Another idea for the design of free space - arrangement in the bay room living room corner to relax the baby. If you arrange a play corner in the living room, the child will always be supervised; you will not need to constantly walk and check what the baby does in the room. Before you design the room, pre-warm the floor and walls: in any case, the child will play on the floor, you need to do everything so that he does not catch a cold. Check that there are no sharp corners, wiring, about which the baby can get hurt. In the children's area, you can install a small house, baskets with toys, a playmat or any other toy with which your baby loves to spend time.

Curtains design

Since the bay window is a ledge with windows, it must in any case be decorated with curtains. The choice of textiles depends on the style of the room, but in most cases the fabric should be light, especially if the area of ​​the room itself is small. The general recommendation here is only one - use special curtains, which exactly repeat the shape of the bay window. So everything will look neat, you will not need to use any additional fasteners.

The choice of curtains themselves depends on their own preferences and room space. If there is a lot of space, classic and luxury will suit you, you can opt for classic curtains of thick material (brocade, velvet). Complement such curtains with garters and luxurious lambrequins: this is the perfect decoration of the window in the classical style. If you are looking for something simpler and more modern, you can pay attention to the bright blinds. They are better suited for the design of the working area.

You can also choose roller or Roman blinds made of textiles, which can be plain or decorated with unobtrusive light patterns. Original look and cotton curtains. They are often used to decorate rooms in oriental style.Choose the original colors of these curtains: so the room will look exotic and original.

Beautiful examples

There are many interesting examples of the design of a living room with a bay window. They are suitable for a large apartment, and for a room of 35 square meters. m

Romantic dining area

If you want to arrange a comfortable space for relaxation, you can turn the living room with a bay window into a place for romantic meetings. In this case, the front door is opposite, so the sofa will not interfere with the free movement around the apartment. The design of such a romantic zone is minimalist. It combines three primary colors: light gray, beige and pink.

The furniture is also simple: soft leather sofas, a sleek table with a glass top and an original chandelier.

Classic style

The second interesting example is the living room in a classic style, where an additional window is used to decorate the space. Such a room is not a shame to show the guests, and it is pleasant to spend time in it. Additional meters are lit by LED lamps, the windows are decorated with luxurious curtains with tulle and lambrequins.Choose any of the proposed options for the design of the bay window and the space next to it, so your room will become at times more comfortable and beautiful.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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